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  1. Why do I get the feeling that all of these people who want to trade away QW are the same people who were venting when it came to the trade of Leo. You can't make these things up, Leo was awful and people were angry about trading him, this kid still has potential to me and seems to be improving every game.
  2. Ask for more than you paid, Sar l can afford it, and if he won't pay it please tell us all about it...I am sure that narcissistic obnoxious windbag would be happy to overpay..otherwise he would be a phony...
  3. I was at the game yesterday and saw Roberts beatin like a rent a mule. Fitzpatrick went after him play after play, I've never seen worst cb play. To come out with a rant like that is only proof of how ignorant he is. I do not know how he gets on field next week. Of course there was absolutely no pressure on Fitzpatrick all day. I saw no adjustments on each side of the ball after halftime, absolutely unacceptable. I thought we would have better coaching with Gase and Williams,I guess not...same old same old.
  4. Then don't assume and don't spew nonsense trying to stir the pot...
  5. Just don't watch it then...WTF...nothing but pessimism here...I would like to see Sam get back in the groove and some things to go right for the Jets tomorrow..I will be at the game with my Namath jersey on...no matter how bad it is going, no matter who the coach,,,I have to root for the Jets, lol..except when it costs them a few drops in the draft, too early to predict that though...things are bad enough here without all the pessimism.
  6. This guy is a narcissistic douche. How does this team move on from this. He thinks he is more important then the Head Coach and the GM. I was President for a Union for years and what do you think the other players think of this guy. Just seems to me to be a knob polisher by going to the owner and not going through the proper channels. He surely thinks very highly of himself.....too highly for what he is doing. I don't know where they go from here with this guy. He is decimating this locker room, distancing the HC and GM, and showing all the Jet fans how conceited and egotistical he is, which d
  7. wow..didn't know that you are a sports star!
  8. I agree,,,,how about talking a time out before you go in front of the microphones, and actually think about what you are doing. This guy obviously doesn't want to be here, what a phony. He wants to be the star, make the big hit, at the cost of missing tackles and stupid penalties, talks a team game but plays differently. Kudos to Tom Shane, he had this guy pegged from the beginning...
  9. you people on here are absolutely delusional....we wait 50 years to finally get a QB and you are already throwing him under a bus, albeit he has no offensive line. You are right, lets sign McKown for 10 million next year and then complain about it...UNBELIEVABLE
  10. That's funny...I heard another commentator that said the Jets made a great trade, considering that Leo was a free agent after the season. That the Jets got back a little more than thought to happen. I believe the second commentator, but I am sure other commentators will chime in....LOL
  11. You are right, he would have helped Darnold by getting this defense off the field on 3rd downs. What don't you see about that. He would have been better than QW, because we already have enough interior DTs...even without Leo.
  12. You know what,,,you are right..lets just stay with all these underachieving players for another 5 years. I can't believe that any fan is upset with trading Leo, he is one of the most overrated players that I know of, he is just terrible, no matter where he was drafted. We got more than I thought we would for him,,lets just move forward and get rid of the players that will not get us to the next plateau...
  13. Well, we haven't had a situational pass rusher since Abraham,,,did you watch the Jaguars game,,,absolutely no pressure,,the entire game, so yes, Josh Allen would have been a good pick, based on need,,,,
  14. Seems to me you are doing the exact same thing you accuse him of! Geez, you didn't like the picking of Leo with the 6th pick, many of us didn't like it either. He turned out to be an average player, we didn't like that either. But today we are happy to get anything for him, no matter where he was drafted, that's just a fact. Don't worry, I am not going to "stalk your every post", because after reading a few of your posts, I deem them all to be delusional. Now, please do not stalk me, find something more productive to do.
  15. If he gets 3 sacks next game after getting 0 with us, it will only prove that he is a bigger piece of sh*t than what I thought of him. He did nothing for this team so who cares what he does now. He is on a contract year and still did nothing, good riddance. Time to send the useless players walking, no matter where they were drafted!!
  16. Like I said in an earlier post, a Head Coach, especially one that is handling the offense, has to coach. Did you see Bellicheat on his knees coaching up the defense last week. Gates does none of that, he stands there with his headset on and his play chart covering his mouth, doesn't talk to anyone. This is where we miss McKown, he was always there when Sam came off of the field, coaching him. I don't get where Gates ever got the rep of being a great QB coach, besides Manning. We have to get Sam some help or we are going to waste his talent.
  17. Before we get rid of Q Williams, lets get rid of the big stiff Leo Williams. He has been a detriment to this defense since he was drafted 6th. I will give Q the benefit of the doubt with him being a rookie, hopefully he gets healthy and turns it around. I already know what Leo is and he should have been long gone before this season....
  18. I have a stat for you...1-6!! Aren't you the one who said they would make the playoffs. What are you on? I would have hope if they were losing but showing improvements, but I have seen nothing from this offense or the defense. You can keep on being delusional, it makes great amusement for the rest of us....but on a side note, I truly am sorry on how much you paid for your season tickets this year..LOL
  19. I now agree, tried my best to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I can't watch this team like this. Play calling is horrendous, no adjustments, finally started to roll Sam out when the game was over. I never see him involved with the team during the game. The opposing coaches are showing fire and playing the refs, we see none of that. I honestly don't know why he isn't up in the booth for all he does on the sidelines,,stands there with the play sheet over his face and the headset on, no one near him..I saw Bellicheat last week on his knees pumping up his defense. I am so sick of watching t
  20. The answer is simple,,,the Patriots win this sh*t division every year because it is so bad. They get a first round bye and a home game to start the playoffs. Every year it happens, that's why they have a great chance to win every year, especially with BB. Until a team in the AFC East steps up and takes the division from them it will not change. They get 6 wins a year in the division and that's a huge advantage.
  21. This guy is absolutely nothing but a pathetic front-runner! Get the f--k off of here and go to the Patriots forums, we don't need fools like you around here.
  22. So why don't you enlighten us all about how Leonard Williams is doing a great job for this team? You obviously know more than us fans that know nothing about football. Please, I can't wait to hear it,,,,
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