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  1. Imagine Darnold throwing to Decker and Marshall with Crowder in the slot and Herndon at TE? Those are legit skill players for a young QB. Not most of this current rubbish.
  2. Even if a little bit falls on Darnold, this team is set up for a QB to fail with the offense they trotted out today. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, even someone like Mahomes would not be the same QB here. Would he be at least a little better than Darnold? Probably, but his growth would for sure be stunted here.
  3. Yup. And this Jets offense is currently abysmal as well. Darnold is set up to fail.
  4. Now it all makes sense as to why the Cards paid as little as they did to get him.
  5. I think he can be at that top 10-12 level at least. If he does, you can win with that type of QB.
  6. If Darnold becomes a HOF Brett Favre type QB, that's a home run. You can win a SB or 2 with that kind of QB. He doesn't have to be Mahomes to be successful and/or win a SB. For what it's worth, I can see him being a Brett Favre type QB (with hopefully being a little less turnover prone)
  7. I think you're both right in a sense. That said, I think you're under estimating just how much of an impact that KC offense + Andy Reid helped Mahomes. He has said so himself. Heck, Mahomes didn't even start his 1st season (which he said helped him a lot to observe the game from a distance). He would have been thrown into the fire in year 1 here with mostly garbage skill players. I'm not saying Mahomes would be terrible like Hackenberg, or that'd he be average here. But it would likely have taken him a lot longer to be the QB he is now (or at least close enough to that level) if he was drafted by the Jets.
  8. Darnold would be above average AT MINIMUM if he was drafted by Andy Reid and KC.
  9. What if Darnold flames out, but the Jets were in position to draft Trevor Lawerence?
  10. Agreed. Unless perhaps that safety is someone of an Ed Reed/Troy Polamalu caliber, and even then..
  11. Listen, I'm a Sam fan, but you're telling me you wouldn't trade him for Watson? Lol
  12. This. I'm sure Douglas might have entertained keeping Adams on a "reasonable" deal, but I think in any case, he was a goner once Seattle offered what they did.

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