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  1. You are asking me questions or applying inferences to me that are non-contextual to the point I was making. You’re obsessed. I get it. You hate Mac and want him fired. My advice to you is to get used to disappointment. He’s not getting fired. If this draft class works out and we go 9-7 or sniff the playoffs he’s getting an extension. Stop obsessing about it, it’ll eat at your soul. Or continue to obsess. Don’t care.
  2. You’re taking my conversation with another poster and interjecting something I wasn’t discussing. I get it. You hate Mac. We good?
  3. I never said he was a good owner. Just not as bad as everyone is whining about. Getting the QB is the most important for sustained success. We have that now. Let’s all root for success.
  4. I was told after 19 years of owning a $3 billion company they should have learned how to be football guys. Try to keep up.
  5. The Colts lucked into Peyton and Luck. And they had to TRADE Elway because they were such an awful franchise. The rest are complete anomalies of chance and design. You understand the front office guy for the Packers was OUR front office guy and tried to trade up for Favre. Actually had a trade agreed before it was pulled out from under us. Brees had a busted shoulder and the Chargers then went on to suck so bad in the best QB draft in history and HAD THE FIRST PICK OF THE DRAFT. They would have had either Eli OR Rivers. Montana was drafted by likely the best football mi
  6. And I didn’t even like him coming out of BC. Saw him live a few times and I though he had a weak arm and was a twig. He’s been a lot better than I thought.
  7. I think you missed my point. I don't want to settle for mediocrity but someone mentioned that they’ve recently been to a SB. Owned by a guy who owns The Home Depot—not a football guy.
  8. The Colts, Cards and Falcons all got to a SB because they had great QB play. The Dolphins have not because they haven’t had a great QB since Marino, their last SB appearance. Its not about the owners.
  9. But the Falcons have been pretty competitive. Since they got a franchise QB.
  10. Maybe he’ll start a thread about trading a first round pick for a new owner. The amount of whining going on here is mind boggling.
  11. The only person I would trade a first round pick for would be a franchise QB. Since we now have that, no. Sam will cure all ills.
  12. I’ve seen 2020 mocks putting us at 18-19. That’s on the cusp of the layoffs. I think we may surprise this year.
  13. The Wilpons are absolutely the worst followed closely by Jim Dolan.
  14. The Irsay’s have a Super Bowl win, multiple SB appearances and have been competitive for 2 decades, not because they are football people but because they lucked into having the worst record in football when 2 generational QBs were coming out. You think Arthur Blank knows football? Stephen Ross? Bill Bidwill has owned the Cardinals since 1962 and that team has sucked worse than ours. Is he a football guy or not a football guy? Some if these posters are in fantasy land.
  15. I’m also rooting hard that Williams and Polite win co-defensive rookies of the year and Gase is the offensive wizard we’ve been hoping for. And maybe the light will have gone on for Mac
  16. I know your kind. That’s ok, I’ve been there. I wanted the Jets to lose so Idzik would get dumped. It’s a whole new world now with Sam. Finally an offensive minded coach. And a dynamic offensive weapon. We’ll get there.
  17. So I'm guessing you're rooting for them to lose so Mac gets fired and we can hire a "real" GM? I'm hoping we go 10-6, make the playoffs. That's just me.
  18. And I'm talking about TODAY. Post-Madoff when they are treating the Mets like the Kansas City Royals or the Tampa Bay Rays. Look at that payroll, it's embarrassing. Fred cares more about the Dodgers of lore.
  19. You know who's a "football person"? Jerry Jones. He hasn't won a SB since 1996 and has won 3 playoff games in 21 years. The Irsay's on the other hand are not football people and they drafted back to back Manning and Luck and well, that front office is great. Because they've been winning.
  20. I've been a fan of both since 1969 so you don't need to tell me the history. The Wilpons have sucked since Madoff in a league where there was no cap for a while and virtually no cap now. They treat the Mets like the Milwaukee Brewers. What they are doing now is grossly negligent for the largest sports entertainment market in the country. Woody has spent all the money asked of him but he never was going to become a football guy. Blame him for his hires but he's not making the hires because he doesn't want to win.
  21. Let's see what kind of owners they are now that they have a franchise QB.
  22. I’ve heard reports that he knew the Giants were taking Barkley no if’s ands or buts and would not entertain phone calls. We’re all guessing but since you hate Mac you’re going to look at everything through that prism, which is fine. This was a discussion about owners.
  23. He was going to get his choice of the 2 QBs he liked. Luck is the residue of design.
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