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  1. Amazing what a good QB can do for a team. Darnold is the real deal.
  2. Kalil was a chance we took on that didn't pan out. Vedvik was a bust, but finding a kicker after Catn (blame Mac here for signing him over Myers) retired was like playing musical chairs. How has DT been horrible? Disagree there.
  3. Well, I guess I can pick the Eagles in my survivor league this week?
  4. That and drafting someone like Andrew Thomas? Instant fix of the o-line.
  5. It's like trying to date a girl that's damaged goods. A lot of us are indeed just damaged as a collective. It isn't Adams's fault he was drafted #6.
  6. Why do this a day after you lose your franchise QB for the year? ONLY thing I can possibly think of is that they must really believe in Mason Rudolph. Dolphins are going to legit be really scary in a couple of years if they play their cards right with all those draft picks.
  7. Don't forget about Mason Rudolph right now as well. Gonna be the starter with Big Ben done for the year.
  8. The fact that he still didn't necessarily play THAT badly is a testament. Jets almost still could have won that game. I wonder if that's why Gase now played it more conservatively with him? Either way, don't bring him back unless he's for sure 100%.
  9. I think a good bet for my double survivor pool is to just pick any team playing the Dolphins every week. They legit look like they might go 0-16 and do it in an awful way.
  10. I knew it wasn't going to happen, but I'd have had no issue with it.
  11. Always thought he was underrated to be honest.

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