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  1. It's great move, made at a great time. I think there's something to be said for rewarding a guy after a win. Wilson won rookie of the week, Franklin Myers got paid, young team learning you get rewarded for good performance. Locker room moral is high rn, going into the bye 2-3 would be huge.
  2. "The QB needs to get the ball out" Also GVR...
  3. Hes partially right.. If the oline didn't get hosed all camp and now in game maybe the kid would have more trust in his offense GVR specifically has been trash since he waa signed. Idk who's available at this point but JD should legitimately look to add a veteran qb.
  4. Douglas and Saleh are a packaged deal. They both go no keeping one or other. Im judging based on progress, Salehs defense is well coached and plays hard but they don't make game changing plays.. That's a talent issue, offense just watch any game from 2016 - now.
  5. Mac Jones also played WITH a better supporting cast Alabama has had 4 receivers go in rd1 past 2 drafts. The closest Zach Wilson teammate drafted was a backup tackle drafted in rd 3
  6. Yeah.. Pretty much goes the same for every organization LMAO. The overwhelming majority players in the draft bust. They're lottery tickets. If you get a few quality guys you're doing good and i think Joe has done that so far
  7. I mean... He fell for a reason and Joe Douglas ultimately passed on him before taking him for a reason. Lol
  8. If you think Hall, Echols, Carter have been a problem you're simply not paying attention. And what about Becton/Lewis/Clark/AVT all being hurt? We had depth untill we didn't.
  9. This game isn't on the qb its on Joe Douglas/Woody? LMAO!
  10. LOL and if the game was reversed people would be saying he's Namath 2.0 He's trying to force it to the guy he's most comfortable with. It happens with a rookie, He'll learn and get on the same page with the rest of his receivers.
  11. So Ty Johnson is the one we're simping over this week? I personally think Joe Douglas should be fired if Woody Johnson doesn't get atleast 5 receptions this week.
  12. You wonder when the Jets will get their act together? I wondering when people on this board will get their takes together. Good lord, Some of yall need some Mary Jane.
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