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  1. You think they're going to suck? I think quite the opposite, the upside for this offense has never been higher. I expect Zach Wilson to set our single season passing records as a rookie.
  2. Well we've spent the most money on free agents since 2011 and have the worst record over that stretch. History shows free agency doesn't win championships.
  3. Timing makes all the sense in the world. He was never invested in Gase the same way Idzik was never invested in Rex or Sanchez. It's his guys now. Is he invested in Darnold or his own guy? That's the millon dollar question, Seems like he is going to give Sam a fighting chance to prove himself with a better roster and im cool with it.
  4. He learned from a master. Ozzie Newsome put on master classes during drafts for 20 years. Joe has long way to go to be on that level. But he has a TON of ammo to work with this year. Lets see what he's got.
  5. Well you got one part of this right, Joe Douglas should trade down from #2 and I think he is going to. The rest of this is all wrong are we going to the superbowl this year? No, but this roster is already a bit improved from last year and the moves actually make sense in terms of scheme with players who already showed alot of promsie last year. -Mims had a better film year than a stats year bad coaching, injuries, bad qb play hurt his numbers. -Bryce Hall has alot of upisde played really well last year and will thrive in Salehs system. -Jets already have a stout dline and now
  6. Agreed but what will he value more? Wilson, Fields? Or Lance, Darnold and a boat load of picks? That's the million dollar question. His spending this year tells me he isn't married to the #2 pick or that he's necessarily gonna putting all of eggs into one basket. Its a hell of a hand he has. None of us know where it's going to go. The Jets are the great mystery of the draft this year but we should be open to all possible options.
  7. I don't think Eagles are taking a qb I think they go receiver.
  8. With that many qbs one or two is bound to fall. What if Douglas trades Darnold to one of those qb needy teams taking them out of the running for one? While pulling off this trade at the same time? Douglas could pull off a mind blowing move (or moves)draft night Iike where this is going.
  9. I love how Joe Douglas has everyone on a string trying to figure him out. This could very well be the case, Idk if trading to 8 would be the best idea if you're planning on taking a qb. Now if you wanna say make Carolina and Atlanta bid for the pick and trade down 2 to get the qb then you run the risk of Carolina jumping ahead of you with Miami. If Joe Douglas could pull this off and ultimately get the guy he wants. Then he is a master at the draft.
  10. Tight end is definitely a question with that said you need atleast 1 who can block in the Shannahan offense. Kroft is really good blocker.
  11. The Bills put Josh Allen out there with Cole Beasley and John Brown to start his career. You're telling me a rookie wouldn't be in better position with Davis,Mims,Crowder to start his career. Once again Jets fans getting attached to guys who do nothing and love them. Im still waiting for that dynamic Darnold,Herndon combo to have that breakout season ive been hearing about for 3 years where is it? Lets keep banking on guys who straggle along from previous regimes instead of letting guys build the team thier way its worked out great the past decade.
  12. Last year was pretty good start for us no? Becton was borderline pro bowl level, year 1 with Gase. Mims had a better flim season than a stats season, even found some value later in the draft with Bryce Hall who I think can be a #2 corner. That's how it goes with a rebuild man, We're still dealing with bad Maccagan contracts on the books and a decade of bad drafts. Its called rebuild for a reason.
  13. If Douglas and co feel they can get as much production out of rookie qb this year or even = to then Sam, then you take the rookie just based on price. It has never been easier for rookie qbs to come in the league and succeed right away. Douglas has had 2 years to evaluate Darnold and watched him take a major step back this year. 2 wins and 9 touchdowns isnt a very high bar to hurdle.
  14. 4 year rebuild in the NFL where does that happen now. The rams were trash just a few years ago and made it to a super bowl in a few years. 49ers came out of absolutely no where. Bills with Josh Allen. The nfl doesnt work like anymore.
  15. Yeah cause spending money on guys like Bell,Mosley,Johnson,Revis. Have worked out real well fhe past 5 years. Jets havent had much problems with guys 1-15 on the roster 15-53 have been barely nfl caliber. Depth and special teams matter. How many times has he said he was going to build through the draft?
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