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  1. DWC hated McClendon and blamed him for Darron Lee sucking moose c*ck.
  2. Well, I’ve read right here on this website that those are only CIVIL complaints, nothing criminal, no indictments (yet), probably just extortionists that only starting accusing when Watson demanded a trade. Gold diggers. Apparently a poster here thinks he’s an upstanding young man and pillar of the community.
  3. So “textbook” QBing by Brady. He has no pressure, 5-7 seconds to drop back, survey the field, pick out a receiver and deliver. Yeah, textbook. Slobbering.
  4. He’s not allowed to be touched. It’s pretty much agreed to beforehand.
  5. Rashard Perimann with big time downfield ability. lol.
  6. You’ll never convince anyone that clearly he’s a POS. Just like folks that think he’s a swell guy will never convince you and me he’s not a POS. Some folks get it. Some don’t.
  7. I cannot wait to watch the Brady documentary. I'd rather watch Pitch Perfect 7.
  8. Switched to the Manning Manning telecast. Eli is just a big stupid doofus sitting there trying to get a word in on Peyton. Unwatchable.
  9. How does Gronk get that wide open? It’s like watching the Jets defense.
  10. This is as bad as a Giant Patriot SB. I hope the Giants and Brady all contract Herpes Simplex 10.
  11. Yeah but Gholston was JUST outside the top 5 so that skews it a bit.
  12. Announcers are selling Kadarius Toney hard. Completely blanketed on the opposite flag from where Jones was rolling “That’s a TD right there!” Whut?
  13. I think some of Elba’s monologues could have been cut by 15-20 seconds but I love the dude. Luther is one of my favorite British crime mini-series. HE should be the next Bond.
  14. No connection between different players but I get your hesitancy.
  15. But you have to admit, Mawae and Mangold were centerpieces on the best NYJ teams since Namath.
  16. I think maybe I wasn't clear. I'm not saying to limit his touches or to sit him out or put him in bubble wrap. I just don't get why they keep running him between the tackles so much. Get him out in space, find a bruiser to run up the middle. I want him to get 20+ touches a game. Get him outside the box.
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