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  1. https://fb.watch/6mqXmPGjW4/ Jets social media account created a video highlighting some of the Jets content creators on YouTube. Thought that was pretty cool. I was shocked to be included
  2. I want Deshaun, but not if it is going to cost us Quinnen Williams. No thanks.
  3. Maybe those picks they acquired could be used in a trade up...
  4. Live stream from about 15 minutes ago. Let's bring this guy to NY! https://youtu.be/n6d6SQpdkuw
  5. You sir are dedicated lol All good though. Go Jets!
  6. I enjoy greenbean and I follow him on all my social media! There are so many other great content creators too. Loyalty is cool, but do you really only watch one Jets person?!
  7. NYJ Today just finished Episode 2 of our Live Podcast series. If you missed the show, we will be live every Wednesday at 8pm! Here is episode 2 in case you missed it. Like and subscribe! https://youtu.be/JDBACfrx-xE
  8. NYJ Today is our YouTube channel and we are live right now (Wednesday, Jan. 27th @ 8pm EST) My friend Mike and I will be live for about an hour. If you feel like discussing the Jets, come hang out with us and message us in the chat! Here are some of our topics for tonight: Topic 1- Who will the Jets be cutting this offseason? Topic 2- Penei Sewell vs Zach Wilson Topic 3- Who was worse...Rich Kotite or Adam Gase? Topic 4- Championship Sunday Discussion / Super Bowl Predictions https://youtu.be/JDBACfrx-xE
  9. I checked in with the top guys for sure because I knew that JN does have a radio show. I personally follow a bunch of Jets creators. The more the merrier I say!
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