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  1. Not sure about Winston being a fit for the WCO given how turnover prone he is.
  2. If Eli somehow gets in, Rivers is also. Rivers is more worthy of the HOF than Eli.
  3. At the end of the day, facts are what matters. Watson clearly also doesn't have an issue regarding that if he has the Jets on his list.
  4. Not sure of the splits, but I'm pretty sure Watson's numbers are fine in non-dome stadiums.
  5. This. If the Jets don't get him, the next best thing is him getting traded to the NFC. Miami getting him would be a nightmare lol. I wonder if the Jets could work around something like giving up the #2 pick this year, one of the 1st round picks next year, 2023 1st round pick, and Darnold for Watson? That's 3 1st round picks total (including the #2 this year) and Darnold. I wonder if that could work for both sides. Jets would still own a 1st round pick this year and next.
  6. Kris Richard or Aaron Glenn could be two solid candidates for DC.
  7. Like who? Harbaugh decided to return to Michigan. Campbell declined to interview here and is staying at Iowa. Fitzgerald doesn't look like he's leaving college either.
  8. I think Arthur Smith could have also been that CEO type. He's had experience in all facets, not just offense. But Saleh has a certain energy to him that Smith doesn't have. I agree about Brady.
  9. Disagree. Zach Wilson is now in big time play. He's a perfect fit for the Shanny offense that's coming now.
  10. I think Saleh can be a Rex, but without all the circus bravado and maybe a little better tactician.
  11. I would think this definitely upped the odds of the Jets drafting Zach Wilson now.
  12. Would have slightly preferred Mike McDaniel I think based off what I've heard about both of them, but can't complain about this at all.
  13. Soft schedule, shoulder injuries, one year good player wonder so far, size, etc. I do think he has a better NFL pro game right now than someone like a Fields.
  14. I feel like he meant Quinnen Williams, but could be wrong.

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