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  1. You picked “poached” egg as a dig? Poaching an egg is a fine art. Do you add white vinegar? How much? Salt or no salt? Do you swirl the water? Is the water a roiling boil or just a simmer? Do you break the eggs into a ramekin first or right into the water? How long do you leave them in the bath? How do you scoop them-slotted or not? Most people can’t poach an egg. Everyone can scramble fry or hard boil and egg. But poach?!? Dude. Get a better dig.
  2. This is a completely logical and prospective (at the time) argument. Any other argument is pure 20-20 hindsight. NO one was taking Mac over the other 4 QBs. Other than the 2-3 faux- geniuses here.
  3. I’ve read posts touting Ryan over Kenny and it’s just stupid. Ryan was a nice fill-in. Kenny was a REALLY good QB.
  4. No I meant I find tuna breaks up on the grill. I typically only use non-stick or cast iron for tuna because I like the seared/raw texture. The GF likes it half way cooked through do I do mine later that hers. I gotta get some grill marks on my tuna next summer. Gotta try again.
  5. This is the very definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different f-ing results. Here’s a crazy idea, I know. Maybe we should take TWO safeties.
  6. It’s hard for him to keep up with the caricature that @T0mShane has created of himself.
  7. To be fair, they did dirty to Ken O’Brien with Boomer. Gave him his Ken’s jersey before he was even out the door. And I liked Boomer.
  8. So….he’s not a fat lazy slob looking for a payday that should be traded for a 4th rounder?
  9. Raw inside? I’m digging the super outside sear but sushi grade inside. I don’t have luck on the grill (only with tuna), typically in a non-stick.
  10. I will break into 1 Jets Drive and take a hot steaming dump on JDs desk. Will remove the blotter first. Down to the wood grain I will.
  11. I’ve been searing off thick ahi tuna with soy sauce brown sugar garlic and sesame seeds. Wasabi on the side. Delicious.
  12. Do you enjoy banging your head against a wall? It was 100% the correct strategic decision.
  13. Yeah me too. Seems to be a continuation of the “if you’re afraid to let your QB throw you don’t have a QB” nonsense thread. Let’s not play to win the game, let the dude everyone was sh*tting on for playing hero ball earlier in the season….play hero ball. Rather than just play like a normal NFL team trying to run out the clock. Moronic.
  14. Russ is done. Yeah, good idea, let’s trade for Neil O’Donnell again.
  15. So. Is it NOW fair to say the Morgan pick was a complete waste or does he need to be cut 4 more times by NFL teams?
  16. I can’t believe folks are still arguing this point. Unless the entire premise of your argument is to dump on our rookie QB. RUN RUN RUN PUNT. Geezuz.
  17. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. You NEVER leave time on the clock. You always try to bleed as much time as possible. How is this thread still a thing?
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