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  1. What makes you think they aren't all doing steroids?. The weather was also pretty crappy (I'm literally across the street)
  2. I might have misunderstood you. If you're talking Manning to Manningham ,an emphatic YES great throw and catch. While Manning to Tyree was more exciting scramble, heave,unreal catch. Actually watched both games again ,loved watching the calls and bounces going against the patriots .
  3. That would be Aquaman or that wonder twin (can turn into a pail of water) Zan fella .
  4. Was it the pass or the catch that was impressive? While Manziel looked great scrambling around it was Mike Evans who caught my eye.
  5. This was an answer to your implying that age doesn't matter. Did I exaggerate ? Yes. Are you now saying it does? Sam seems to have eyes in the back of his head (can't teach that). He does things which can make a person say WOW (both ways at this point but the negatives are correctable) While he hasn't lit the NFL on fire, and while I agree he is what he is untill proving otherwise, I feel he deserves the benefit of the doubt at this point. The OL bit, the receivers sucked and the play calling wasn't very good. With the way Sam seems to handle things, I think this adversity Is something he'll learn from.
  6. And still has less votes than " someone else"

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