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  1. After the Combine we were never taking him. Did you see how he crapped the bed in the Phone Booth test?
  2. But Pete Carroll thinks he's a dawg and a leader. So he's got that going for him. Which is nice.
  3. Here's what I don't get. That somehow perceived personality is more important to the NFL production crew/media than actual talent or play on the field. My question isn't how many times they cut to "Prez" pacing the sideline while the offense was on the field, how many times they continously cut to a close up of Adams when he wasn't anywhere near involved in the play, why they constantly focus on him pre-snap where he's lines up and where he possibly could impact a play or after the play when he was 10-15 yards off the ball. My question is WHY?!? I know, as Jet fans we like dum
  4. Seahwaks fans are catching on. https://seahawks.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=175784&sid=61cc339731b4e8b699e5e55459a37f3d My favorite: Adams pretty much single handedly destroyed the future of this team for the next 5 years. I wish I was being over dramatic.
  5. No I refuse to believe that happened. Did he really say that? Only a delusional sociopath would say that. On National TV no less.
  6. This could be a nice little day for us. A Seattle loss, a Carolina loss, a Giant loss and a Pats loss. It’s the best we could have hoped for.
  7. He reminds of the guy on my HS football team who always shied away from tackling anyone but he was always near the pile and tried to make it look like he was involved in the play.
  8. That one pathetic Sam hater just can’t let it go. I’d hazzard 30% of his posts somehow involve Darnold. I can’t imagine being that obsessed with so much hate over someone who is gone. So weird how sad you have to be to spend that much time dumping on an ex-Jet. Personally I’m content to keep rooting for Zach to be great.
  9. On the old board I busted him on pics he was posting that weren’t his. Could not defend the date of some pics he had posted because he had never been where he said he was at that time.
  10. Over the next few weeks Zach will become more and more comfortable with the speed of the game and by week 10-12 he'll be hitting all the short throws he's skipping at receivers feet and he'll be hitting upwards of 70% of his passes. He's not an inaccurate guy, he's actually very accurate, his mind is just sped up. He'll be the guy from BYU again.
  11. We stayed at The Royal and The Reef. It’s pricey but dinner at The Ocean Club was really really good. Romantic, quiet, the opposite of The Atlantis. If you can get there.
  12. Went twice, once with the wife (and regret to this day we didn't take the kids) and once for a work offsite (we had a VERY good time). The whole facility is beautiful--however it is kind of Disney--although not nearly as campy and with fish and sharks and manta rays. I left the wife sunning herself in a loungechair and lost myself for 2 hours just checking out the grounds. Got back to her and said "damn can't believe we didn't take the kids". Then did it again the next day. Your kids will LOVE it. Better/different than any waterpark. If you can get a baby/child sitter, gotta tak
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