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  1. Yet if you questioned the origin you’re a conspiracy theorist and nut job. The Wuhan Coronavirus Research Lab was 2 blocks away from the outbreak of this coronavirus. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I was taught at Quantico not to believe in coincidences. And yes, they’ve known all along that cloth or paper masks do not work.
  2. What are you wearing right now. Wait, that wasn’t meant for you.
  3. Into foursomes. That’s either a good thing or a bad thing depending on your predilection.
  4. Yet folks dump on this. If the top 2 edges are gone he HAS to be the pick. That line would be impregnable. Zach would have another 1-2 seconds and then you’d see a near 70% passer.
  5. Tarick Black, Trevon Wesco , Nick Bawden, DJ Montgomery, Jeff Smith, Rodney Adams and Kenny Yeboah say hi.
  6. Because he’s a douchebag. An unlikeable douchebag at that.
  7. Taiwan is next. Then South Korea. Then all hell will break loose in the Middle East. We have lost our superiority in the world which we held for decades. I weepz for my children. All prayers to the Ukraine. Fiancé’s parents are Ukrainian and I don’t know how to console them.
  8. I think you have misunderstood my issue with a fraction of your posts. I LOVE 90% of your takes. I like that you have legit inside info. It enhances the board. It’s good stuff. But when you hint at things that MAY be inside info that may be derogatory about a current Jet and you say you can’t REALLY say why, it’s sounds like the anonymous player criticizing a teammate. If you know something, either say it or if you don’t feel comfortable saying it, don’t hint you know something that nobody else knows. We have NO idea what’s going on with Bechton. As I’ve said before, if he shows up a big fat slob out of shape then kill him all you want. I’ll be leading the pack. But until we have concrete evidence—evidence that you know and won’t disclose—then let’s stop the conjecture and wait till OTAs start. One other thing. I have no doubt you have plantar faciitis. But you have no idea whether he was out of shape BECAUSE of it or whether him being out of shape EXACERBATED it. Let it go.
  9. Ooooh bold Watson before Ruckert. Love it and Cook.
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