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  1. Been going to the Albany Empire games lately (after a poster here turned me on to them) while not the same I’ll tell you one thing it really shows how small the field becomes when a qb rolls out and cuts off the other side of the field.
  2. Salem’s approach also melds with the way the roster is being constructed with high character guys,team captains,etc… These guys know when they screwed up and are harder on themselves than suicide sprints or whatever would be.
  3. Add to that LaFleur and Ulbrich are coordinating with each other at times to see how their respective units react and to get things on tape.
  4. Yup , Lawson same size as Dwight Freeny. He had quite the career. Lawson talks about studying pass rushers , Freeny would be a good film study. Freeny’s spin move would be nice to see.
  5. Need to get Boomer in there to help him out. He was outstanding at it.
  6. The Jets offense should use it as their cadence.
  7. If you haven't seen Mitchell's vs the Machines the resemblance is uncanny.
  8. Another handoff not sure who the RB was but it wasn’t for much. #Jets Now this is some first class reporting here , and people were mocking him !
  9. Not to be mistaken for Danny Woodcock from the Patriots.
  10. Jets info from a Patriots beat writer , must be true.
  11. Looks like Woody wouldn’t spring for the big commemorative feather pen that cheap SOB !
  12. Chicago flirts with it with both Fields and Trubinsky with no offsets.
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