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  1. I bought a sandwich the other day. It was $2200. And it wasn’t even very good. Why would anyone care what I spent on a sandwich. Even if it was a really good sandwich. Which it wasn’t.
  2. Best college QB I’ve seen since Luck and all I watched over the past 7 years were QBs waiting for our Luck. The real deal. We are golden for the next 12 plus years.
  3. I don’t want to hear anything, just show me the wins. Who am I kidding, I’ll be dialed in.
  4. Most ironic Holy Communion ever. Denounce Satan whilst your men kill all your enemies.
  5. No of course just pointing out that his ankle seems to be troubling him. Could see them trying to stash him all year.
  6. Jalin Moore has already been placed on the NFI Reserve list. Too bad, wanted to see what he had.
  7. What if you have the talent to pass block but not the drive? Hhhmmm? What then?
  8. Not sure why people care what the media thinks of us. Doesn’t impact my enjoyment of my team what some jerkoffs write.
  9. This I agree with. 10th grade we were just a bunch of kids running around. 11th grade we got a real coach, he coached collegiately at Fordham and did our athletic director a favor and coached us for a year and I literally became a precise route runner in a matter of a few weeks. The dude just taught us and drilled it into us and I could get open whenever I wanted to. I could still probably beat a bunch of you youngins today to the spot.
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