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  1. Wow you have no clue. Seriously cannot connect 2 dots. Bye!!
  2. This is one weird dude. I don’t think he is long for the place. I’ve seen some of his other work. It’s funny how I’m a Neanderthal that likes no depth movies yet The Departed and LA Confidential are in my top 5 all time. DeNiro has become a hack living off of mob movies.
  3. Nice. Still haven’t figured it out. Tell me how much I liked Death Wish. By my words. Or...maybe I was responding to another point.
  4. Apparently he cares. A lot. He’s responded to me 6 times almost in seriatim.
  5. Nice reading comprehension. Figure out where you are wrong.
  6. You’re the DeNiro defender.
  7. Hahahaaaaaa. Pretty sure Death Wish predated Taxi Driver. And it wasn’t boring until the last 15 mins.
  8. Probably a big Fockers franchise fan right?
  9. In order. Hated great overrated hated overacted Walken was better.
  10. He’s living off of mob movies from decades ago. Although I did love Copland. Rockie’s next movie imho.
  11. NO! Put me back!! Lol just kidding. Ignore is for...I can’t say it.
  12. Other then the last 15 minutes, it’s pretty awful.
  13. I gotta say, we’ve actually loved some of her recent movies-they kill me- but we couldn’t get through it. Typically her sidekick plays off on her really well. This one, not so much. And we like stupid movies. Spy. The Heat. Bridesmaids. Identify Thief.
  14. This can all be very easily solved if everyone that wanted access to a sporting or concert or public event got a microchip implanted that could be scanned at the gate to ensure compliance with the venue’s views I mean safety and health precautions.
  15. How haven’t these kids figured out a cure. You can’t tell me with all these billionaire tech wizards listening to ear buds for years they don’t hear the high pitched hum and can’t drop a milly or 3 to figure it out.
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