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  1. 1 hour ago, jgb said:

    Aaron Rodgers is a great QB and also a detestable human being. I don't care what kind of bad blood exists, when your mother's house is being consumed in a California wildfire, you ******* call her and see if she's alright.

    What does Aaron Rogers and his disfunctional family have to do with me?

    I never mentioned his standing as a human being.  Do not quote me for something I have nothing to do with.  

    Do not associate me with a player's personal life.  Not unless I instigate it.


  2. Just now, Hex said:

    Baker probably wasn't a great example by the way he's been playing but Rodgers is playing like his toe isn't even hurt, let alone broken. Rodgers might have mentioned his issue, but sure isn't showing it on the field. I think that's the point

    I was just pointing out that while Zach hasn't mentioned the knee (to my knowledge), Rogers has been talking about the toe ad nauseum.

    Plus he's the greatest QB on the planet so even with no toes, he'd still be pretty great.  

  3. 1 minute ago, David Harris said:

    Aaron Rodgers has been lighting it up with COVID toe.

    Baker Mayfield isn’t playing well but he’s showing he’s tough as nails.

    Suck it up buttercup. No excuses.

    That TD wasn't him sucking it up?

    I don't think I've heard him complain about the knee, just a random poster on a Jets fan forum asking a question.  

    Btw, both Rogers and Baker have repeatedly mentioned their ailments, making excuses.  

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  4. 8 minutes ago, Flea Flicking Frank said:

    hey, we all cant be right 6 games in on the interwebz, some of us have to take what we can get

    Dude, Mac Jones is already in the HOF.  It was clearly a BRILLIANT pick.  Ddidn't matter which team took him--I mean NE with the coach and the OC and the defense and the cheating does not factor into his success at all--HE was the best QB in the draft.  Clearly.  Now.  

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  5. 5 minutes ago, jgb said:

    Bro, you said people who say now they'd take Mac Jones over those other guys are guilty of hindsight analysis. It's pretty relevant to point out that I rated Jones ahead of all of them except Lawrence before the draft. I thought we were having a discussion. But I understand that you think you found a loose string to pull on to get out of the underlying argument.

    Not trying to get out of anything.  I'm agreeing with you.  You beat them all.  All the GMs who took 4 QBs before Mac.  All the commentators who said Mac was the fifth QB out of 5. And now that Mac's career is over and he's in the HOF, you've...WON! 

    Congrats!!  Why can't you just accept your spot in the Internet Ring of Honor.  Because the story has been written.  And to think your entire GMing career, your livelihood, was based on that pick.  You took SOME risk with that contrarian pick.  

    Well done.  


  6. 3 minutes ago, jgb said:

    Sometimes being right just has to be it's own reward. I'm come to live with it. I now draw strength from the thumbs down and just wait for history and consensus to catch up without stressing about it.

    You are an internet superstar.  Being "right" (lol) on the internet isn't NEARLY sufficient enough.  You have been awarded 10 gold internet stars.  It that's not enough, let us know and we can award you many many more gold internet stars. As many as you want.  

    Like I said, legend.  

  7. 7 minutes ago, jgb said:

    4 of 5 of NFL.com's final mock drafts on April 15th 2021 had Mac Jones going at #3 to SF. Only MJD didn't. He had Pats trading up for Mac at #7. The mass memory people seem to have that Mac Jones was a consensus inferior product before the draft is a modern day example of the Mandela effect.


    So Mac Jones is on SF?  I'm pretty sure he's not.  And "mock drafts" are pure guesses by talking heads to get clicks.  Some "mocks" had Zach going ahead of Trevor.  Some had Fields at 2 or 3.

    This is all opinion but I do not think any team that took one of the top 4 picks had any interest in taking Mac.

    Or they would have.  

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