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  1. How is a 21 year old rookie or a 22 year old 2nd year NFL QB going to have a lot of success with the talent on this team? Geez, give the kid a break. I believe he has shown extreme upside, especially how he was running for his life last night and made some great throws, especially the TD to Crowder.
  2. I guess the internet didn't explain the difference between facts and rumors,,and as far as my name, ask your wife.....stfu man,, you only show your ignorance
  3. whoever said you have to ride a bike with a seat..just means you have to pedal while upright...think about that smart guy...
  4. Who elected your pompous ass to judge anyone on here,,, isn't being on this message board talking to peasants beneath you?
  5. you do have something to go one.....the bicycle without a seat on it....ride that for about,,,lets say 5 miles....then maybe you will speak more intelligently...won't be able to sit down, but hey, looking forward to more of your intelligent posts....
  6. Well thanks for explaining about that,,,so Manish came up with those quotes, so basically they are all bullsh*t then...
  7. That is because a lot of these "Fans", really do not think for themselves, their opinions go where the wind does, otherwise they would have absolutely nothing to talk about here.
  8. please tell us where you found these quotes and reports? Otherwise How ******* stupid is this site to allow you to post?
  9. It is so incomprehensible to hear people on here wanting to rehire Rex for this team. This shows that people on here are absolutely insane. That is the definition of insanity. Rex was fine when he was winning with a team that was handed to him. Like a previous poster said, when he got involved with picking players it all went downhill. When his shtick couldn't cover up for the losses anymore he was finished. He was kept here way to long and should have been fired with Tannenbaum, instead he left his GM to be the scapegoat. That is all on the ownership once again making another wrong decision.
  10. We have cheerleaders to do that job. They make maybe $15 an hour. If we can get a 1st and a 2nd or 3rd, I say goodbye. We can't afford the luxury of paying a safety 15 or 16 million a year when we have so many holes to fill. Hopefully JD makes decisions based on business, and not with his heart. I love the way Jamal plays, but you have to do what is best for the team. It is time this team thought about using good business judgement.
  11. I totally agree with you. It is really hard to hear these buffoons all negative after a Jets win, just pessimistic douches. Listening to all these chronic complainers would make you think the Jets lost big. The secondary was all fill ins, the OL sucks, and the TE leaves the game early, but all these downers see is a negative QB who eventually led the team to a victory. If you can't say anything positive after a win, then STFU.
  12. I believe he is still wearing a flak jacket and probably was told not to run too much, geez, can you complain anymore? This kid had an enlarged spleen and probably didn't even have to play this year, give him a break! If he is either an idiot or a pussy, what does that make you?
  13. 8 year old pop warner football doesn't count....I am sure you were a receiver there, they never throw the ball....
  14. The answer is very simple, if he accepts a reasonable contract, then we sign him. The problem is I think he overvalues himself and will want more than he is worth. We have seen 4 years of Robby and he has shown spurts where he is very valuable, but in my opinion not enough. So, I would love for him to return on a reasonable contract, but I think he will go for the money, which is his prerogative, and I will wish him the best.

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