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  1. I totally agree with you. It is really hard to hear these buffoons all negative after a Jets win, just pessimistic douches. Listening to all these chronic complainers would make you think the Jets lost big. The secondary was all fill ins, the OL sucks, and the TE leaves the game early, but all these downers see is a negative QB who eventually led the team to a victory. If you can't say anything positive after a win, then STFU.
  2. I believe he is still wearing a flak jacket and probably was told not to run too much, geez, can you complain anymore? This kid had an enlarged spleen and probably didn't even have to play this year, give him a break! If he is either an idiot or a pussy, what does that make you?
  3. 8 year old pop warner football doesn't count....I am sure you were a receiver there, they never throw the ball....
  4. The answer is very simple, if he accepts a reasonable contract, then we sign him. The problem is I think he overvalues himself and will want more than he is worth. We have seen 4 years of Robby and he has shown spurts where he is very valuable, but in my opinion not enough. So, I would love for him to return on a reasonable contract, but I think he will go for the money, which is his prerogative, and I will wish him the best.
  5. Man, do you know anything at all about football? Your posts are what is trash on here. Please give us all a break from your nonsense. TY...
  6. Lets start from the beginning of your ludicrous post, trading Jamal Adams, it is not foolish, foolish is paying him 15 million a year, and saying it would not serve a purpose is wrong, if we can get picks to upgrade this offensive line. Ambassador, what a joke, Mosley came here for the money, and as it turned out, he got big money to play one game. Game changer, lol, he was a big part of beating the Cowboys this year, what else? Calling posters idiots, while you post this dribble, you are either very delusional, or just insane.
  7. Darnold just won 3 games in a row, where the offense scored 34 points in each game. Why all the hate for him, what has Williams done at all this season. Time for all the delusional people to think before they post, it is getting ridiculous.
  8. I blame not only Mr Coffee, but the entire scouting office. I am sick of the best available player nonsense, the safe pick. Who the hell decides to pick these so called BPA? I was in favor of picking Josh Allen if Bosa wasn't available, I had little optimism for QW. Saying all that I hope he improves to where he is at least better than the last stiff, Leo.
  9. Great post, spot on.. people here still want to blame the QB and the running backs for the obvious issue which is this dog sh*t OL. Until we give the new GM at least the draft and free agency, it all falls on the previous GM for not having the foresight to address the OL, PERIOD!!
  10. Look at whose tweet that is. You should be banned from here for ever posting that buffoons agenda on this site. He always has personal agenda when it comes to the Jets, it is too bad some people give him any credibility.
  11. Seems to my Enunwa is the one making bad decisions, skipping 2 scheduled rehabs and not giving prior notice. No matter how bad the front office is, and the decision to give him another contract proves that, this is strictly on him and his decisions. Period!
  12. There is not one credible source saying anything you stated is true either. Stop telling everyone else to cite credible sources while spewing pure innuendo and nonsense.
  13. Agree 100%, need to find a pass rush, that will help the entire defense. I was at the Dolphin game and Fitzpatrick had absolutely no pressure on him the whole game. I wanted Chase Young in the next draft but obviously SOJs will win just enough to lose that, like Bosa last year. Watched the Seahawks with Clowney, Ansah, Gordon and of course Jason Myers, all players who could have contributed and helped the team this year. Another player that I like was Metcalf, who was taken in the 3rd round, but hey, we have Anderson and Enunwa.
  14. WTF,,,, isn't this a team game??? Do you see any relevant superstar pulling these stunts? Time to grow up and stop the bullsh*t! Having me first guys in team games never works, it eventually turns out bad.
  15. Winters was doing a job and getting paid big money. If you were doing a mediocre job at your workplace and being paid well, than someone better then you comes forward, what would happen to you? This is a business and you improve any way you can, you don't let personalities get into the equations. It is your way of thinking why this team is the way it is. Lets just keep every under performing player on this team, unbelievable.
  16. I have just 2 words for you, Dr. Phil. You really need help sir. He has a great dual diagnostic center he can send you to.
  17. Lets stop all of this hypothetical nonsense. It's all because Bill Bellicheat has a VooDoo doll of Gase!
  18. The kid has a horrible offensive line, never has time, his receivers are not able to get open, and he is playing with a heavy flak jacket on. Tack on having mono on top of all of that. If you think its all his fault you are mistaken. For people on here to give up on him already is ludicrous. To further want the Head Coach fired after 9 games is ridiculous. We are so lucky that a lot of people here do not have anything to do with running the Jets! Well how could they, they would have fired themselves by now.
  19. Maybe you can get the team back together and help us out!
  20. As the self anointed Leader of this Revolution, you should lead by example! Donate enough to meet the goal, show your commitment, maybe people would believe you then.
  21. Who are you talking about, Bill Bellicheat? Kind of like someone annointing themselves as a Leader of a Revolution!! LOL
  22. Sorry pal, i just assumed from reading your posts, seems like I hit a nerve, but if I am wrong, sorry to have riled your feathers....like Jerry Seinfeld used to say, hey there's not that there is anything wrong with that! And it seems you know the gay people here, not me..LOL, just saying.
  23. It is pretty hard to have any offense when your OL can't run or pass block. Darnold gets the ball in the shotgun and most times has someone in his face in 2 seconds. I was at the game Sunday and the receivers are not that good either. Besides Crowder the other receivers couldn't get open at all except for the backup TE, Ryan Griffin, who has been a pleasant surprise. As far as the defense, they couldn't get off the field all day. Of course all the linebackers were backups, Daryl Roberts was beaten all day, and there was absolutely no pressure on Fitzpatrick the entire game. I get pissed because we were told we had great coaches, offensive guru and defensive genius. I believe they should be given time to fix this for the reasons mentioned above, although l am disappointed in both coaches.
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