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  1. Mims had a decent rookie season all things considered and Ashtyn Davis can still get better.
  2. I can't see JD and co turning down SF's #12 pick straight up for Darnold. That would have been highway robbery
  3. I think what helps is Lawrence has a safe floor. Like, he'll probably range from being a top 5-10 QB most years. If he becomes Matt Ryan, that's an awesome pick. Matt Ryan gets underrated I feel.
  4. That said, if the Jets had the 1st pick, would they pass on Lawrence for Wilson? That's the big question. It is sort of also easy to say you like Wilson more when you know Lawrence is headed to JAX.
  5. Love how you're still on your hating Joe D propaganda lol. The fact is, it's way too early to conclude if Joe D is a failure or not. Idzik and Mac had enough time and they proved they sucked. This is also Joe D's 2nd really offseason. This was still Mac's team with Joe D having to clean it. Joe D will be judged based on what he does this offseason and next, especially with the drafts. If he completely bombs out on them, then I will be right there with you and conclude him being in that Idzik and Mac tier of being horrible GM's.
  6. I want a mix, so if the first two I had were a boy and girl, then I'd probably be content with 2. My girl doesn't really want more than 2 lol.
  7. Fields is the best QB OSU has had, though. Can't compare him to who they've had before. They never had his talent. Doesn't mean he won't bust necessarily, but don't think that comparison is fair.
  8. I've told my girlfriend and likely future wife that I'm good at 2-3 and she agrees lol. After 2 or 3, I'm getting a vasectomy lol
  9. Cole, Crowder and Davis may not be long-term main stays. They are only at 1-2 year contracts. If you believe Chase/Smith can be a WR1 for a decade, you draft them.
  10. I can see a 3rd round pick, but I always laughed at some takes where they thought Darnold could fetch a 1st or even 2nd rounder
  11. I think there's a chance he could fall 9, but I don't see any of Chase, Smith or Pitts making it out of the top 10.
  12. I would do this in a heart beat. You'd get your choice of a skill player like Chase, Smith or Pitts. Or a tackle like Slater. Or a LB like Parsons. But I'd prefer a WR/TE. Who do you think they'd target at 9 in this case?
  13. Interesting. You'd have to think this means Jets really are going QB at 2 (Wilson most likely) and Darnold is toast, or they didn't necessarily want to fall that far down to #12. Maybe trading with Carolina to go down at #8 is still in play.
  14. Crowder isn't an elite WR, but he's for sure one of the best slot receivers in the NFL.
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