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  1. Darryl McClover LB Miami .. He came to the Jets the same year Jonathan Vilma was drafted. Dude was a beast but he couldn't play football..
  2. Who was the Miami hurricane linebacker that played for the Jets for one or two years I think but never saw the field. Dude was ripped you always came to practice with the shirt off.? I can't remember his name
  3. I live in Virginia Beach and I was thinking about going to the Jets Redskins game. These Redskins fans down here have high hopes 4 Haskins in the skins this year I've been watching the news every night they're stoked but I don't think they're going to have anything for the Jets when they come into town .. hopefully I go to the game and I see everyone there go Jets!!!
  4. I've been annoyed being a Jets fan for 51 years. What's new?
  5. Macc sucked worse then Bowles. Horrible GM
  6. Because of that guarantee by Joe the Jets haven't won crap since that super bowl.
  7. I actually like McGuire I think he's going to be better than powell this year and Cannon.! Bell, Montgomery, McGuire, Cannon, Powell
  8. rotate him in the defensive end position then because he's not big enough to hold down the fort in the middle teams are going to run right up the gut against the Jets all game I feel bad for Mosley the new linebacker that they paid a fortune for.
  9. if you don't remember sione po'uha nose tackle for the New York Jets then you don't know New York Jets football my man
  10. There's no rush on this guy haste makes waste. Hopefully he's eating a lot of potato salad and eating a lot of steak so he can gain a lot of weight so he can clog the middle like a real nose tackle!!! I would like to see him get to 320 lb... Remember Sione Pouha? He was pretty good nose tackle for the Jets!!!
  11. I can't see quinnen Williams at 63 300 lb plug in the middle of s*** this isn't college football we got defensive ends bigger than him.. I have more faith in Nathan Shepherd and folorunso fatukasi clog in the middle more than quinnen Williams
  12. Le'Veon Bell is going to have a huge year for the Jets. Probowl!!!
  13. Someone needs to bust him in his chest really hard like he punched his boy in this chest but do it on the football field legal. Knocked his ass out
  14. 1 vs bills - W 2 vs browns - W (tricky gm) 3 @ NE - L 4 bye 5 @ Philly - L 6 vs Boys - W 7 vs NE - W 8 @ Jax - W 9 @ Miami - L 10 vs NYG - W 11 @ Skins - W 12 vs Oak - L ( tricky gm) 13 @ Cinci - W 14 vs Miami - W 15 @ Balt - L 16 vs Pit - W 17 @ bills - W If the Jets can win home against Oakland then that'll give us 11 wins but there's something about playing Chucky I don't like
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