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  1. He would have dropped it. He actually did this year. True story.
  2. I think that’s partly to do with how big he is. It’s like the rush doesn’t phase him. Maybe he took Cialis like Bart suggested.
  3. Knox, Beasley, Sanders, McKenzie, Singletary. Yup, other than Diggs, a bunch of JAGS. Said no one. Other than @T0mShane
  4. When the Pats were up 28-3 in the SB I called my daughter and said “it’s over!!” And she said “Dad, you just jinxed it!” It was my fault.
  5. Yeah but Bills fans have to go back to the sh*thole Buffalo so I don’t mind them b*tch slapping the Cheats.
  6. Apparently The Big Bang Theory was very popular. Thank God I don’t hang out with anyone that has ever watched it.
  7. I’ve never seen Young Sheldon but I can imagine how unfunny it is.
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