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  1. If you want to be in these conversations and give your opinions, then you tell us how many standard deviations away there are, or just stay out of the conversation. Otherwise your opinion is mute if you have to rely on someone else to explain your argument.
  2. Sounds like you are talking about Adams, interchangeable. However we need a #1 receiver more than a safety.
  3. How about Bell and Adams for OBJ and Kareem Hunt? We address WR and RB in one move. Allows us more flexibility in FA and the draft, and stops the war that's is coming between Adams and the Jets.
  4. Your spiel is getting obnoxious. You have no idea what is going on behind the scenes for Joe Douglas or the staff. As if the GM has time to spare coddling to know it alls like you. You assume you know nothing is getting done without any documentation. Your rambling posts all throughout this entire thread have no credence. Seems to me you should be talking with Woody Johnson if you don't feel this organization is doing things properly. Lets give this GM the chance to show what he can do before cutting him down.
  5. To build a team properly encompasses getting a pass rush, from the front 4, not the safeties. Did you see the Giants beat the Patriots? Their defense, especially their pass rush won those games. We haven't had a pass rush since Abraham, and we should have drafted Josh Allen last year.
  6. You say over and over that he is the best player on the NY Jets, but what is that worth? Now when you say that Mahommes is the best player on the Chiefs, that means something. Adams is a self promoting good player who the media will go to hoping he says something controversial, which he does. We will all see what kind of prez, or team leader he is, if he takes a reasonable offer to stay with the Jets. If he does, great, if he just wants the most money, get what you can for him and move on.
  7. This commissioner is a joke, and he is turning the entire league into a joke. Whatever happened to the Patriots filming the Bengals, Browns game? Nothing...it is absolutely ridiculous how this league is run and the favoritism allotted certain owners. As far as Rose, and Joe Jackson, if guys like McGuire, Clemons, Sosa, and Barry(my head didn't get bigger) Bonds ever get elected into the Hall and Rose doesn't, that will be unacceptable. I personally don't want any of them elected, but if you put one in, you have to put them all in.
  8. I was at the Dolphin-Jets game in Miami last season. Roberts started and played the entire game, I focused on him a lot. He got beat like a drum, made Fitzpatrick look like Joe Montana. They kept throwing at him and he never adjusted. I think that game is the one who put him on the bench. Let him go and save the money.
  9. There is absolutely no way that they draft defense at 11. The 2 buffoon GMs of the past listened to their defensive head coaches, Ryan and Bowles, and let them pick the players. Douglas will show you that he will be in charge, and this team needs to help the offense now.
  10. WTF? You make some good points, but, Happy train with choo choo whistles and ice cream. Let me know what you are drinking or smoking,,,,,ALL ABOARD!!!!!
  11. Same here, retired from NY and moved to Florida. Been a fan since before Namath won the Super Bowl. Went to the Dolphin game in Miami this year and there are a ton of Jets fans down here. Namath and Klecko were my two all time favorites. Go Jets!!!!
  12. New York Jets are in no position to pay Jamal Adams, should seek trade by K. Jared Wright 1 day ago Follow @kw867233 Tweet Share x Pin Comment The New York Jets would be wise to avoid paying Jamal Adams due to the current state of the roster and instead seek a trade involving the All-Pro safety. As the 2020 offseason is now upon us, New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas will be overseeing his first free agency and draft in this position. In terms of the salary cap, the Jets are in
  13. THis is what’s starting to sour me on football I agree with both of you, and you see it all the time. In the middle of the 4th quarter, I told my son that the refs were going to take over and the Chiefs would win this game. He laughed at me and said no way. He hasn't seen these fixed or rigged games as many times as I have. Well we all know what happened, the calls took the game away from the 9ers. Blatant calls, the Chiefs defense was offsides and no call, ref looking right at him. I am getting to the point now that it is getting real hard to watch these games. If they aren't fi
  14. Its always about the Patriots,,,,the Seahawks throw the ball and give them the win, the best offense in the league is up 28-3 at halftime and doesn't score another point,,last year the Rams offense scores 3 points, now it is possible for Garrapolo to win a Super Bowl and possible MVP, which Kraft wouldn't care for, and all of a sudden all the calls go for KC? Think about it!
  15. Mahomes was bad against the Cheats last championship game...it is tougher when you play better teams.
  16. When probably a billion dollars is bet on a game, I have to be skepitble about the outcome, that offsides wasn't called is unbelievable....
  17. KC offsides on that 3rd down and no call....these refs are bullsh*t... I always think the worst when obvious calls aren't called.
  18. Mahomes reminds my a lot of Brady,,folds under pressure, and when hit first response is to cry to the refs.
  19. All I am saying is the cast around the QB determines what plays will be successful. Hopefully we fix the OL and then we can get more creative. Without talent, nothing you call will work in this league. I agree you have to call plays according to the players you have to work with, and I hope the play calling improves as the talent does...
  20. I would like to see Sam with the same talent that the Chiefs have, no matter who the coach, you are just a downer. Do you think Mahomes could win with last years Jets roster. What is sad is people who spew nonsense with no intelligence or knowledge of the game.
  21. These halftime shows are for the fans who go to and watch only one NFL game a year. I turn the channel till its over.
  22. What the hell is wrong with you? We will get the same satisfaction that they got by beating our sorry asses the last 50 years!
  23. So lets just throw the bank at him and be mediocre for another decade. We haven't won with him in 3 years, time to fix what needs to be fixed. I love him and he is a good player, but at that position and where this team is currently, the prudent thing to do is get what you can for him and move on!
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