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  1. The funniest thing is that douches like you still are dissing Darnold. You are an absolute fool to keep beating Darnold into the ground for playing with absolute garbage for 3 years. I am here to tell you that with a competent coaching staff and competent players around him, that he is going to make dopes like you show everyone the fools you truly are..
  2. He was a great quarterback in his era, both in college and in the AFL.
  3. How can this Trolly McTrollface be a Jets fan....he just tries to rile up the real fans. I don't involve myself in his nonsense, I just down vote his absolute senselessness. That really bothers him. LOL...When his BF buddy Adams was tearing the team in the media, this moron backed him 100%, then he goes after Sam in every of his posts while touting other teams QBs, to get under real fans skin, and of course he is completely wrong. He is nothing but a tool.
  4. Ok Troll....from Adams getting 100 million contact to this nonsense is a stretch. You can't even see who the real fool is, turn around and look in the mirror.
  5. You are the one that is 100% wrong, just move on to your next absolute bullsh*t.
  6. And there was one amateur GM on here who was giddy that Adams would get 20 million a year after an edge rusher and FQ got contracts, but then after Adams put down the GM and Coach he went off the grid. So to put it bluntly, you don't know sh*t and it is about time you admitted it.
  7. Wtf is the matter with you, he gave the Jets no option but to get rid of him...if you don't understand that then you are flat out ignorant.
  8. Hey Mick, tell me what head coach is going to win with the team that Gase has had with the Jets so far. Are you kidding me? I'm not saying that he's a great coach yet but give him a chance, he hasn't had one yet, and I don't want to hear about Miami.
  9. Jetsfan, l never received an invite,,,lol try again, and, what exactly happens in the mafia forum? sounds interesting
  10. Robby Anderson, did everyone forget about him? Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson was arrested early Friday morning in Florida and is facing nine charges, the Broward (Fla.) County Sherriff's Office confirmed to the New York Daily News. According to a police report obtained by ESPN's Rich Cimini, a car Anderson was driving was clocked as 105 mph in a 45 mph zone, and he also ran multiple red lights. After he was pulled over, Anderson apparently threatened to sexually assault the officer's wife. The arrest happened in Sunrise, Fla. and the nine charges he faces are: resisting an offic
  11. The problem is that JAMAL has 2 more years on a contract he signed. He is nothing but a narcissistic phony who is in a nonessential position and has no leverage. I hope JD does nothing with him until his contract is up and let him holdout or play under his contract. If the Jets were in any way going to give him an extension, I believe by his behavior he has destroyed that option.
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