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  1. The issue is, and I agree with you, if we don’t drop back in Rd 1 I’m not so sure he’s going to be there at the top of Rd 2. I think Trey is going day 1.
  2. Wait for the contrary “mountain of evidence”. It’ll come.
  3. One day the Hunter Renfro type of player will not be on the Raiders
  4. Imagine having a guy like Waller as your 4th option to check down to.
  5. I don’t think anyone is saying Zach wasn’t generally bad, just that he seemed to progress as the season and his reps increased even as his Oline and weaponz decreased. The fact he hung with the SB champs till the end is COMPLETELY nullified by the crap situation he was dealt against one of the best team in the league in their building as they were shooting for a second division title. Clown show.
  6. So Black, DJ Montgomery, Jeff and Vyncynt Smyth aren’t doing it for you?
  7. The issue with ignoring drops is that many of these drops would have resulted in first downs, moved the chains and provided an opportunity for more positive plays and scoring drives. Instead they resulted mostly in 3 and outs. Haters going to hate.
  8. They all suck. This line of BS is as entertaining as the other lines of BS. Zach is here for 3 years. And then another 10-12.
  9. It’s funny everyone thinks they are getting Belli. They are cheap imitations. Poseurs as it were.
  10. If we try to sign Minshew we will be penalized draft picks for tampering. He’s under contract to another NFL team. We can’t just “sign” him.
  11. Uuugghhh and the “vodka” was bottom of the barrel swill. Worse than grappa.
  12. I fail to undertand why folks want to peg issues with today's team to issues with prior regimes. What is happeneing to day has nothing to do with what happended 2 years ago or 5 years ago or 15 years ago. Folks still want to attribute stuff happening today to the Hess-owned Jets. Every year is different. Every situation is different.
  13. This. And this. And I doubt it was ever 4 weeks at a minimum--they should have said 4-20 weeks progniosis. Knee cap dislocation is not small thing.
  14. His "brand" is as a serial sexual abuser. He must think 42nd Street is still peep shows.
  15. I know it's been mentioned a few times. But it is worth repeating-- we need a big playmanking TE.
  16. Non-story. Actually it's backwards. He didn't not get in shape because he's a fat lazy slob, the injury prevented him from getting back in shape. If you're knee is not healing as quickly as you had hoped, you cannot workout and stay in shape as you had wanted to.
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