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  1. You're such a genius , lol - so we weaken one of our strengths - a sure thing for more picks to take gambles on players we're not even sure that will even make the squad? Sure lets get rid of all our leaders and excellent players to try to patch up another area - then we'll just cry the blues as to why the defense is in such a mess. What team are we to model from that pulls these type of maneuver? Oh, let me guess, the Dallas Cowboys on that Hershel Walker deal? Not going to happen in this day age, The Vikings never recovered from that deal. I don't think Douglas is going to give Adams away either. Not if the owner has a say in it, so everyone here making noise about a deal better be more realistic. Jets are not going to unload him for 1, and 2nd rounder, IMO.....
  2. All I'll say to this nonsense about acquiring a sh*t load of draft picks is if anyone had the smarts to watch the game against the hopeless Bengals, it was the coach that lost the game for us not the players - you had to be hiding under a rock not to notice all the experts - press/radio/ commentators about how the Jets did not take advantage of the Bengals run defense. The obnoxious term of 'Offensive Guru' has been repeated over and over --- You can cry all about 'lack of talent' or not having the right tools but using a sledge hammer against a 2 inch thick plate steel wall instead of a cutting torch is what Gase was trying to pull here. It's all on him.
  3. Ok, easier said than done - better time spent to steal the Pats GM and scouting team. Anyway what's the point of drafting impact players when some ninnies here want to trade them away for......? We didn't win WWI WWII or the Gulf war on high draft picks , lol We won on leadership and proper planning - but some here think those are minor attributes...
  4. I don't know why anyone thinks that we need a sh*t load of draft picks to fix the issues with this team ? If that were the case how does NE Pats mange to get to the Super Bowl all these FREAKIN years without a high draft pick!! It's all about coaching and having the insight in making the system work with the players you have - Williams is that type of coach. Gase is not. AND it's all about preparation for the up-coming opponent. BB has it in spades - GASE does not! Some here are delusional to think that we can fix it all by drafting high #1s every year.
  5. Cincy's term is not something to brag about Jets need another coach, plain and simple - whether it's Gase or the OL coach , whatever - I made a case some weeks ago that the NE Pats had a front OL with no higher than a #3 pick - look at what they have accomplished.. even with all those low draft picks year after year - it's all about the coaching.... Bill Parcell swears by the practice of never drafting an OL in the first round and what he believes in is good enough for me. Bring him in and and see what this team is capable of - Gase sucks and his OL coach is not far behind.
  6. Gase seen with a tattoo of J Douglass on his butt..... 23:59 - Aliens from another planet take over the White House
  7. The coach was ousted from the Cowboys and spent 1 year with the lowly Bengals......some resume...
  8. Another "crying about Sam" thread that defies any logic that no one would even bother to respond to? Yes, so why am I entering some opinionated nonsense that has no right to even be considered thought provoking? Well, I'm just lowering myself to the OP here to just say that : "Sam IS OUR FREAKIN' QB for the LONG HAUL - LIVE WITH IT!!!" Sorry that I am unable to pass out crying towels - sh&t happens.
  9. All i can say to that is the OL wasn't this bad last year, and what has changed? The coaching. Granted the had to place a rookie into the mix but, even this past game that he didn't play, the OL was just awfull.
  10. Simply basing it on the OL's performance so far - who else could take responsibility? Odds are the OLC would be fired first than Gase. The Penalties, the poor pass & run blocking, miscommunication - It stands to reason that not all of it is on the players - the coach has take take some responsibility.
  11. I think Bless will be fine - scratch it off as just inexperience. He wasn't the problem yesterday -the Jets are one of few teams with an Offense that their Defense is afraid of.
  12. You'd think the Elite Store was owned by Pfizer - the Johnson's would never purchase from a competitor
  13. It's easy to scrutinize any player when you witness a game like we just saw against a team they should have beaten. The OL was so bad - it just seemed like on every play the pocket collapsed so fast - the bad penalties - the poor run blocking. I'd settle for an inconsistent Maye if they just fix the dam line.
  14. Nah, unless maybe Darnold marches into their office....
  15. There's just no way that the coaching staff can be without total blame on this one. How do you go 34 point in 3 straight games and just score an anemic 2 field goals to a win-less team that is near dead last in the NFL in total defense?? It' just mind boggling. And the funny thing is that after the first 2 possessions by the O, I turned the set off because i just knew this team was going to lose, lust like the farce of a game against Miami. That dropped pass by Berrios was the omen.
  16. Same ole Jets - the personnel and players change but the results remain the same.
  17. I take from your response that you have no clue.....
  18. Taken from one of the articles - as probably the ones with the negative view point will surely overlook.: “I’m mystified on the Williams trade,” Hall of Fame former Cowboys executive Gil Brandt told The Post earlier this month. “I don’t understand it [for the Jets] because I thought Williams is a pretty good young player.” Time will tell, but I don't think Gettleman will admit to his mistake by not signing him, which may happen before the season is over, - plus the fact that if Williams continues to play unequal to his draft status, he won't have much of a bargaining chip. “I probably wouldn’t want to do anything more than three years given his age, so I can get another bite of the apple,” Corry said. “The client dictates what goes on, but I’d be advocating very hard to him that you are not in the position you want to do a long-term deal.”
  19. you people are looking the the face value of it and not the underlying problem.... whatever, i won't even bother with that logic
  20. Sure - show me a stat that has Mono in the equation.
  21. That video doesn't show anything. C'mon really.. some Pat personnel is really going to take the risk in front of thousands to pull a maneuver like that? Whoever believes otherwise, I got a London Bridge to sell in Arizona...
  22. it has less to do with 'the best you can get' and more to do with complete FAIL, by the Jets or any organization or any org in any sport , for that matter. It's the fundamentals of the problem that goes further down that what is at the surface , being Williams.
  23. Your looking at from the surface, and that's not what this is all about . I'm talking about ANY situation that involves unloading a 1st round pick for peanuts. I don't recall may teams in the league that 'cut their losses' on a top 10 pick. Building a team through the draft with this setback and saying 'cut our losses'? - not good thing.
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