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  1. Not sure if this has been asked and answered but what does a hand mean on a poster's avatar?
  2. Well the Houston Oilers did become the Tennessee Titans.
  3. That's strange. I heard there was only one team involved.
  4. Now that I look back and read the very first sentence in the thread , I see where I screwed up. I wasn't trying to be insulting or snarky, it was just past my bedtime Lol. I appreciate your opinion on these things and realize all the horse manure that gets spread by writers (trying to get a click), agents (trying to get a better paycheck) , and other organizations (Marino is a stoner) .
  5. Didn't realize you switched to Trey Lance , who wasn't mentioned in this thread, and who didn't exactly get smoked by Central Arkansas. Accounted for 4 tds and won the game.( Great game ? No. )
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