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  1. Listen i love leo. He just not worth 14 a year
  2. Odell and Jarvis alone will eat us alive. Game should be high scoring in the 30s
  3. Thats not a problem like it was his first year. He was damn near released and came back with a vengeance. Plays with confidence and plays outside and inside
  4. Watched the whole thing. They didnt even mention the austin pick. ******* hilarious
  5. That throw on 4th and 1 requires such balls. Wish we do godlike plays like that this year
  6. Nathan sheperd better turn into something worth while. He had a whole season of nfl coaching. I dont recall how old he is but heres hoping he isnt a bust
  7. Ok. You arent the highest quality porcelain in the toilet bowl aisle. I will attempt to explain one last time. After that you can be ignorant to someone else. Yes i said the bills comment. That is largely i part due to the glaring center need that wasnt addressed in the offseason. Also, there was a tweet posted in one of these million threads during THIS draft of how the bills addressed multiple o line positions to the point that it was kind of overboard. But the point is that whether it is they “ overpaid” for morse or the other free agent o line signings including spencer, along with them ad
  8. Im clearly being trolled. This guy dosent even watch football. Did you not see the effect it had last year? I mean my god. i mean i wouldnt care if this was sanchez. But this is sam were talking about
  9. And missed on one of the most glaring needs which is center. You know, the position that makes the offense worth a sh*t? The guy who is Sets the tone? All that other sh*t dosent mean anything if the ball cannot get of the qbs hands quick and consistent enough. So you can be in denile all you want. Ill just sit here and laugh. Plus, this can be rectified when i hear that one of our centers took a big leap. Then ill be happy. All i want is for the denile fans such as yourself to stop and for our god qb to be godly. I dont ask for much
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