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  1. I looks to me like having no NFL activities shows us that if these players werent in the NFL, they would probably be in prison.
  2. What is the matter with these players? Doesn't the NFL have in place a system where the player can get a ride anytime. It is just unfathomable to see anyone get in a car and drive after drinking. especially with a gun in the car, very bad judgement.
  3. How about just hiring the best people for the jobs, regardless of color. Thats the way the players get picked. 68% of players are African American, 28% are white,4% are Asian Pacific Islander. How about we give a better draft pick if the team has at least 30% white players. This just doesn't make sense, in any way. Lets talk about the NBA next.
  4. Ditto, I too have been a fan since 68. I remember the final game when Simpson was going for 2000 yards, it was against us. His offensive line was called "The Electric Company", because he was the "Juice". That OL was the reason he had that year. He had 200 yards rushing that game even though the Jets were trying the entire game to stop him. Like you said, he was a great player, I hated him for what he did against us.
  5. I think that one guy that is being left out is Eric Dickerson. 4.28 40 and was just unstoppable. I would put this order...Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, Eric Dickerson, Ladamion Tomlinson, Emmett Smith. Eric Dickerson- 6X pro bowl, 5X all pro, Hall of Fame
  6. chaddy? really? I liked Pennington until Herm(you play to win the game)Edwards took 2 knees in the AFC Championship against Pittsburgh and the kicker was short on the winning FG, game over. Right after that they show Pennington at midfield with Ben yucking it up, laughing. What great competitor who just lost the Super Bowl would do that, I lost all respect for him after that. As far as the greatest Jets it is easy, Namath and Klecko. For all you youngsters who do not remember Klecko, grab a book and read it, it will change your mind.
  7. Agree 100%, and these people on here who keep putting his garbage on here should get a 90 day ban to learn the lesson.
  8. I remember watching that game. Namath had 2 consecutive plays to Rich Caster for TDs. One was 79 yards, then the very next play was an 80 yard TD. It was amazing! One of the best games ever.
  9. Man, for you to compare Sanchez to Namath, and opine that he was actually a better QB, you lose all the credibility that you may have had on this site. You really can't believe that.
  10. Go back and look at Joe Namaths life...high school, records, college, records, and his NFL record,,it was a different time when he played, there were no personal fouls, he got clotheslined by Ben Davidson and no flag. He was a true leader, Brady or Manning could never play in the NFL back then. That has to be taken into consideration in any of these polls. In a 14 game season he was the first QB to pass for 4000 yards. Its a totally different game now, but to not give him his due is absolutely ridiculous.
  11. Booger was terrible,,,couldn't stand his voice or his opinions...would turn the volume off and just watch the game.
  12. Let me try to enlighten you, making the Pro Bowl at safety is a lot easier than QB. Darnold was behind the worst OL in the league and had bad receivers. Also, Lamar Jackson, Mahomes, and Brady are a lot harder to beat when all their teams have more talent on offense. The fact that Adams made the Pro Bowl shows the lack of talent at that position in the AFC. Lets try to use common sense on here, other than just posting constant pessimistic dribble that really is ridiculous.
  13. Let me clarify for you why you stating that "he doesn't have to" attend this voluntary program is just one of your ignorant statements of many here. Adams has self anointed himself as the Prez, the leader of the Jets. Says he loves the team and wants to be there forever. So how does he lead. He demeans his teammates by stating this team needs more "Dawgs". He was right, but to state that to the media is wrong. He thinks the GM was trying to trade him, so he pouts and will not talk to the GM or the HC. Instead this knob polisher goes right to the owner and complains. Great leader! Now he will
  14. I see you didn't respond to anything I said. I don't care what kind of meeting it is, if you are the so called leader of the team, you attend. I know he is probably all engrossed in video games due to the pandemic, it is just a small meeting, but it shows commitment to the team, the players and the fans. If this is his way of getting and extension, he is mistaken.
  15. Let me tell you something, MAN. This guy is the self proclaimed leader of this team and for him to forego anything team related, even voluntary programs speaks volumes of his commitment to this team. He is a narcissistic egomaniac who many on here realized already. What he is going to do now is devalue his value to try to get paid what he wants. JD should have traded him already, but now it is imperative to get something for him before the draft. The game playing has to end with this character, he isn't a Darnold, or a Brady, like he professes and he will find that out soon.
  16. can you please stop the ball washing of JAdams, we all know your opinion, don't need to hear it in every thread, please!
  17. You are mentioning a lot of hypothetical throughout this post, please give your basis for all your examples. If you need me to go back and pick them all out, I will. thanks
  18. You can't compare a safety to an offensive player who had over 1000 yards rushing and 1000 yards receiving, 116 pass receptions and the 3rd most yards from scrimmage by any player, 2392 with 19 touchdowns. Can we please keep it real here and use common sense? If Adams will agree to a reasonable contract I am all in on him. If he wants to break the bank I say lets move on, that's all.
  19. Because they suck with Adams on the team,,,,this is a business and as such what needs to be done to help the team has to be done, personalities aside. With all the holes on this team, to pay a safety a big contract is just ludicrous, especially if you can get a great deal for him.
  20. Sounds like this guy is all alone in a dingy room with nothing to do. Gets his jollies by busting balls on here, real class act. Maybe he should take his masters degree(LOL) and find something productive to do.
  21. You give a great auto biography of all your accolades,,,masters degree, all your training and experience, great family, working from home (don't know where you find the time to work). Then you come here and post absolute garbage. Looks like an 8 year old talking. You are either a crazy narcissistic genius, or a complete lunatic. Guess you know which one I think,,,but as has been stated earlier, you are very entertaining, but it just gets to the point where you are just annoying.
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