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  1. She’s a classy broad. I said what Bugg said below but I don’t want to be called a homophobe or engaging in hate speech like a certain poster accused me of a few weeks ago. Tried to get me band. Even though my sopne is gay.
  2. Even if they are clearly “bad” catchable passes? Lol
  3. My fiancé is just sitting here reading a book and she just looked up and apropos of nothing asked about the announcers “do they want to suck his dick?” Lol.
  4. No. Most of his receptions were on bad throws. Try to keep up.
  5. So nothing has changed other than the posting of another click bait article and that’s what prompted you to start this thread? You should start one of these every day till OTAs because nothing else is going to change.
  6. And a lot of people were killing the signing of Fant. @Defense Wins Championships must have had 1000 posts why he sucked. Lol poor schmuck.
  7. Whilst we’d need a partner, I would absolutely love to trade out of 4. There is no one there I have to have. Which is why a trade down likely won’t happen.
  8. OBJ has wanted to be in LA since he was drafted by the Giants. He’s not leaving LA for NJ.
  9. No you’re right. We ran on first and second to a fault early on and that’s when Zach was struggling but also resulted in killer drops on third down.
  10. I cannot believe Ty Johnson only had 5 drops. It felt like he had 5 drops in one game alone. I think 3 on one drive.
  11. Mac’s arm talent limitation is stark. He’s fine until the weather turns and his inability to make all the throws will end up crushing every Pats playoff try. His arm may get marginally better with training and HGH but he’s never going to have a strong arm.
  12. I said it earlier but considering how many times we ran on 1st and 2nd down, those drops inevitably led to three and outs and no opportunity for more plays and scoring drives.
  13. Someone should necro a thread where we signed Lamar Jackson.
  14. Your posts are rife with typos. I try to correct my typos. My parents raised me the right way. Also I have a real phone with autocorrect. Your point has been demonstrably refuted again and again and again in great detail. The only thing left is to make fun of you. Kid.
  15. He has a pop gun arm. Will never be more than a decent game manager.
  16. This was all a lot of fun but you know what REALLY be fun? Jet playoff football.
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