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  1. So why don't you enlighten us all about how Leonard Williams is doing a great job for this team? You obviously know more than us fans that know nothing about football. Please, I can't wait to hear it,,,,
  2. So you think Leonard Williams is playing well for this team? I've watched him since he was drafted, he is horrible. Keep making excuses for these unbelievable bad players instead of getting rid of them, that's why we haven't won anything in 50 years. I saw Nick Bosa do more in one game last week then this POS has done for us since we drafted him 6th..
  3. It's amazing to me how this POS Leonard Williams has the balls to address other players, he should be the last person to speak. He must think he is playing admirably, one of the big problems of this team. Maybe all 7 tackles he has made this season gives him confidence!!
  4. This is what happens when ignorant trolls from Buffalo have nothing better to do!! Of course they know nothing about football and are here to prove it...
  5. Leo is excellent against the run, he has 7 total tackles all year, You have got to be kidding me, are you watching the games at all?
  6. Are you serious...worse than Bowles, you should be banned for that statement!!
  7. are you serious?,,,all this negativity after 3 games with a practice squad QB who had never taken an NFL snap. I too am disappointing in this start but there are extenuating circumstances. Lets put the lynch rope away until we get our starting QB healthy, as well as our linebacker and rookie DT. To even suggest that Bowles is a better head coach after you have seem him for the last 4 years is delusional.
  8. Can you please break down exactly how much money for all you state comes from season ticket holders? I am sure you woud not make such a statement without researching it first.
  9. Seems to me that you are nothing but a pompous ass. You think because you pay big money for season tickets that you are actually a part of the team? All you do is complain about being there and how physically drained you are from rooting for the Jets, then you complain about the traffic after the game. With all your money, why don't you rent a helicopter to bring you in and out of the stadium, and buy 10 seats around you and hire people to root for you..that should solve everything.
  10. Hire a caterer for big money and put a big screen tv outside your house and get a nice lawn chair....you should be much happier, and so will the people at the stadium who have to sit next to you......

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