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  1. Exactly. In 4 years when we'd need to extend him we're going to be paying all our 3 year FAs from this year and all our draft picks from 2021. Not the way to allocate cp space.
  2. Yeah, we have to get off this treadmill. I don't to use a number 4 pick with any thought that I'm trading him in 4 years. I want my number 4 pick as a cornerstone player that I'm going to want to pay in 4 years. And that player is not a safety.
  3. JD doesn’t like 29 year old safeties coming off a ruptured Achilles’ tendon. Tackles can play effectively into their mid-late 30s. JD will sign him.
  4. He is going to throw a glass table through a TV or vice versa if he goes before 35.
  5. I need to see what WRs are in the board at 24 before I take Dotson.
  6. Yeah of course. I'd trade back both 4 and 10 to the teens if I could.
  7. I don’t think G is a premium position but if the 4 other spots are locked down, adding a stud G completes the line. Stout run game and pass protection.
  8. If we take Hamilton I will throw a TV through a glass table--and this has nothing to do with "Prez". S is not a position to spend prime draft capital and it is NOT the position to hand out a big money contract 4 years from now. We draft this guy, regardless of how good he is, he's going to walk. We have all the new FAs this year on 3-4 year contracts plus last years draft class to take care of.
  9. I think the thought was that as a Tackle he was named the team offensive MVP that we could kick him inside to G at the NFL level. Big, physical, tough, leader. I think Becton knew him well. Hopeful more than anyting else.
  10. He's a big fat lazy slob. Ooops, wrong thread.
  11. He’s not really a separation guy. Neither is Mike Evans. But at 6-5 likely 215 by the time spring rolls around, can jump, strong hands, he’s virtually always open. A more athletic TE as it were.
  12. I think he probably has the highest ceiling but may have a low floor. I love him but London may be a safer pick. Safe not being a bad thing because we need to hit on that pick.
  13. Kiper said S is the shallowest position in the draft but if we can grab one of the top 5, we'd do well. Just not in Round 1.
  14. The biggest difference between London and Davis is London has great, strong hands. Big wing span, great on contested catches so while he doesn't get a lot of separation, because of his size and athleticism, is always open. Mike Evans?
  15. I'd sign up for this in a nanosecond.
  16. I do like Krofty as our 3rd TE. I think he's better than Yeboah.
  17. Lol poor Bears trading up one spot for Trubisky.
  18. This would be a incredibly expedient if it were true. Given the need to hit TE, Edge, WR, S, CB, OL and RB in both FA and the draft, not having to put resources towards the DL would great. And I'll throw Cameron Clark at rotational OL in there too for the same reason.
  19. I don't think I've ever been as excited for a Senior Bowl than this one. The combo of all our draft capital and guys staying an extra year, this will be very interesting.
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