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  1. This is 100% a Joe Douglas decision and I get the feeling that he's trying to secure the #1 overall pick which I'm OK with. That's best case scenario for this team rn.
  2. Sawces have told me that grass is green and water is wet. Ofc they are this isn't news.
  3. We're judging oline play based on the the 3 games they've played together? LMAO oh lord. What did you think was realistic jump from 31 ranked oline? Did you think they would be top 10 this year? L O L! The oline is IMPROVED but is far from a finished product. Which is why most of these guys are on short term deals. Go smoke a bowl and re think some of yalls ridiculous takes.
  4. Man didn't you hear? He just needs to execute the play calling and he'll be fine! That's all the issue is!
  5. It's on Gase man. Guy has shown everywhere he's been that he just can't develop punters, The punt play calling is brutal.
  6. Becton was my #1 choice for player in this draft. I was probably more hyped then anyone here that we got him and his play so far has been really good. I just find clinging to PFF grades in a season like this to be laughable. But by all means be excited that we have a potential star at LT
  7. Sounds like the Jamal Adams crowd that lost their heads when he got a sack in a game we lost by multiple touchdowns. Be excited for his promise. Kids playing well but there is nothing to brag about on this team. It's unwatchable.
  8. More of this needs to happen. Only 3 things are gonna change this sh*t show. 1. The players 2. The Gm 3. Fans This fan base is getting soft. We need Fireman Ed outside the stadium leading a J-E-T-S chant/fire Gase chant. More of all of this needs to happen. Players need to publicly sh*t on the coach. Fans need to be louder. And Douglas's silence is speaking volumes to me. This is needs to be a real train wreck that's the only way to fix this sh*t show.
  9. Yeah. A team with a regressing qb going into year 4 and holes all over the field is real enticing! Coaches are gonna be line up around the block to interview to come here.
  10. Wow. He coached Gannon for a SEASON! of Gannon's near 20 year career. That's almost as bad as saying Gase was Peyton Manning's offensive coordinator as a way of justifying him getting the job. Wouldn't be a terrible choice, but outside of his Michigan job he hasn't been head coach or on any staff longer then 3 years.. That's not a good look and would definitely add an argument to those who say he wears out his welcome. Greg Williams is a very good defensive mind but there's a reason he's been a coordinator for 20 out of 32 teams. Much prefer we go another route.
  11. Why hasn't anyone else hired Jimbo if he's an "elite" level NFL coach? He isn't. Players get tired of him after 2-3 seasons. His style is much more suited for the college level. Give me the guy who has proven he can develop qbs and tailor the offense to thier strengths.
  12. LMAO! He's been offensive coordinator on multiple teams and his teams consistently finish top 10 in rushing, Give aways, Points scored. Gotten production out of different style of qb play. Not mentioning Lamar Jackson as a reason I wanted him couldn't of been any easier. God this fan base can be really dense sometimes.
  13. This is troll right? or does the fan base just really not understanding what they are watching?
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