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  1. And 850,750 Americans didn't die of omicron. By the way, they also didn't die JUST of Covid as the CDC is now admitting that in the majority of deaths 1-2-3-4 co-morbidities were involved. Omicron is a cold. I knew very few people with the ealier variants of Covid. I know at least 100 with omicron. It's a different beast.
  2. The Jets have 9 picks. Considering we need TE, WR, LB, Edge, OLine, S, CB, RB and likely multiples of some--and we're not solving all that in FA and not all of them are going to hit--I want as many picks as possible. I'd rather go to the Texan's suitor and ask for a little bit less than what the Texans are demanding.
  3. Maybe they realize it's just a mild cold. DISCLAIMER: I am fully vaxxed, boosted AND I got Covid (likely Omicron) on New Years. Sore throat and sniffles for 2 days. One of the mildest colds I've ever gotten.
  4. There are edge players that may be as good or better than Hutch and Thibs has a weird bust like vibe to him. I can't part with anything more than a very late pick to move up 1 spot. You only do that for a QB. The Bears gave up a 3rd, a 4th and the next year's 3rd to move 1 spot for Trubisky (which was the ultimate fail-but just looking at comparable draft compensation). We need a LOT of players--I'm not giving up valuable 3rd and 4th rounders in a draft that is pretty deep. I'd rather have ammo to take multiple TEs and WRs or OLine in rounds 3-4.
  5. He's one of the largest most recognizable sports persons in the history of the world--up there with Ali. A cultural icon that transcends sports.
  6. Good luck and godspeed to you and your wife. While a radiation treatment is not as debiltating as a chemo treatment, at least with chemo (depending on the chemo) you have a few days to weeks to recover. Radition every day is just a cummulative butt kicking. Prayers to you both.
  7. While I hate Brady and he's not the GOAT, apparently he refused to come out of the last game to get Gronk one more catch to hit an extra $500K incentive. Sticking up for his boy, gotta respect that. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ftw/2022/01/10/tom-brady-rob-gronkowski-bonus-buccaneers/49631275/
  8. Because he wouldn't take off his headphones? Oh wait, that was Geno. So yeah, it was the steroids.
  9. Well, he averaged a triple double for 5 years and had more triple doubles than anyone for decades until Westbrook did it. And he was no O. Russell was one of the all-time greats but he also played on one of the greatest teams/franchises of all time.
  10. AND Jordan beat all the greats. Think of all the all-time great players that did not win a Championship because of Jordan. Hall of Famers with no rings. LeBron isn't beating anyone today.
  11. How many pass interference calls would they have gotten. DBs could maul receivers back then.
  12. I don’t think he cares about mean things or being defended on the internet. My commentary is directed at JN members. We don’t effect them.
  13. It’s not about what I’d rather be.
  14. Having “expectations” is one thing. Calling him a big fat lazy slob and a bust is not a fair characterization of “expectations”. I guess that’s just more fun for folks who like to dump on him.
  15. This. In a sport where you play both ways (Brady does not play defense and he’s had some GREAT defenses) and can dominate in every aspect shooting scoring rebounding assists drive clutch intimidation the whole package. It’s Jordan.
  16. Once when I was drunk I blew Chunks. Btw, my dog’s name is Chunks.
  17. Just tell folks you’re still in the concussion protocol. That’s my standing excuse.
  18. I didn’t read it but did it mention BIGGER and BETTER WRs for Zach Wilson?
  19. He’s being kind. Politically correct. He can’t call himself the GOAT. So he takes the high road.
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