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  1. Nice reading comprehension. I would never compare Sam to Zach, would never compare a 4 year starter to a 2 game starter. But you do you. I’m all in in Zach. Always have been.
  2. Wait till Sam plays a real defense like New Orleans! He sucks!! Oh wait, he’s got CMC and Moore! He still sucks! Wait till he plays the 2000Ravens defense or the 1985 Bears defense! He’d SUCK against them! Come on, where is the lunch money hater dude?
  3. Nope. Move on from Sam and Zach will be the better QB. This is about the dudes who think Sam isn’t an NFL starting QB. Pathetic. He’s a good QB that was mismanaged here.
  4. Yeah but just barely. I mean he only threw for 180 inches more than 300 yards. He sucks and will be working at mcDonalds next hear. Oh no, wait—wait till he plays a REALLY good defense. And take away CMC and D Moore and good coaching and a solid offensive game plan and what have you got? Where is that dude? He’s gotta have some rationale why Sam still sucks. I mean that tight window TD to Moore was luck or something, right? 105 QB rating last week (not ESPN QBR) and today maybe 120? Because the guy sucks. Not Darnold mind you.
  5. It’s weird that one dude hasn’t shown up in this thread. Maybe he’s waiting for Sam to blow up next week. Oh then we’ll all hear the same illogical vitriol.
  6. No. Absolutely not. And I loved Sam but it was time and notwithstanding the day Zach is having, he’ll be better than Sam. But the dudes who have been sh*tting on Sam for the last few weeks are LOLWorthy pathetic. They know who they are, no reason to tag them. Weird obsession. “Wait till he faces the NO defense!” ”He’ll be out of the league next year!” ”Just excuses that he had no weapons or coaching!” ”Take away his weapons and coaching now and you have Sam 2020!” “He’ll be in the CFL/McDonalds next year!” Pathetic. Really pathetic the
  7. I've been using really chunky pink sea salt, cracked black pepper and cast ironing them with just a touch of oil to get that initial crust, then butter rosemary and garlic. Spoon basting till the end. On the grill, just the pink sea salt and cracked pepper. Italian sausage rule. Thick cut viadalia onions, italian frying peppers, a tiny dollop of tomato sauce (just for color) and it's the best SP & O hero ever. I break up a few sausages out of the casing and drop them into the P & O mixture in a deep aluminum pan on the grill, poach the sausages for a few mins, crisp them up on
  8. You take away Ladanian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, Lance Moore, Keenan McCardell, Marques Colston, Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas, Robert Meachum, Mark Ingram, Kenny Stills, Benjamin Watson, Brandin Cooks, Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas. And a top tier offensive line. Oh, and Sean Payton. You have Sam Darnold of 2020. That's the illogic that someone posited. Lunch money. 4th grade. Sam stole it. Go Zach.
  9. That’s not my name. It’s Turd Ferguson.
  10. Noooooo, the tone is not muted, at least for 1 or 2 obvious dudes. It's actually worse and when I say worse I mean pathetic. Let it go. Hey, maybe Sam will throw 4 picks next week and they can all enjoy their phyricc parade. Week after week after week after week. Or if he plays relatively well, again, the rationalizations for why will be, once again, hilarious. Me, I'm moving on to Zach. Can't wait.
  11. No truer statement posted here. It’s bizarre. I think Sam really DID steal somebody’s lunch money in 4th grade. I’m long past Sam, very excited about Zach. Can’t wait for next week. The Sam vitriol, the new excuses, the irrational rationalizations are lolworthy.
  12. I'm not sure if you are agreeing with me or not I said I don't regret the trade and am glad we have Zach. Check. I said Sam isn't a top 10 QB. Check. Very good versus good is a subjective opinion. Check. Take away his top 3 weapons? Lolwhut. That's not the basis for a logical discussion. Btw, that's kind of the point about why some folks still believe Sam can be a long term starter in the NFL and why, possibly, he was pretty bad during his Jet career. Again, love Zach, think he's going to be top 5 some day, possibly top 2-3. Sam will be in th
  13. Too funny, it's like Sam stole some of your lunch money in 4th grade. I thought Zach looked pretty damn good, especially given he's a rookie, the lack of protection and drops. But Sam played a very good game--sure missed a few throws but every QB does and sure he has CMC to lean on but a lot of teams have dynamic players to lean on. Sam will never be a top 10 QB but he'll be a long term starter in the league. No reason to try to tear him down, he's a better QB that we ever gave him credit for. But sure, flame away. He's in the rear view mirror, it's all about Zach goin
  14. Lol a rushing attack averaging under 2 yards a carry for a rookie QB offense based on the run. The dude was great today. Catch the damn ball and we win.
  15. Nothing from today or anything else should make us regret trading Sam. Zach is going to be a great NFL QB. I think top 5 at a minimum. But it’s clear Sam does not suck. Will be a 10 year starter. No reason to keep perpetuating the buffoonery.
  16. I am still mystified by that draft. Pick 48 comes up. We needed big/tall fast WR. NEEDED. A 6-3 215 4.38 guy, huge wingspan, contested catch expert is sitting right there and JD should have run up to the table. (Virtually). Yet he didn’t. He traded back 11 spots to 59. And Mims still happened to be there, so he took him. Any one of those 10 teams (or anyone else trading up) could have grabbed him. Why? Something is off with this guy. And I’m a fan. Hate to say it but we shoulda taken Claypool. He was the better prospect and will be a muc
  17. Oh and anyone criticizing Sam for missed throws? Every QB does that. He made some GREAT throws today. Every accurate, in stride and on time. Still prefer Zach but the excuses about why Sam looked good today are LOLWorthy.
  18. I love Zach, glad we traded Sam. But clearly he is a good NFL QB and not nearly as bad as the haters here made him out to be. The 54th ranked QB out of 32 starting QBs in the league was clearly hyperbole by dudes with some weird issues. Yeah he was bad for us but he’s clearly not a bad QB, actually could be quite good. Will not be out of the league in a year or 2 like those dudes kept chanting. Would not be surprised to see him as a playoff QB someday. I’ll take Zach but some of you guys were strangely off about him. Never admit it. But yeah.
  19. His release is very quick. When he throws, it reminds me nothing of Marino’s. Sorry for any confusion.
  20. Yup, don’t want to watch or hear anything about that day. Was one of the worst days of my life and a lot of really bad stuff happened that year and the next few years I can’t help but associate with that day. Didn’t get out of Manhattan until about 11 pm that night, but at least I was one of the “lucky” ones who did make it out. Seeing EMS vehicles speeding past me covered in rubble with no one inside of them still effects me. Can’t relive it today watching all the specials and memorial broadcasts. Yeah, I’m good, don’t need any reminders. Never forget is just not
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