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  1. I wish I'd never heard of this. I haven't been able to think of anything else since...
  2. "Exactly what they wanted...Updated in a 20's way!" They butchered that Jersey! And the new logo is a special kind of garbage.
  3. I'm learning to embrace it. We need to lose. I do get excited when we score a rare touchdown, but that's my stupid heart. My head knows we need to lose. Every single game.
  4. I have a newborn, so I have some time, but I think I'll just say "No Pats, no Cowboys". If he follows me into Jetdom after that, that's on him.
  5. If this season looks like the last couple of seasons, I'm gonna need something stronger than wine.
  6. He's going to want more than he's worth. Trade him.
  7. Great compilation! Not that I wasn't already, but I'm hype...er! More hyped! haha Related, there was a tweet Manish put up a while back of a Jamal Adams lead huddle. Adams says "I challenge everyone to have their best game today!" and "hit somebody in they mouth!" haha that gets me hype too, but I cant find the video.
  8. Not how that works. With the money they make they can buy louder sound systems.
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