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  1. False. Griffin was not overpaid, and the Jets only signed Perriman to a 1 year deal. Most of his free agents may not have been elite/great, but they weren't terrible.
  2. I mean, if the Fins want to go bonkers, then so be it. But in terms of a reasonable offer from both teams, the Jets would edge them out. I do think if any team goes bonkers, though, it'll be the Panthers. PS - I think JD could offer 3 #1's if it was spread out (like 1 of the 2 from this year, 1 of the 2 from next year, and a 2023 1st round pick).
  3. Fins cannot top a potential Jets offer, period, lol. I'd prefer 2 over 3 and you still guarantee yourself Fields or Wilson. In most cases, teams usually have one guy way ahead of the other.
  4. Maybe not Wilson, but to rule out Watson coming here? Lol
  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's literal stockholm syndrome, lol. These fans have become so indoctrinated with bad QB play, that they couldn't stand the sight of a top and elite QB in here like a Watson, Wilson, etc.
  6. How does he compare to the top backs like Harris and Etienne?
  7. It's not gonna make a difference that they're playing the Jets next season.
  8. Bro, that would never get it done lol. If it did, you may as well just fold the Texans franchise.
  9. Still Becton. Why don't some people understand Wirfs played RT and also had the luxury of having Tom Brady as his QB? Becton was a LT that played well.
  10. If they use the tag on Godwin, then they can't use it on Shaq Barrett. I wonder if Barrett will be a Jets target in that case.
  11. Not if Pitts is projected to be an elite TE in the NFL. He's been compared to Gronk. Trading back and getting him at #8 is far from a blowing brains type move.
  12. Who would the Jets target at #8 you think? A QB like Trey Lance? A skill player like Smith, Chase, or Pitts? Sewell if he fell that far? Or trade back again from #8?
  13. I guess that's where we differ, because Watson is for sure an elite QB. If you don't believe he is, then I wonder who your criteria of an elite QB is lol. Houston traded away one of the best WR's in the NFL for peanuts (one of many terrible moves they've made over the last few years), and yet, Watson put up his best stats so far this past season.
  14. Lmao if you believe you're getting Watson for 1.23 and 2022 2nd round pick. Delusional. Yeah, getting an elite QB in Watson would for sure be something "stupid" . I guess you must enjoy bad QB play from the Jets and for it to continue. 3 1st round picks spread out over 3 years would be good, considering the Jets still have enough draft capital from the Adams trade. What's flat out insane is some fans still believing otherwise.
  15. Except he's not just an "above average tackle", lol. I want Deshaun Watson, but not at any cost either.
  16. No, you can't "just get" Quinnen Williams's in the second round every year, lol. Even moreso given the Jets track record in the 2nd round over the past decade (hopefully that improves with JD and the new coaching staff). Don't think you realize just how much Williams progressed in his 2nd season. He's essentially at a Gerald McCoy/Fletcher Cox type territory. Those guys get drafted top 5-10. Luckily, Q Williams won't go anywhere as he'll be a big key piece for Saleh's defense.
  17. Yeah, no. Quinnen is a young up and coming star, while Watt is a former star on the downside.
  18. Or Watson actually does want to come here. Nobody knows for sure.
  19. I have a bridge to sell you if you believe SD will automatically just be the starting QB, lol. Maybe he'll compete against a drafted QB, or be the backup to a vet, or start until the drafted QB is ready. But odds are, he isn't starting in 2021.
  20. Listen, I have said that I very much highly doubt (infact, for sure no) Mahomes would have put up near the same stats and accolades had he been drafted here instead of KC, and it would have probably taken him a little longer to figure things out, but to say he would have busted here is also far-fetched. It's discounting Mahomes's own talent.
  21. Except at the end of the day, no team can top a Jets offer (yes, even the teams in the NFC). Of course, he may end up not getting traded, but if he does, the Jets will make an offer and be on the list. And if Watson doesn't get traded? The Jets win either way.
  22. Maybe, maybe not. As it stands right now, Watson did request a trade and the Jets are in that mix to get him. We'll see what ultimately happens.
  23. Even if they believe Darnold can improve and has potential, for McShay to say Watson is only "slightly" better than Darnold completely makes him lose his credibility.
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