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  1. It's amazing how a bad game can have every one here nitpick every part of this team , no matter the position, no matter the logic - because if one facet is just plain horrible - like the OL is - every player and the water boy should be booted. I vote for kicking the long snapper off the team.
  2. There's no logic in trading Robby, one of the few weapons Darnold has to throw to - what can they get, a 4th round pick? And use that for what, another practice squad player?
  3. The way the Pats D beat the crap out of the Jets one would think they were stealing calls, it was so bad. Either Gase just played right into their hands and didn't make the adjustments or the OL is much worse than we thought. Add both these strong failures together and you get an embarrassing mess like we witnessed last night.
  4. You may win 'the most Butt fumbles in one posting' award - please take the stand for the ribbon.
  5. quote from 'whodeawhodat' "Let's hope that we can learn from this dominating exhibition that the isht stain patriots put on us and get better from it. We wont face a team like that again until next year. " I certainly learned one thing last night - Gase needs to go. edit - just to be clear 😉
  6. On that opening drive the Pats kept dumping the ball to the right side of the Jets defense several times - making big yardage - you can see something wasn't right - I certainly saw it yet our 'guru' couldn't?
  7. Then Jets are generational - they exemplify poor football coaching.
  8. It really has to be up to the owner to make the call. And what chances are that happening? The owners don't have that Jerry Jones mentality - and that's where the problem is in a nut shell.
  9. I was going to to start a thread on this but the OP beat me to it. No lie, I turned the set off after 10-0. I knew that the Jets were finished simply from past observations with the way Gase runs this team : he doesn't know how to make the adjustments, whether it's pre-game or in-game preparation. He's clueless. He doesn't know how to use what he has made available to him to make this team competitive. A 'guru' , he is not. I can be the most patient SOB jets fan you ever want to meet, having been a follower of this team for over 50 years, but the bottom line is this: You can't change a Zebra's stripes - Gase has to be fired.
  10. Really comical reading the reactions to the film - no matter the positives , your gonna hear the negatives form those that don't understand that it's going to take a few years to implement all the pieces to the puzzle. It didn't happen overnight when the Giants drafted Lawrence Taylor - it wasn't all on him and Leonard Marshall. Sam D. is the main cog - but there has to a supporting cast around him - the need to worry about the safeties is gone so now to focus on the CB and OL. IMO, this team is 4 players away from being a really legit playoff contender - a very good cover corner, a go-to #1 receive and 2 OL players , center/guard or tackle.
  11. It may be misleading , though arguable that Leo's play on the field does not show much for making impact type of plays , and I can see the point by many that he's been a big disappointment , but I do notice myself that when he is not on the filed as was the case a few times from some minor injury , the opposing team ran rough-shod right up the middle of the line as if there were no DL on the field. Williams is still an important part of the success of the D - especially with the way the Offense has kept them on the field. Hopefully with Darnold back the D can do better by just resting a longer stretch.
  12. Why do people harp on something that we know full well is done and over with? McCarthy is not coming to the Jets , get over it , nothing can be done about. What waste of 'gray matter'. Like as if we expect Gase to get fired before week 6?
  13. Not defending Gase but you can see why he's been gun-shy about calling pass plays for Falk to throw down the field , omg --- Falk is just plain horrible.

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