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  1. Rumors from Tony Pauline..LOL Well my Aunts mail man says the Jets have no interest in a 32 year old pass rusher who's gonna cost 18-20 mill per year.
  2. So 2 and half hours in to free agency we don't want Joe Douglas fired anymore?
  3. We're 10 minutes into legal tampering and we have signed nobody.. Joe Douglas just isn't the guy.
  4. You're the one that needs help sir. I don't recommend seeking it on JN forum tho
  5. The only person I see complaining about the post is YOU! Everyone else having civil conversation and enjoy the post. YOU dropped the comment to seek attention. Mods could of removed if it cluttering the forum. I'm sorry if this particular thread interrupted your reading from the 50 other "Here's what Joe Douglas should do this off-season" threads. Your personal inconvenience doesn't seem to be deterring anyone else from enjoying the thread
  6. Imagine commenting this 3 pages in. The first post just cluttered with people holding razor blades to their wrists in thier bathtub with candles lit. This is for people who aren't emotionally unstable miss me with that BS.
  7. He put some great numbers but sure ad hell didn't amount to anything in the long run. We won 10 games cool, No playoff appearances to show for it doesn't impress me. Just gives people on forums some lame things to cling to as a brief glimmer of success.
  8. I disagree. We have seen years of bad contracts and trades that have set us back a decade. What Jets fans want is like wanting a microwave dinner over a meal made from scratch. Microwave dinner gets the food done quicker, But isn't nearly as good or satisfying as making it from scratch. Making it from scratch is worth the wait and far more satisfying.
  9. Yeah the whole singing and trading for proven commodity has worked out really well for us the past decade.
  10. One thing about Jets fans, you guys love trading assets and overpaying for mediocre production. Cooper is overrated, Is invisible in big moments and throws Dak under the bus what do you think he's going to do on the Jets other than cost take $20 Million per season from JD? Save your "But what about Diggs and Josh Allen arguments" Cooper is not Diggs. The past 2 drafts alone have shown receivers are easy to find and cheap. I would much rather pay Oline CB Edge than pay $20 millon for 1 receiver. Everyone needs to settle down.
  11. Who ever was in the market for a wide receiver that cost 20 millon and requires draft picks should stick to playing Madden. Have y'all seen the past 2 drafts with receivers taken in the first 2 rounds? Receivers grow in trees. Quality QB's Oline+Pass rushers don't and that should be the focus.
  12. Sure you're could argue that the greatest show on Turf had a slightly better offense then what Stafford has now. We're talking Hall of fame though. Warner won multiple MVPS, Super bowl MVP.. First team all-pro.. Stafford has good, not great numbers no awards, and won a superbowl on one of the most loaded rosters the NFL has ever seen. That's pretty good career but not hall of fame to me.
  13. Ok go compare that Rams 2001 defense to the Rams current defense and tell me which one you're taking. Stafford had his typical Stafford game decent numbers with a high amount of throws. But Rams pass rush in the second half was the reason they won that game. Stafford did enough to compliment his defense but Hall Of Farmer? Chill
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