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  1. Look beyond the last-place finishes. They were terrible in Saleh's first year for the most part, no doubt about it. But last season, the AFC East was tight for the most part that finishing in last place isn't an indication of anything. It was terrible QB play that really screwed the Jets last season from being a playoff team. AR here and the Jets can/could take a similar leap that the Bucs did when they got Brady.
  2. Nah, not both 2nd round picks. I think the 2nd we got from the Browns will go to GB + Corey Davis + conditional pick next year.
  3. They could draft a WR early and/or sign OBJ. Hardman is a Berrios replacement, and Cobb is more of a mentor (#WR 5/6) at this point.
  4. Any chance a WR could be in play at #13? Johnston or Jaxon Smith.
  5. Lol, no. Maybe not a highway robbery like a lot of his trades tend to be, but he was not "totally and utterly fleeced" by any means. Would have loved to have seen Moore with AR throwing him the ball, but it is what it is.
  6. Not necessarily, especially with Moore now traded. Hardman replaces Berrios, and OBJ would replace Moore.
  7. Lol, GB doesn't have much leverage, if at all. GB wants him gone, too. JD can just wait it out until they end up folding. It's just a matter of who blinks first, and I don't think it'll be Joe D.
  8. It's essentially a 2/22 deal from what I see.
  9. QW can be that version of Aaron Donald, or at least come close.
  10. Maybe he isn't a #1 WR (and we don't need him to be with G-Wilson here), but to say he's not good? Lol. His contract is very fair value.
  11. Davis and Lazard are both essentially a wash. Why are we arguing over who is better? Lol I will say Davis might be at least slightly more marginally talented as a whole - but Lazard is younger by a year, just had his best season yet, better blocker, has chemistry with the likely incoming QB, is familiar with Hackett's system, better red zone target, and hasn't been as injury prone.
  12. 10-11 mil is fair value for Lazard and he's likely replacing Corey Davis.
  13. Cool story, bro. Would read again.
  14. I mean, if Cobb replaces Berrios, I'm alright with it
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