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  1. It's been reported that the Texans were gonna grab Hall ahead of the Jets in the 2nd round. Jets wanted him, so they had to trade up.
  2. That, or Wilson was out for basically the season (knock on wood)
  3. People said the same thing about Sauce once we signed DJ Reed. I don't think Tomlinson was gonna prevent the Jets from drafting Ickey if they wanted to.
  4. I doubt Wilson was gonna be the pick at #4. It was going to be Ekwonu if I had to bet on it.
  5. That's why I also really like the Gardner pick at 4. A clean prospect with production in college to back it up.
  6. Isn't the contract slotted automatically now basically?
  7. I could see that as well. Thibs at 4, J. Williams at 10, Hall at 35 and a CB like Andrew Booth at 38.
  8. As @Joe W. Namathwould say, THANK YOU JOE DOUGLAS! THANK YOU!
  9. Or he had Sauce rated higher than Thibs. With no Sauce on the board at 4, maybe he goes with Thibs instead.
  10. Had the Texans taken Sauce at 3, then I feel like the pick would have been either Thibs or Ekwonu at 4.
  11. They can do both. Thibs or Sauce at 4 and London/Wilson/Williams at 10.
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