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  1. NYJetsDaddy

    Stick and Pick

    John Abraham was drafted 13th overall. Tom Brady was drafted 199th overall. There is talent throughout the draft. Give me more lottery tickets. Trade back, acquire more tickets.
  2. NYJetsDaddy

    Herndon is going to have a monster year

    Elite TE's make tough catches (in my opinion). Herndon showed he has the ability to not only make the spectacular catches, but also the tough catches. Herndon simply needs to learn how to run more efficient and precise routes. Jason Witten was not an elite athlete, but he was an Elite TE in the NFL because he knew how to get open. I want to see Herndon step his game up in regard to route running and blocking. If he can, he will be elite. All that being said, I am with you. I don't think he will be an elite TE, but he has a chance to be a top 10-15 for a long time.
  3. NYJetsDaddy

    Herndon is going to have a monster year

    I love Chris Herndon. He has the ability to become and remain a top 10 TE in the league for a very long time. My hope is only that he works hard and that he and Darnold form a rapport much like the top QB/TE connections. If they form a chemistry, they could be very tough to handle on 3rd and manageable passing situations especially with Bell being the threat that he is out of the backfield.
  4. NYJetsDaddy

    Why can’t Mac get a 2nd for Leo?

    Ok...I have been a new member for about 2 weeks now and I finally have something I can argue about! Trading Leo isn't helpful for a number of reasons: -He is still so young and talented: Has he lived up to the #6 overall draft status? No, probably not, but he is still a good/very good player that WE drafted. Good franchises don't give up on young players like this who are good. -5th year option: the 5th year option is designed for players EXACTLY like Leo. He hasn't played up to his draft status, so by exercising the 5th year option, you have to pay him a little more, but you also get another season to develop/watch film on him. By keeping Leo here, we keep a B/B+ player on the defense for 1 more season. If he plays lights out, we can tag him or sign him. If he stinks the place up, we can keep him on the cheap or let him walk.
  5. NYJetsDaddy

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    Nice little matchup. Hopefully its true.
  6. NYJetsDaddy

    GM related question

    It was completely asinine considering the position wasn't a dire need like Oline was and still is
  7. NYJetsDaddy

    GM related question

    Ugh...I remember that pick specifically. Hated it so very much.
  8. NYJetsDaddy

    So what’s the unexpected

    I really like this topic. There are always curve balls on draft night. If I had to guess right now, I would say that the Cardinals pass on Kyler Murray.
  9. Logo is extremely lame. I do like the green much better. The black looks forced and stupid. I would have much preferred a dark gray. I feel like they needed to get back to implementing the streaking Jet somehow in the logo. Big miss.
  10. NYJetsDaddy

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    Wish I was close enough for Season tickets : ( I am looking at the Skins/Ravens games and I am also interested in the games that are played in October/November. Best football weather games. Not too hot and not too cold in NJ. Wife and I went to the Colts game around that time last season and it was a great game, but also great weather.
  11. NYJetsDaddy

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    Schedule release is very exciting. Some people will play it up as "just the schedule", but it matters a great deal to people who attend games or plan to travel to attend games. Can't wait to see when the Redskins and Ravens games are. Those are local games for me and I will be there for both hopefully!
  12. NYJetsDaddy

    Browns @ Jets week 1 MNF

    Couple of things: -Hunt isn't playing the first 8 weeks of the season so he is likely not active for this game. -They have a rookie head coach. The Jets do not. They have a new head coach who has several years experience. -The Browns are talented, but so are the Jets.
  13. Man, does this speak to me...(34 years old with a near 1 year old) -I will take a nap after work on Thursday (So I don't old man fall asleep during the draft) -I will watch the draft with MAYBE 2-3 beers (Each time a take a sip, I will feel/see the side eye from my wife) -After the 1st round has concluded, I will go straight to bed so that my old ass can get to work tomorrow (Again, so I don't fall asleep)
  14. He isn't great by any means, but I don't see a scenario where they just straight up cut him. They should attempt to add a pick even if it is a 4th or worse rather than move up a few spots. I would approve a trade with eagles for their 2nd for lee and our late 3rd rounder. That would be nice.
  15. Correct, it would be a lousy trade if it were just to move up from early 3rd to late 2nd.

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