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  1. 1st pick pass rusher oline oline wr oline cb
  2. Mac is a Tool

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    Quinnen will fix this...oh wait
  3. Mac is a Tool

    Frank Clark to the Chiefs

    **** no
  4. Mac is a Tool

    Mike McCagnan 3rd worst GM in NFL?

    Seems high
  5. The best jet ever revis of course
  6. Mac is a Tool

    Atlanta Falcons-Quinnen Williams?

    Thats not nowhere near enough
  7. The pass rusher theyre most sold on is the most injury prone?
  8. This would be incorrect given our history
  9. Mac is a Tool

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    My lord were gonna get raped
  10. Mac is a Tool

    Free Agent OT Donald Penn

    Isnt he like 50

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