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  1. If you’ve not had the Woodford Reserved Double Oaked, it is special. Price point only a few dollars more but really delicious. Even the fiancé likes it.
  2. GTFO, people been calling people Nazi’s for the last 5 years. For less than what’s going on today. Just because they are, like you, offended. GTFO if you don’t understand the corollary by what happened in the 1930s (when my grandparents fled Austria so special FU to you) and the corollary to how people were segregated then and in the 1950s and 1960s until today. SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS!! GTFO (to quote you) if you want to ignore what’s going on. Go tilt at windmills old man, pick a fight with someone else. Shut up. Never put me on ignore, you entertain me. Go as low
  3. The original is the only one I’ve seen. Half dozen times. It’s literally a fantastic movie. Better if you’ve been to Bruges but not necessary.
  4. @The Crusher would spluge if he walked into my kitchen right now. Just pulled the sole strudel out of the oven.
  5. How about you put me on ignore if you’re offended I’m giving my opinion. Or go pick 50 fights with some other rubes that want to indulge you. You want to talk reality, fine. You want to bury your head in the sand. Ignore me. Please. Not dealing with your nonsense.
  6. Again all of our Olineman LBs CBs RBs WRs TEs sucked. Any pick other than a crap QB could have been a rotational player today. Not a dude cut 5 times never to put in an NFL jersey.
  7. To be fair, he was an AWFUL shot at a developmental QB at a position where only one guy at a time plays. Had he picked ANOTHER developmental OLineman or RB or WR or LB or CB who could cycle in on a rotation? And the didn’t work out? Fine. If Cam Clarke never sees the field, that’s fine. A bad immobile inaccurate QB that didn’t play a position that doesn’t rotate in? Not outrage. Just ticked could have been spent better elsewhere.
  8. I don’t think people are bitching about resigning Morgan. Smart move. I think folks are still ticked about the pick in the first place. A total waste of a pick.
  9. Mike Nugent had a 15 year NFL career and will likely be signed by someone in the next few weeks. Wasn’t good for us but he was an NFL kicker. We’ve had a lot worse over the last 12 years.
  10. Goddammit what’s the official Resigned James Morgan thread? I need to know where to post my witty remarks.
  11. So is it fair to suggest this might have been a wasted pick? Too soon? Edit: Awesome f*cking pick. You go JD!
  12. Like back in the 1930s in Germany or the 1950s and 1960s in America. Different classes of people. Two sets of rules. Worked out well. Both times. We went from 2 weeks to flatten the curve to “show me your papers”. Gotta love America today.
  13. Dude I’ve been cooking all day. Brined the turkey. Made the stuffing. Peeled and soaked the potatoes for mashed. Made the neck/giblets stock for the gravy bomb. Made the peas with pancetta and shallots. Made the fresh cranberry sauce. Made not one but TWO apple strudels. With Grains of paradise no less. All while killing several drams of Woodford Reserve Yeah I’m ok. I’m REALLY f*cking ok. [Said with John Wick’s delivery].
  14. Love @T0mShane and we get it’s mostly schtick but when he starts a thread that is looking for “likes” in order to “win the day” and he complains that folks derailed the thread he started knowing it would be derailed and @The Crusher locks it because it should have been locked yesterday, well, that’s on @T0mShane But when this @T0mShane decides to sh*t on my Quarterback without anything but vacuous speculation and continues to repeat it in multiple threads, I have to question whether this @T0mShane fellow is just a bot planted by the Bills or Fins or Bellichick or Tom Brady or maybe a Ju
  15. I think the possibilities of those threads is dwindling faster than JD ran up to the podium to take him.
  16. Dude, you started the thread and you saw where it was going from your 3rd post.
  17. Absoultely the speed with which the vaccine was developed was incredible. But the mantra that you can't question the science, that you MUST accept the "latest" science is all inexorably tied into who is getting paid. And by whom. There aren't thousands of independant scientists out there not getting paid for their research espousing the "latest" science. They are all funded by someone/all getting grants from someone. The Federal Government is FULLY funding the vax companies for the "free" vaccines. That money flows downhill. There are no independant studies.
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