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  1. What about reports he’s ballooned up to 400 pounds. Wait, wrong thread.
  2. He looks/sounds like a very weird dude. Like he’s got a screw loose or something.
  3. Gotta tell you, one guy I really loved was Antonio Gibson.
  4. I said I wasn’t comparing. You’re not allowed to disagree.
  5. No they are NOT alike. I just look at them in combination as Kenny Pickett.
  6. Read much? I said I’m NOT comparing. You know I said it so that’s what everyone needs to believe. Of COURSE you didn’t compare Burrow and Herbert. You just surgically slapped them together like a Frankenstein monster and came up with…..Kenny Pickett hahahahahaaaaaa.
  7. So he’s shorter smaller and has a weaker arm than both and he’s not nearly as accurate as Burrow. It’s like saying I look at a combo of Manute Bol and Mugsy Bogues and I get Magic Johnson. It’s uncanny, really. Lol. Check this receipt, get a refund.
  8. He actually reminds me of a combo of Dan Marino, Andrew Luck and Lamar Jackson--as well as Burrow, Herbert and Montana. With a little Johnny Manziel and Peyton Manning.
  9. Still sticking to this silly narrative. So Burrow wasn't a 4 year starter but his senior season was otherwordly and won the NCAA championship for an SEC powerhouse and Justin Herbert is 6-6 235 with a laser beam arm. Nothing about Pickett is a combo of the two.
  10. Reminds me of La'Michel Perine.
  11. Not that I'd compare QBs but Pickett has 8-1/4 inch hands. Burrow 9 inches, Herbert 10 inches. Zach 9-1/2 inches. But I'm not comparing them, mind you.
  12. If we came out of this draft with anyone but Stingley and Wilson, Raimann and McBride I would be immeasurably happy.
  13. 1. That was the feeling I was getting. 2. Take London. 3. Interesting. Does he last till 35? 4. Pass? 5. Agree--do not want. 6. Ifs and buts. Not drafting a CB, especially not an injured one. 7. Hard pass. Been there, done that. 8. Could live with that.
  14. Of course but we're discussing Kiper's mock.
  15. I think you could say he has Burrow's toughness, leadership and "moxie"--I'll give you that but not the arm talent or accuracy. Be like saying Trubisky compares to Burrow just maybe not as good. I don't see anything in Pickett that reminds me of Herbert--he's 6-6 235 with a massive arm. I can't mention the two in the same sentence. Everyone agrees Pickett has a decent arm but not particurlarly strong and he's not nearly the physicl specimen of Herbert. I've seen comparisons to Heineke and Carr. I think those are fairer comparisons.
  16. So comparing him to elite 2 players and the absolute best young QBs in the league but then backtracking and saying "I didn't say he was as good as or better" gets you off the hook for a ludicrous comparison? Hahahaaa ok. If you had said I look at him as a cross between Mitch Trubisky and Derek Carr, or Kirk Cousins and Jared Goff I wouldn't blink. Saying a player is a cross between two players is a direct comparison to the 2. ACTUALLY a CROSS of the two. Sorry sweetie, you said it, not me. Edit: The sweetie ad hominem is a nice touch. Throws folks off the ludicro
  17. Yeah, I have no idea either and to be frank, I only saw dean play a few times this year and he just looked so dominant, violent--a true character changer on the defensive side of the ball.
  18. If you read what I said, if Pickett is a TRULY cross between Herbert and Burrow as you posit--28 teams would TRADE UP to number 1. Of course the Jags aren't taking him. And their draft position at this point is irrelevant. If you knew then what you know now--Herbert, Mahomes, Rogers are far and away the number 1 picks in their respective draft classes. Again, it's about the projection on Pickett. And yes you are "elite" at this in your own mind but your reasoning is clouded by something I can't put my finger on (well, I can but we all know what it is). It was evident what the p
  19. I've gone on record as no safety and no Stingley. I'll take any of Hutch, Thibs, Neal if available at 4 and then if we can't trade back I'd take Ekwonu, Cross, Dean, Karlaftis, Ojabo and I would not cry at Wilson. I'd take Sauce before I'd take Stingley (and I wouldn't take Sauce). The dude was injured most of last year (would be such a Jetsy move) and sucked in 2020. Dude hasn't played well since last decade. Edge and LB are MUCH more important and there are players at those position that are similarly projected in the draft.
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