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  1. Exactly. He only catches passes that are 100% on target. When the ball is in the air I don’t see him attack and go get it.
  2. Pretty much. It’s often referred to as “ Grovetucky “
  3. Bell is from Groveport Ohio which is Columbus basically
  4. ND would be the last team I’d give a playoff spot to. They would get embarrassed again. Probably time they join a conference like everyone else and prove their worth!!
  5. BB wouldn’t be able to win with this team under the same circumstances. This organization has been ran poorly for years and it’s going to take time to fix it right. There’s no magic wand that can turn this team into a Super Bowl contentender overnight. I’m not saying Gase and Douglas is or isn’t the answer but people are delusional if they think they can determine that after 4 games with the hand that was dealt. Be patient. Unfortunately it’s going to take more time than 1/4 of a season to get the real results. And also unfortunate is the fact that most fans have no patience. Lose one game and they want everyone fired. Let it play out.
  6. The Jets acquire a rare great player and you want to trade him for a 2nd or 3rd round pick. To me that makes absolute zero sense. He’s been one of the few players on this team that deserves to be here.
  7. Beachum and Shell are soft. Getting beat like a drum
  8. Pats will be able to release him and not have to pay him any money. And they will get a 1st round comp pick!
  9. He’s in Gase’s doghouse plus he’s going to want to get paid at the end of the year. I think his days are numbered as a Jet.
  10. Watching on t.v. it seemed quiet. Also looked like plenty of empty seats. 4th quarter you could definitely hear Buffalo fans tho.

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