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  1. So let me get this straight. JDs reputation is terrible because Mims got injured? Nothing else he has done to date is good? The hirings, the dumpings, the draft capital, the rep coming in from virtually the rest of the league? Wow. Cherry pick and ignore. Way to go.
  2. Hahahahaaaaaa again with the PR nonsense. So JD is just drafting him based upon his PR team and hype? You’re trying way too hard.
  3. A reputation is something built over time, not one snapshot in time. He came here with a very favorable reputation through the entire rest of the league. I know you’re just playing your schtick but JD has a very good reputation in the league. But you can continue to ignore it and keep up your faulty narrative. It’s what these boards are for. Interesting that you cherry picked 3 poor move but ignored Bechton Mims Hall all of the rest of his 1st draft picks still on the squad McGovern Huff Saleh LaFleur Davis Davis Cole Lawson massive cap room massive draft capital dumpin
  4. Oh like the “which weighs more-215 pounds of cotton candy or 215 pounds of lasagna?” Actually, 215 pounds is exactly 215 pounds.
  5. We have 2 or 3 of them that come to my suet basket. Also a couple of other type woodpeckers. Cardinals and goldfinches are awesome But the hummingbirds are my favorite. So weird, so cool.
  6. These are your fellow Jet fans and fellow JNers who can’t pose legit criticisms in his talent talking about his foofy hair and girlish figure. It’s pathetic.
  7. Bill Wennington is one of the great champions of all time. Are folks REALLY defending Brady as not a cheater? He got suspended for CHEATING and he covered up the depth of it. These same folks will say Belli was a cheater and needs to be condemned for that.
  8. The fifth time you see Kareem and he has his goggles....
  9. I wore number 1 through junior high, HS and college. All my sports. Love it.
  10. New reason a “Jet fan” is down on Wilson. Foofy hair. I kid you not.
  11. The little nuggets in that movie were so quietly great. The magazine rack with the Whacking Section?
  12. Watch till the end. There’s a whole segment where Warner breaks down his foofy hair. You’re one to “roll your eyes”.
  13. These are long standing JN members mind you. It’s actually quite pathetic.
  14. So now we have another non-football related reason to dump on him. And I quote “foofy”. Thanks for that.
  15. I generally eschew the use of the word “literally” because it is oft misused. But in this case, you are literally correct.
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