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  1. It's easy to think, with Polite being a questionable pick at 3, that if he doesn't perform right away , the doubters think he's off the team - gut feeling is that he's going to need some patience (will Gase provide it) and will make the roster
  2. I think 4 games in would give us a very good indication of what to expect - Bills, Browns Pats and Eagles, without Herndon and a raw crew of backs - but the team may not jell until week 8?
  3. I also did the Butt Fumble on your post - I'm not shy to explain... Not that you have a right your own opinion , and some questioning about certain moves is always there to rant about about, but , prove you wrong? About what? Like anyone else that I disagree with placing a butt fumble (or whatever) on a poster, it's always the case that they have it all figured out before the first snap of the opening game that COUNTS. Remember Browning Nagle? Pre-season means absolutely squat yet you have made up your mind already about the outcome of 2019. Would it be asking too much to at least see where the Jets are 4 games in? Or is that irrelevant to you?
  4. Ahhh, the clueless - already with the 'bust' analogy, lol --- Once Leo and Q are out there together when it starts to have meaning, the naysayers will have there bigmouths plugged with an oblong, pigskin like object. With G. Willaims defensive scheming , this front 7 will be one of the best.
  5. The rashest, lamest move in my mind was ridding of D. Lee for a 6th rounder. Gase should have kept him . He would have thrived with the defense, in camp at the least, and would have made perfect trade bait for CB, imo. I'm starting to questions Gase's methods - he's acting too irrational and those smelling salts make a case for his head not thinking straight.
  6. Trading a proven DL starter with the potential to be a pro-bowler for an unproven 2nd round CB? Boy, this is just pure genius. 😝
  7. If the Jets uniforms were orange they'd look eerily familiar to Denver's....and I hate those Bronc's unis.
  8. Ever seen Dan Marino play and cut up the Jets during his career? If you have you wouldn't be worried
  9. My take form this one pre-season exhibition was that as soon as the 1st team had their way , Gase & Co threw the baby out with the bath water. It was pretty much a free-for-all as to who was playing playing with whomever. When you have a hodgepodge of 2nd/3rd stringers there's really no way to isolate one players performance in that time frame because of all the confusion with reads and players in the wrong positions. Plus compounding the fact that the 'Giant' announcers blatantly overlooked the players performances by not calling out their names on any giving play, I had a hard time figuring out who was who. One has to look at he positives for that reason - both Dortch and Holmes looked very competent. Cashman and Sheppard had some good moments out there and even though sacks were lacking the 2nd/3rd string DL had lots of pressure. Luvu and Fautukasi looked really impressive also. The 2 real negatives I took from this are the depth in the backfield and Webb, who was just horrible.
  10. My understanding of why they picked Popa and Banks was due to the Giants being a home team. But yes, it was just plain out-and-out very unprofessional. Hardly any mention of jets players making which plays and not even paying attention to the plays on the field when penalties occurred ( the White pass interference call) . Just horrible.
  11. So now the inmates are controlling the asylum? CJ is going to entrust Gase with bringing in the GM? Doesn't this sound familiar? If the past is forgotten, the is future doomed to be repeated.....
  12. The Jets DESERVE the criticism - no matter where it is originating from, CASE CLOSED!! Gase has done absolutely NOTHING to merit the Johnson's entrusting him with personnel moves or front office management decisions.
  13. Yeas , those were pineapples, the previous group were kumquats , no difference. Jets are still fruit cakes
  14. You are right, thinking like this is a bit skewed. They want to sound like they were next to Mac when he made all the decisions he made just to poo-poo the reasons behind it. There are many waves of Jets followers that think like this. But this is irrelevant because Mac was not given the choice to pick his own coach and had to settle for an unknown in Bowles. This makes all the moves he made in player personnel up until Gase pretty much a wash, because Bowles was just plain horrible in using his players that right way , and that's one fact that can't be disputed. All the rest, as far as what Mac has done with player moves, can't be argued because of this. We'll just have to wait and see what this new coaching staff can do with this present roster. Maybe Mac is on the hot seat., I can't honestly say - but the fact is the owner fired Bowles , and gave Mac the keys to the new car. That's what matters at this point. Let the 2019 season determine Macs fate.

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