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  1. Leonard Williams stats Career stats Year Team COMB AST Sack INT YDS TD 2018 Jets 42 15 5.0 0 0 0 2017 Jets 47 25 2.0 1 6 0 2016 Jets 68 32 7.0 0 0 0 2015 Jets 63 34 3.0 0 0 0 Career 220 106 17.0 1 6 0 I say they should get whatever they can for LW. I don't see how you pay him 14 million a year for these underachieving stats. He is averaging under 5 sacks a year and his tackles have gone down the last two years. Take a 3rd rounder for him and save the headache later. I don't see how anyone can say that he is all of a sudden going to turn into a stud, I do think he will play better with the new coaches, but not good enough to warrant big money.
  2. I don't live on this website like you, I guess, I actually have a life, keep talking...lol...let everyone know how ignorant you really are Joejet
  3. You are a fool.....when did I declare myself a site overload? The only thing I said was that I don't like fans who are frontrunners,,,I am true to my teams. The dolphin fan says he is hoping the Jets do good because they hired the ex dolphin coach, cmon man, how can a true fan hope for a team in their own division to do well? Unless you too are a fine weather fan you would agree with me....Just saying!!!
  4. First of all,, I am not declaring myself as a site overlord, I am a Jet fan for over 50 years so I feel that I am entitled to my opinion no matter how many posts I have on here. So I will ask you to not judge me by how many posts I have expressed my opinions on....
  5. Hey Joejet, how many posts should I have before I can have an opinion.....Really?
  6. If you are a Dolphin fan who isn't going to root for your team, you are in the wrong forum here. Die hard fans stick with their teams through thick and thin, there are no front-runners here. We don't need any condescending Dolphins fans here now that we might have a good team...
  7. Only real jackasses turn to politics here!!
  8. The concern with me is if we draft an offensive lineman with the 3rd pick, he has to end up as a big time player as a T, not a G. Imagine if this player, Jonah or Jawaan bust, it will set us back again. If we trade back then by all means draft the tackle, just not worth it at the 3 spot. P.S.- not drunk yet,,,first Jack and coke...lol
  9. The bottom line with all these combine numbers and SPARQ stats is that they don't take into consideration the heart and the commitment each player has. I watch Leo and I don't see either attributes. He actually stated that if Bowles was fired he might as well find another team, really? I believe he was worried about being held accountable for his play,,,trade him for a 2nd if you can get it..
  10. Getting Bosa alone would be a great start to this draft. LT and C have to be next in line, WR and CB would be gravy....That along with the FA signings should make this team relavent once again
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