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  1. LOL, the way DWC rants, I am surprised he has anything to put into a jockstrap!
  2. Hey Big Slick, I never posted that comment. I believe it was in one of Defense Wins Championships rants. I don't know where you found that with my name on it, but can you show me that post. BTW, I am not a troll and the last time I had great weed was a long time ago.
  3. Just a serious question for you, are you an alcoholic or a drug addict? Really man, take a break from posting here.
  4. Great players are great for a reason. Leo did not have a good work ethic, that's all on him, not other players. As far him being a "good" player, I would argue that he was just an average player. Look at his stats. He was just another BPA that fell to us because other teams actually knew he wasn't, and of course our buffoon GM couldn't resist. If he wants 15 million a year he is going to be greatly disappointed.
  5. And the right situation is to be the backup for the Jets? Can we please stop the nonsense?
  6. Absolutely not, only players in non crucial positions who want exorbitant contracts which will handcuff the team overall!
  7. And they are all behind you. Weren't you ever taught when you were younger if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. Every post you respond to is all negative. I really can't wait to hear what you have to say about all the coaches and players you have trashed when this team puts it all together.
  8. This is the problem with everyone's opinions, you spew whatever nonsense you can without any documentation. The kid is 22 years old, how old are you? And how do you know he isn't hitting the gym or not, you don't! He must have done some real hard work to get picked as the 3rd player in an NFL draft! Last but not least, I would love to see you tell QW that he is a fat, lazy dumb kid to his face, but I am sure you wouldn't have the balls, and I am sure he wouldn't need a gun to handle you...
  9. You are correct, it was an awful pick by a buffoon. We can't blame the player for being picked sooner than later. He was picked third because this organization let this awful GM spend 100 million in FA and allowed him to run the draft. I hope he gets through this ignorant incident and can improve and help this team this season. He was picked where he was and nothing is going to change that, lets see if he can turn into a solid player. Right now no one knows that this kid is a bust, he showed some flashes last year and he should improve. Lets all just let it play out, and if he turns into a bus
  10. Wow, some teams have loyal fans who appreciate players and don't immediately throw them under the bus or want to cut them from the team! People make mistakes, however unfortunate or ignorant but can we wait for the entire story to be told before we tar and feather anyone?
  11. It is amazing how people just bash any other opinions on bringing in veteran OL. Williams was a great tackle and if you do not think that he could help, you are wrong. The OL does need to be addressed in the draft also, but we could draft all OL,and if they don't pan out, you are the one who will then bash the Jets for not getting any veterans to establish a credible O line. Lets just all be open minded and lets see what JD does before going off the edge.
  12. Then hold your opinions till then please! We all know your opinion, this op puts up Warner and his feelings about Darnold, you don't even care to watch it, but put up post after post of the same old same old.
  13. LOL,, why wouldn't you,,,you are always upset about everything!
  14. Which 3rd round pick, or do I get both, what do you want to bet?
  15. Great point! We just have to have faith that JD and Gase realize what players will and will not fit the blocking techniques they choose. Right now I will give them the benefit of a doubt. The concussions should be considered and possibly bring the cost down.
  16. Anderson is nowhere near the talent on that list. So the Jets should overpay for a mediocre receiver? He for sure isn't a #1 and its a stretch to say he's a #2. Here is what someone posted and I agree with. 10 million a year for 3 years or goodbye. The rumor mill is running rampant in regards to NY Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson at the NFL Combine. Here are all the latest details. When the NFL Combine comes to town it isn’t just about all the college football players working out. Every year it’s a golden opportunity for the 32 NFL franchises all convening in
  17. QW G 13 Comb 28 Total 15 Ast 13 Sck 2.5 PDef 1 DL G 16 Comb 38 Total 24 Ast 14 Sck 2.5 PDef 1 Seems to me the two had similar stats, except QW had less playing time. To evaluate a player after one year as a rookie is ludicrous. Every time I read your posts you are always praising other teams and putting the Jets down. As far as that 25 year old DL they traded for, he is an average player, and lets see if they resign him. I would take QW over Leo every day of the week. Hopefully QW will turn into what we wanted him to be when he got drafted that high. I wan
  18. The problem is that he has already said he will not give the Jets any hometown discount. That is the only way he gets resigned. Who actually believes he is a number one receiver? He is between a number 2 and 3. He has a good game in between 3 games of nothing. People on here want to overvalue our current players, let the market establish their worth and see how it shakes out.
  19. I think to make you happy, that Douglas should just resign all our free agents and just concentrate on the draft. It seems you want to remain status quo, because these players have made the team so successful. Maybe then we could possibly hear something positive from you?
  20. It is amazing that this organization hired guys like Macc with absolutely no balls to run this organization. Last year, both Josh Allen and DJ Metcalf were available and the dope takes the safest player. If he could have traded down a few spots that might have helped. If we had addressed edge, or receiver, those two players who were both very good, we would be in a much better spot right now. We can only hope that JD can snag an edge rusher in FA, or get a RT and C, which would give him more options in the draft. And of course we need QW to improve drastically this season.
  21. Its all about the money. Soon we will be having the Super Bowl in England or Mexico, the hell with the fans, as long as the NFL makes more money. Do you think the owners or Goodell care about the fans, it is obvious they don't.
  22. The poster mentioned a sick family member. What if the family lives in Hawaii? Kids have to learn to adapt to these issues. They had to when they went off to college. That is no excuse for refusing to go to a bad team.
  23. You get drafted and paid, then move your sick family member to where you are, that was too easy! People work for companies that relocate them where they need them. Even to different countries. It is not that hard to understand.
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