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  1. Not a huge social media guy but I just checked Adams Instagram page and he has disabled comments. Folks dumping all over him. Big man right there.
  2. If you know the whole story about IK Enempkali breaking Geno’s face, you will understand that Geno is a piece of garbage. Looking forward to our early first round pick for Prez.
  3. So my sarcasm was too subtle for you too. Well done. @ZachEY
  4. How did he win Rookie of the WEEK? He’s got to show a LOT more consistency over the next 8-10 weeks for him to have won the one week award in Week 4. Maybe they should wait a month or two before retroactively awarding a singular one week award to see if he was truly worthy of it a month or two earlier.
  5. So let’s say in a silly internet Rookie of the Week vote you decide NOT to vote for Zach, are you voting for someone else or are you abstaining? For a silly internet Rookie of the Week vote.
  6. Whilst there is zero comparison between the 2 QBs, Zach Wilson will NEVER be cold-cocked by one of his defensive lineman. Geno was a piece of garbage.
  7. Collingsworth is unbearable. The Brady ball washing v the Pats nut sacking. Intolerable. I feel like tuning into The Ocho and listening to the Spanish feed.
  8. At least 4 drops. But to be fair he missed a few throws. I think once he settles down we’ll see a lot fewer misses but his guys have to make some catches.
  9. KENNY YEBOAH!!!!!!! Wait, wrong thread.
  10. I could see him catch the Hail Mary with no time left to win the game (without really jumping), Saleh gives him the game ball, Monday JD waives him and a new poster StackzWinsChampionships calls Saleh and JD snakes.
  11. That one uber-Sam hater is going to be really pissed about this. Because he was so wrong in about a thousand posts.
  12. Since the Titans don’t run the vaunted “Phone Booth” offense, Mims would be a perfect trade chip.
  13. I think Mims has a chip on his shoulder for all the teams that passed on him and unfortunately one of the teams that passed on him was the Jets when we traded back from 48 to 59 costing him draft status and money. Not sure about this guys makeup. I hope he can turn it around because I love the player.
  14. Love Saleh. LOVE him. Love Mims. Saleh is lying about why Mims isn’t even suiting up. His supposed reasoning is not logical, not rational, makes no sense. There is something else going on here other than “he doesn’t know all three positions and doesn’t play special teams”. Its BS.
  15. Ok I love Saleh and I think he’s going to be a great coach and lead us to the SB. But I just heard him on Michael Kay and he is totally BSing on Mims. Blah blah blah needs to learn positions, needs to be operate “in a phone booth”, he’s getting better, can’t wait to get him out there. There is something seriously wrong here. I know there are threads galore on this but there is something we are not hearing. Not that NFL coaches need to pull back the veil for us but this stinks to high heaven. If Moore is out this week with a possible concussion and Mims isn’t on the fiel
  16. Hate is a very destructive power. I’d say disappointed is a better description. I was expecting more out of LaFleur, was hoping to see wide open receivers or more RB screens or quick developing routes to make it easier on Zach in this first 1/4 of the season. So I think I’m most disappointed in LaFleur. I thought the line would be better (didn’t expect Bechton to go down so soon) and the ease with which some offenses slice through our defense plus the missed tackles are high on my list. Not sure that is talent acquisition or coaching but I’m disappointed in both those u
  17. Idk how the Panthers fans are stomaching 3-0 right now.
  18. Hahahahaaaa that one Sam hater going to bed all pissed off with all his rationalizations why Sam still sucks. When clearly he doesn’t. 67% comp, 2 TDs, 304 yards (second week in a row) no turnovers. 3-0. I love Zach and hate that our picks are being devalued but that one dude can’t admit Sam is an NFL starting QB and will be for a very very long time. It must suck going through life so bitter.
  19. Lol that one Sam hater who’s been silent for 2 weeks now piping up since his best 2 players went down. Pathetic.
  20. @Paradis plays for Carolina? You think he woulda mentioned that.
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