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  1. There has never been a faker dude that has played for this team in my life time. All the more confidence I have in JD, convinced under pervious GMS they would of caved under the pressure and paid em. Or taken less then what they should of got in a trade. Joe handled it perfectly and got more then we should of got for him. Very un Jets like.
  2. https://youtu.be/q3VtZseDrKc The ending 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  3. The Jets head coaching job is going to be an attractive one assuming Gase is gone, Also not completely sold on that. The situation we just saw could rally the team and Gase could be around in 2021 too. If he isn't who would you guys wanna see here?
  4. Good on Bell who has emerged as one of the positives on this team and can't wait to see what he can do with an improved oline next year!
  5. It shouldn't fracture anything, Jamal should win something before trying to make power moves. Team is 16-32 when he plays. All pro and Pro bowls don't mean anything. He's a talented kid, But the team hasn't come close to being competitive. Guys that turn franchises around get paid the big bucks and Jamal hasn't done that. He's been part of the problem.
  6. Agreed. I don't see any reason why Ashtyn Davis couldn't fill that role with some experience under his belt honestly. And has more range in coverage from what I've seen as well.
  7. Brain Dawkins and Troy Polamalu would beg to defer. Both guys not only got ints, They made plays when they matters. Jamal gets a sack and a couple of big hits. Team loses by 2 touchdown and he's the greatest player ever!
  8. JD should stand his ground and make him play out the contract if no solution can be found. Unless given an insane offer he can't refuse. Jamal is a great talent, but the team is 16-32 in his 3 years here, He hasn't changed anything here. He has now shown that he's never gonna happy. He's defensive version of Odell Beckham. But if you give him what he wants with a trade then JD has set a precedent that he's a push over. No player will take him seriously again.
  9. That's not the point, He's here regardless we gotta deal with it weather he sucks or not. The franchise doesn't put ANYBODY in a position to succeed. Gases only chance to survive here is Darnold. That's it. Wash rinse repeat. The fanbase will have a new coach to complain about next year the team will continue to suck and it's a never ending cycle.
  10. It's just laughable to me that we repeat the same process over & over. And it always falls on the shoulders of the head coach. You mean to tell that they just make the wrong hire time and time and again? Kyle Shanahan career record is 25-26. Deemed one of the best coaches in football right now. Adam Gase record 30-35 Deemed to be not head coach worthy. Organizations matter, Support matters. Shanahan is in great situation. Gm Wants him works well with his other coaches. The GM that hired Gase was fired within 6 months of him getting the job. Gregg Williams is not his guy. And Williams wants his job. I'm not saying Adam Gase is a great coach, but no coach ever works out here. It's an organization issue, The team is run very poorly. It's a ownership issue nothing else.
  11. https://youtu.be/XAslBb8yw14 Did you even watch him play with the Pats? Wasn't the same player? Them replacing him with Talib was literally the difference between them making the afc championship the year before to the superbowl. But yeah let's keep trading away our own home grown players in their prime and resign other people's washed up players. There's people on here who wanted to trade a for Trent Williams 31 year old LT coming off cancer who's also a locker room problem. And pay him $18 million dollars a year, but don't want them to pay Jamal 18 million dollars a year who's in prime and does everything right. I will never be on board with this level of stupidity!
  12. Sheldon Richardson for Revis is a good move? On what planet? An average dlineman for a future hall of fame corner back that took away a number #1 receivers is a good move? Absolutely not! Revis should of been resigned. You don't trade away players like that. That's how you end up where we've been since 2011
  13. Then he goes on to win a Superbowl with our rivals makes Woody look even more like a buffoon. Then Woody gets desperate over paid him when he had mentally checked out of the game and just wanted a last big pay day. The Jets have been starving for another franchise player ever since we have on and half the fan base wants to trade him. The Jets have the least amount of home grown players in the entire league! Time to build with our guys not trade then away!

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