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  1. That would be depressing because it would mean the Jets didn't pick up the 5th year option. Am I missing something?
  2. Might want to reread the post from losmeister. balloon pass
  3. On the same planet where Sam put up 34 points in 1/2 his games. I guess he was out there leading the defence too.
  4. Don't know why, but I read this like Quentin Tarantino as Mr. Brown
  5. That looked historically bad. Falk didn't look like he should have been on practice squad let alone the field. He didn't look right at all and he left him out there. Which is on Gase. To answer your question Kaepernick could probably win his case showing the game tape. This wasn't Gase's first look at Falk. I also don't think Gase was doing enough to help Falk succeed. While the trick play was nice and should have been done earlier. The one and only play Gase called which confused the defence was field goal attempt.
  6. Bubby had a shuttle pass intercepted, Falk (who ,while bringing up Bubby, needs a meme of Cower yelling at that other wonderful Pittsburg reject signing O'Donnell to "THROW THE BLEEPIN BALL " ) held it long enough to where the defensive player had time to change his mind during a sack take the ball out of his hands and then run for a touchdown .He also had the incredible feat of making almost everyone on this board actually agree with each other. Edit: I can't remember if it was the same play but he also turned the wrong way to hand it off to rb the who was on the other side and this supposedly the player who knows the offence better then anyone else. On a serious note if anyone had the ability and could stomach rewatching it. Did he suffer a concussion before the one that knocked him out of the game. It seemed to me he was reacting extremely slow. Some of his passes made Pennington look like Favre
  7. Demaryius Thomas. There should be a rule a player has to be on the team at least a week before initials are used.
  8. A team could hire him as advisor for who not to pick. "We're really rocking the draft but they never take any of my guys."
  9. In Rio/ Jensen Beach, have everything I need to do covered. If you find anyone who needs a hand let me know. I should be free.
  10. It's not a combine is meaningless or just look at the tape thing. The reasons he fell are obvious but he only fell to the beginning of the 3rd round. He has talent, whether or not he can translate that to a professional environment or not is to be seen. The combine is not a good look but this is the reason they have coaches,trainers and veterans on the staff/team.
  11. Why would we ignore his last year of actually playing real games?
  12. I rarely post but have been around the various boards since back when the NYTs had forums. I don't take them too seriously, but are good for info and a laugh. Once you get the techniques down the hardest part about snook fishing is the 28"-32" slot if you want to keep one.
  13. Yes ( I figured it was an inside joke) Did search. I get it now. When threads start going down that road I usually just move along. Points get made on all sides but how long can one discuss/argue opinions? I don't understand why people will just bash/hype on a player for no reason except that's their thing, that's what they do. Yes I do, every chance I get. Surrounded by rivers in southern Florida.
  14. They have this ability regardless of the structure, they are the owners. Separately ,where does these cheap accusations come from?(I'm not saying they aren't) They tried to help finance a new stadium in Manhattan which if it wasn't for politics had a very good possibility of happening. From what I have read they have state of the art training and medical facilities. Idzik was brought in to be an axe man (never should have had control of the draft obviously) to try and clean up Tannenbaums mess to give the team some of the flexibility they have now. While Mac should've got the knife earlier, he and Heimerdinger had a better understanding of the teams needs than anyone they could have brought in so I can kind of understand the thinking of letting them run the draft and as far as I know we don't know who had final say over the picks. Mac also did a good job with trades and somewhat not totally screwing them up with horrible contracts. As it stands now some people are getting in a tizzy over Twitter rumors. It does seem someone is trying to use the media for negotiations or stir up sh*t. The media is also bored and they all want to be the guy/gal to come up with the next clickbait scoop. As far as the titles go it's not like they are promoting someone over someone within the same organization and even if they were if they consider the person the better candidate so be it. After all they are replacing someone with a higher title as it is. After all is said and done one of my wishes is other teams will look at the Jets to raid for coaches (except for Jim Bob Cooter ,love the name not the arrests) and front office personnel. While the Jets could get some stability and promote from within.This is one thing I admire about Pittsburgh.
  15. Yeah, that's why I put the Florida reference in there. Haven't had an alligator in my house or pool yet though.
  16. 1st team as per coaches in The Sporting news. Yeah ,I get the agenda thing. I look past it, I can create my own opinion. Detroit doesn't even get a vote in the ap poll.
  17. The only player on the Jets roster to be voted 1st team all pro last year is Jamal Adams. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2018/allpro.htm
  18. I'm picturing "Whack a mole" .Seriously though, I woke up one morning and found a ball python in my sink (Florida go figure).Was going to keep it till I found out they liked fresh food (which involved grabbing the mouse by the tail and an edge of a table to knock it out) I couldn't do it so I gave the snake away.

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