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  1. Oh you mean he built through the draft? Sure he drafted 2 guys for his own coaches to develop. Joe isn't gonna give up draft picks for Adam's just isn't gonna happen. Receiver's are a dime dozen you can find talent at that position anywhere.
  2. Has Joe Douglas given yall any indication he's going to give up premium picks for a receiver? Get this this thought out of your heads.
  3. So you made this thread under a burner account? Makes sense
  4. WOW! Just awful, Football aside thoughts and prayers to coaches family.
  5. What are you basing this on? Genuinely curious how you imagine he'll be out of the league?
  6. Pull up your stats, I'll pull up the film. The tape don't lie!
  7. I don't really look at numbers as a measure of success. A good year for him would be staying healthy and making the most of his opportunities. It's a crowded receiving room this year so his numbers may not jump out.
  8. Did you watch any of his tape from last year? Dude had plays where he was wide open and Darnold wouldn't throw the ball. How many games when he was healthy last year did he make plays in the first half then the sh*tty qb qb stopped throwing him the ball? His route running needs alot work but his size, speed, ability to go up and get it are good traits.
  9. Damn dude couldn't refrain from trolling in this situation for 10 minutes huh? Give some condolences and move on
  10. MMQB: Robert Saleh Is Looking Forward to Seeing the Jets Battle Adversity The first-year coach discusses what he's most excited for when his young team starts training camp. Plus, the impact of new NIL rules, remembering Alex Gibbs, franchise tag analysis and top training camp stories. BY ALBERT BREER , JUL 19, 2021 I talked to Robert Saleh between swings on Friday—the new Jets coach was using the quickly passing free time he has left, and a rare quiet moment, to hit balls at the range and clear his head a little. And you can bet, since he’s a father of seven(!) on the cu
  11. If only it was this simple. But this just isn't the case. The Browns had a 3 season stretch from 2015-2017 of 3-13, 1-15, 0-16. Did great qb play suddenly turn them around? Deshaun Watson had a MVP caliber season last year and his team went 4-12. The term closing the gap can drive you crazy all you want it to, It's a real thing. The Bills slowly added talent while developing a qb and got over the hump because the Patriots got worse.
  12. This is no laughing matter, But I couldn't resist.
  13. Regardless of what the facts are, His career likely over at this point. This is PR that almost no team is going to want to take on given the current state of the world. Really unfortunate, I'm a huge Sherman fan and hope this is a mistake and his name gets cleared.
  14. Joe Douglas getting 2 firsts and a third for this guy will never not be funny. A safety who is a complete liability outside of the box wants to be one of the highest paid players in the NFL.
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