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  1. Still, you’re not allowed to question the science. Or who is funding that science. Or who sits on boards funding the science. Or used to work for the FDA and now sits on boards. That’s funding the science. Science does not get questioned. Even as it changes month to month. Do not question it. It is 100% infallible. Doesn't matter, we’ll soon all have the facts. In 2076.
  2. "Regardless of which suited puppet tells you what" was not a directed comment. Got it.
  3. My medial community family has questions about everything. Scientists, questioning everything. But like I said, we're all fully vaxxed, not one member of my extended family is not vaxxed. But you keep arguing, it's your wont.
  4. No suited puppet tells me anything. I read the actual research as well and I have 2 family members at Pfizer, 3 nurses and 2 medical doctors, one a thoracic surgeon and one a urologist. But nice dig. Glad you didn't want to make this political.
  5. Yeah, I know, I come from a medical community family. I know how it works. You just totally nailed it with your in depth example.
  6. I'm fully vaxxed. When I say "government" I mean all branches, all parties, all players. Not right, not left, not political. Government. Not meant as a political statement. The vax was developed under one administration and adminstered under another. Actually probably developed under multiple administrations.
  7. But White is vaxxed and Flacco isn't. So...wait...nevermind.
  8. I don't need any. You provided incontrovertible proof.
  9. When someone in government says "the latest science" after being wrong for so long, I question not questioning the science, no?
  10. Do NOT question the science. Except science is all about questioning the science. Even actual scientists admit this. But, you know, don't question it.
  11. The fans calling into Bart and Hahn and Michael Kay are killing everything about the Giants. Hated Garrett, hate Judge, Jones Barkley, Golladay--all of them. Bart was killing Leo this morning. Lol.
  12. So is it fair to suggest this might have been a wasted pick? Too soon?
  13. Yup, it's that just on the border of Mediterranean look that I love.
  14. Oh I loved her. So cute and yes, I understand her boobs are fake. I'm good with that/those.
  15. Can’t wait to listen to sports talk radio tomorrow. The meltdown will be delicious.
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