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  1. I’ve heard there is 2 different measurements of 215 pounds. But I’m not good at the maths so what do I know.
  2. But he didn’t have a girlish 6’ 2” 215 figure. His was a manly 6’ 2” 215.
  3. So Douglas Saleh LaFleur Ulbrich Boyer Austin Benton Calabrese Embree Knapp Manuel Middleton Moreland Oden Ollie Ruttenberg Whitecotton Brown is Gase or Mac or Idzick or Rex or Kotite or Coslett or Carroll or Leon Hess? This is a totally new regime. Nothing that had happened since the start of the BS Covid era had anything to do with this NY Jets team. Get over it.
  4. Do your own research. Have already presented at least a dozen examples that you have chosen to ignore. But you keep cherry-picking. It suits you.
  5. So his second draft is the most important of his “regime “? What the actual f*ck.
  6. My Zach Wilson scouting report: Pros: Elite arm talent Top end arm strength Laser beam accuracy Lightening quick release Can make throws to every spot on the field without setting base Uncanny off platform throws Can read defenses pre and post snap Moves DBs with his eyes Looks to throw before running Eyes always downfield Very athletic Opportunistic runner Deceptively fast Tough 6-2 1/2 215 with frame to add 10-15 pounds easily Above average QB hand si
  7. He started as a freshman with teammates that were 26 years old with one wife and 4 kids or 4 wives and 1 kid. He can play this year.
  8. So you’re still ignoring the overwhelming majority of great moves by cherry-picking 3-4 possibly bad and unrelated ones. Check.
  9. Hmmmm. 2 first round pics and a 3rd versus a serial sexual abuser. Ponderous.
  10. But it wasn’t real. None of it. It was all his PR team hyping him up. He did not score one rushing TD his entire career at BYU. True story.
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