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  1. Sure, they help, but they aren't 100% of the reason he does well. Not every QB would succeed even with those circumstances.
  2. I think Prescott is underrated, but holy cow, to turn that down?! Either the guarantees weren't enough in that contract, or the dude is straight up insane.
  3. Huh? If anything, it'd be the other way around. Ultimately, they're losing money by not having fans.
  4. Oxford did suggest a September date for when they'd start to give the doses. I just hope it's not being super rushed. Don't want to be a guinea pig lol.
  5. Just saw that, I'm surprised the progress has been that quickly! It'll still take time to mass produce it, but really encouraging news. Needed that lol
  6. Only problem is what if a vaccine never arrives?
  7. Except Adams is also a much better player and more durable. And it's likely why unless Adams asks for some crazily insane amount, the Jets will keep him and probably trade Maye.
  8. Nah, even if they do end up playing games with no fans, that'll be a very short-term thing. Regarding the MTA, I'm honestly for that longer-term. Trains are often dirty and unclean.
  9. The only issue is a vaccine may never arrive. That's not exactly guaranteed. I think with those types of events, they'll limit how many people can actually be there and separate the seating.
  10. If allowed to and assuming there is a season, and assuming all distancing guidelines or whatever are followed, why exactly does that make them selfish and stupid? Lol Not everyone wants to live their life locked up in their house forever. Shocking, I know.
  11. The only problem is the talent level of those teams couldn't be more different. Trubisky has had more talent to work with than Darnold.
  12. I agree, but at the same time, players that turned out good did drop in the draft for seemingly unknown or vague reasons.
  13. Does Joe Douglas still come here if we hire Matt Rhule, though?
  14. Do you think if it was both Wills and Becton on the board, that he'd have still gone with Becton, or drafted Wills instead?

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