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  1. Regardless, this offseason should literally just be focused on o-line and skill WR/TE players.
  2. Way too many overthrown and underthrown passes today by Darnold.
  3. Yeah, I've no doubt Douglas will revamp this OL as much as he can in the offseason and draft. I just hope Darnold can be fine by next season when that happens.
  4. Not that I'm giving up on QW this early, but if that's actually true, how in the world do you turn that down??
  5. Very early still, but it does look bad right now, especially when Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, and Ed Oliver are all doing great. Only the Jets.... Then again, with our luck, even if they drafted one of those players, they'd probably be looking bad here and QW would be doing well on other team.
  6. It honestly wouldn't shock me one bit. A game like today just fuels that sort of thinking. They're legit waiting until the play has occurred to throw a flag....
  7. Drops, terrible and horrendous officiating, o-line is terrible, etc.
  8. Another BS flag. GTFO you stupid zebras... Rename this stupid league to the Flag League at this point, cause that's basically what it is
  9. Very early still, but seems like the Jets took the worst of the group from Nick Bosa, Josh Allen and Ed Oliver. Typical Jets...
  10. The penalty on Powell's big play was complete horse****, and of course, it was a delayed penalty. You can never celebrate big plays in this league without the fear of a flag being thrown late.
  11. Darnold has been played alright, but enough with these ******* dropped passes. Goes back to the opening drive where they dropped two sure handed catches.
  12. Jets aren't a playoff team, but to be doing this poorly against potentially the worst team in the NFL this season. Disgraceful
  13. Powell had an amazing run after the catch momentum shifting play last Jets offensive sequence called back by a BS penalty. Why I hate this ******* league. Can never be safe with these BS penalty calls.

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