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  1. So you’re saying it isn’t “isn’t even close”? Thank you.
  2. This is irrelevant to the discussion of who is better. And you have no idea what pain I have endured.
  3. Btw, never said that made him tougher or better, just that it was a different era and stats need to be taken into account for that. Besides, Brady is the biggest whiner in the league today. Point blank.
  4. Oh point blank. So that ends it, right? Regardless of how big fast strong anyone is or was, you were legally allowed to crush QBs and mug receivers in Montana’s day. You can’t touch a receiver and you can’t hit a QB above or below the belly button and sometimes if you hit them perfectly in the belly button, if it looks violent you still get the call and they watch you the rest of the game. Point blank.
  5. As you get older you will find the number of your passions and friends will be diminished but those passions and friendship bonds get deeper. I call it pruning the bushes. Don't have time for superfluous acquaintances or teams. While I used to have a bunch of teams I passionately followed, over the years I’ve cut back a lot. The Jets are now clearly the team I care most about and am most heavily invested in.
  6. There were no Pats fans until they brought in a bunch of cheating pieces of sh*t. Go to Gillette now and it’s filled with a bunch of drunken a-holes who have no idea who Steve Grogan or Andre Tippett is. Or Tony Eason for that matter. The dude that lost 2 less SBs than the current the cheater.
  7. Just turned the game on up 5-3 and just shut it off 6-5. Oh, sh*t, before I could turn it off, literally as I’m typing this, 7-5. F*ck this.
  8. Hahahahaaaaa still with the “it’s not close” as if that’s dispositive of the discussion. How about this. Montana never losing a SB, never getting convicted for cheating, is the best. And it’s not even close. Btw, in the truest test, in 4 SBs Montana never threw an INT and has the highest SB QB rating ever. In an era that didn’t protect QBs. Not bad. Actually, just looked it up, Eli has a higher SB QB rating than Brady. As does about 10 other QBs. Yeah, it’s not even close.
  9. You’re going to have jerkoff millennials disagree with you. Montana played in a MUCH different era. Not the 60s or 70s but the 80s were nearly as brutal and no where near as protective as today’s players. Brady is the biggest complaining POS in the history of the league and even though he was a convicted cheater they continued to genuflect at his presence. Honestly have never seen a bigger pussy complainer than Brady in any of the 4 major sports. He’s like a European soccer player. But youngsters will disagree because they WANT to disagree, not that they are right.
  10. Of course the haters will say Young did just as well but he was a HOF talent as well. He wasn’t Matt Cassell, but who is?
  11. I’m glad that this is all you took from my comment. But that wasn’t my main points. But please, keep trying to suggest Brady has gotten hit as much as Montana, that the rules haven’t changed BECAUSE of Brady and his constant complaining. The 49ers got penalized for cap manipulation (just like we all know the Pats manipulate the cap). The Patriots and Brady got penalized, fined, suspended for ON FIELD criminality. But I get it, you think Brady is better than Montana. Perfectly reasonable OPINION. I don’t agree and it certainly isn’t “isn’t close”. That other dude arguing here seems to be obsessed with Brady. Big Namath hater, apparently, too. Good company.
  12. I have no case to make. This is all opinion based. I cannot forgive the systematic cheating and the SB losses, the different competition and the different physicality especially towards QBs and receivers. If you want to forgive them, be my guest. Has Brady gotten hit? Sure and he’s gotten 15 yard penalties every single and has been hands off the rest of the game and likely the next two. If you didn’t see that you weren’t watching. There is no way he took the pounding of Montana. Look, you think he’s the best. That’s your opinion. It’s not dispositive and it’s a very legitimate discussion but to say it’s “not close” is a crutch.
  13. Comparing “stats” from different eras and then claiming “it’s not close” is sophistry of the highest order. Sammy Baugh, one of the acknowledged greatest QBs of all time, his stats are dwarfed by sh*tty QBs of the last 15-20 years. Joe retired 25 years ago. This is a discussion based entirely on opinions. Don't tell me a guy who wasn’t allowed to get hit, who’s receivers were not allowed to get mugged, who’s franchise stole a SB by cheating (not getting an “advantage”) and who got suspended for cheating (didn’t help him to win but he did it anyway kind of like Nixon didn’t need to spy on Mcgovern to win in a landslide). And then assert “it’s not close”. Joe Cool was better than Brady. That’s my opinion which is shared by many NFL fans.
  14. God I hate this sh*t. Hope he comes back strong.
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