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  1. so why don't they call it a pentagram? Cmon man! Why hasn't anyone I know heard about that?
  2. How does anyone rate these teams helmets at all...how is a star on a helmet rated higher than a G? It all depends on the fans, otherwise this list is complete bullsh*t. .
  3. You should find another hobby other than posting on here. You obviously know nothing about football. Good thing you can boast about all your money, your great seats, and your vacations. I just feel sorry for anyone who spends money to sit next to you. Here is some advice for you.....Tis better to remain silent and be thought the fool then to open ones mouth and remove all doubt!
  4. Yeah, this guy doesn't boast, he is just delusional. Can you imagine how arrogant he will be when he opens his 2nd Mcdonalds?
  5. On 3/8/2019 at 1:20 PM, SAR I said: I don't bash blue collar workers. I respect how they keep my utilities functioning. I just don't want to sit near them. I don't bash military, police, fire, and rescue personnel. I'm just tired of the Jets taking their money to give them phony moments of recognition at the end of every quarter and guilting me into standing up for the past 9 years. I bash tailgating. The 80's are over. Drinking and smoking and listening to bad hair rock isn't cool anymore, especially if you're pushing 60. SAR I
  6. Wow, it is amazing all the well traveled people that are on here talking about their travels and there food prefences! Listening to all your world experiences has really helped me fall asleep tonight...thanks! When I wake up, I will tell you all about my African Safari and European experiences, and eating out of baskets.
  7. Are people out of their minds? What is the matter with people on here, this guy says that Bowles maybe was a good coach, and then is giving accolades to Leonard Williams, when he actually has done nothing to warrant a 6th pick in the 1st round. Hey Mick, grab a nice thick book and take some time away from here until you can actually learn what reality is...
  8. Didn't the crooked politicians include both Mario Cuomo and his son Andrew who were playing the game against both sides to profit Andrew?
  9. Yeah, we are 3 pages in because you keep quoting these full page replies, then adding nothing new to your conversation.
  10. What happened to this great pitching guru we hired as Manager, Callaway has shown me nothing with the talent he was given. Comparable to the great Defensive Coach, Todd Bowles for the Jets, both garbage. Lets just hope Callaway doesn't get 4 years like Bowles did.
  11. Listen, when you are the HC of a football team you are involved in all aspects, and at the end of the day the buck stops with you, You can't blame Kacey for an inept defense, Bowles is accountable. Like a previous person noted Bowles was involved with the defense. Not once when he was here did I see him make any adjustment during game situations. He was horrible here and as head coach he is responsible for the actions of his staff. You are right, he was in over his head as a HC, but that does not exonerate him for the lousy coaching. The main problem was that the owners allowed him 4 years here. Whats the next thread going to be about, how Kotite wasn't as bad as his record either.
  12. He is? Really? Did you watch the defense the last 4 years? And one more thing, can't someone ban WayneChrebet80 from starting any new topics on here?
  13. Without talent, the other two really do not matter.
  14. Lets get serious here for a moment, what would Joe Douglas put on his hot dog, mustard, ketchup or both, very intriguing.
  15. I had Boozer and Atkins a mile away, and Caster and Grantham half a mile away,, then Snow White and Homer Simpson moved in on both sides of me....
  16. Why don't you just tell us what is wrong with this hire. I am sick of all the ignorant criticisms that you downers keep spewing. Instead of asking that question, tell us why it is a bad hire please, or just be quiet.
  17. Hey buddy, don't tether the fans happiness tonight, let us be happy for awhile before you try to rain on our parade. And actually what the hell do you think he is going to say at his presser? get real!
  18. Yeah, Mac was the best, lol ...just for your information, he got himself fired, so get over it. He was a clown with a coffee cup, but guys like you just keep up the nonsense.
  19. LW straight up for him....get it done! One need filled and one headache relieved.
  20. and you can go and bet the under.....good luck
  21. Jets have potential breakout sophomore in TE Chris Herndon by Luke Easterling 6 hours ago Follow @LukeEasterling After a strong showing as a rookie last season, tight end Chris Herndon is ready to take his game to the next level in 2019. Heading into the 2018 NFL draft, Chris Herndon wasn’t expected to be one of the most productive tight ends in the NFL. But after the Jets selected him in the fourth round out of Miami, Herndon made an immediate impact that likely caused many teams to regret not drafting him earlier. Herndon caught 39 passes for 502 yards and four touchdowns in his first season at the pro level, leading all NFL rookie tight ends in both receptions and touchdown catches in 2018. As he prepares for his sophomore campaign, Herndon is ready to take on more responsibility and build on the success he had last year (via team reporter Olivia Landis I want to improve from last year. I want to continue to do what they [the coaches] ask of me and even more. Just try to be that player that takes that next step and be more dependable in games and try to put more on my shoulders and more on myself to hold myself more accountable. It shouldn’t be difficult for Herndon to take his game to the next level in 2019, considering the foolproof recipe that led to his rookie success last year: Staying focused and not being complacent. Not trying to focus on what I did the previous week or the previous play and having the next-up mentality for the next play. Trying to bring my all to each practice, each workout, each meeting, and hoping it translated to the game. I feel like it worked pretty well for me. One challenge Herndon will face in 2019, along with the rest of his offensive teammates? Learning a different scheme and playbook under new head coach Adam Gase. But Herndon appears prepared to attack the mental aspect of his preparation just as much as the physical: You never know what’s going to be thrown in the next day, so before you move on you have to make sure you have what you learned today down because it’s not going to slow down any more than it already is. So staying on top of things and constantly studying and constantly asking questions and making sure that you’re not making the same mistakes from the previous practice will help. Herndon established himself as a reliable target last year, building a valuable rapport with fellow rookie Sam Darnold, the team’s franchise quarterback. That chemistry will be vital as they both navigate the challenges of learning a new scheme. While the addition of new weapons like Le’Veon Bell, Jamison Crowder and Trevon Wesco could lead some to believe Herndon’s opportunities will shrink in 2019, the presence of improved talent around him could also open up more opportunities for big plays, as opposing defenses focus their attentions on bigger name Either way, Herndon appears more than prepared for whenever the ball does come his way in 2019.
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