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  1. This is not good for our draft seeding. If we tie with a bunch of teams, we go to the bottom of that list.
  2. Rex Ryan lit himself up-- looking like a big fat envious fool, the inconsequential and irrelavant buffoon that he is.
  3. Can you imagine being a multi-multi-millionaire--you have a $100 million contract and for winning the SB MVP they give you...a Chevy. One that they could buy with pocket change. Reminds me of the Ralph Kiner show after Met games where he'd have on a guest to interview and for the appearance he'd give the guest for appearing an Armitron Watch. Not the Swiss made diamond encrusted tungsten model (which they don't actually make) but rather the $19 one you could get at Walmart. And I disctinctly remember one interview with Frank Cashen--likely a very very wealthy man--and thinking what the
  4. There really isn't anything to get all worked about at this point. As soon as Wilson is back in there, I want to see him play well and improve week to week. He's the main course--the filet mignon. The rib eye. The bone in veal chop. White, sure, would have been nice but White v. Flacco isn't even the side of mashed or the rice pilaf, it's the garnish. The parsely sprinkled on top. The crispy shallots. The fresh cracked pepper. As a Jet fan, getting worked up now at 2-7 for anything, kind of worthless energy spent.
  5. Still some American's left behind. Not the happy kind I'm assuming.
  6. Missed the point. Saleh, the defense, the Jets have been awful. Awful. Rex’s Saleh rant has nothing to do with Saleh. His rant about the Jets? 100%. But going after Saleh personally because of the “comparisons” to Rex is way off base.
  7. Bad coaching. Bad team. Not pathetic personal attacks. It’s weak.
  8. Saleh did nothing wrong. I was listening to the interview. Kay asked him a question after going on and on about how Rex was killing him. I’m sure he heard it all day (Rex made his comments early in the morning-Saleh was on with Kay at 5:00 at night). He gave a simple 2 liner that was basically an FU to a blow hard. Took about 15 seconds. He didn’t seek it out, didn’t prompt it, didn’t go in depth or drag it out. He just simply responded. This is all on Rex.
  9. But he directly attacked Saleh. Not just an NFL coach but the NFL coach of the team Rex used to coach and a team he desperately wanted to coach again. It was unprofessional, unnecessarily personal and just plain weak. Love Rex but he was 100% wrong. He could have dumped on Saleh and his coaching and defense all he wanted. That’s what commentators and talking heads do. Injecting himself into the discussion was just wrong. Needy. Pathetic.
  10. I prefer Larry's Primeu's Jackelope Helmet. The point being, there are a lot of oddities in the HOF. Mike White's jersey is not in the HOF because Mike White is HOF worthy. The game he had was HOF worthy. Cleats, wrist bands, chin straps from players never to be heard from again are in the HOF. Let Mike White's game live with the dignity it deserves. Was an awesome moment in NFL history. In Jet history. Mike White will be a very servicable backup QB in the NFL for at least a few years based solely on that game and maybe a decade if he follows it up with more competence. Let's
  11. So is Red Grange's Licensed Doll from the late 1920s.
  12. Can you imagine being on track for a Hall of Fame career, startegically (lol) take a year off and then a few years later bouncing around team to team being routinely cut.
  13. There is a "me" but that doesn't work so good.
  14. He was a head coach in NY for 3 years 15 years ago and has been out of football for 5. He didn't handle NY well when he was here, even in that limited time a decade and a half ago.
  15. First team. Like a lifetime achievment Oscar.
  16. Lol Prez put a photo of his INT in Instagram. Did not mention they lost. There is no team in "I".
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