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  1. I don't know about Zach's mom but Stacy's mom has got it going on !
  2. Not sure where they are graded but a few Ohio State guys are interesting. DE-Jonathon Cooper is going to be a solid player in the league for years LB-Justin Hilliard has had some battles with injuries but when healthy he simply flashes all over the field. Not sure if he's a fit with the system the Jets will run. DB- Sean Wade had a horrible year after returning to Ohio State. Not sure what happened with him but might be able to coach him up and take a chance on him if he keeps falling. I think he was supposed to be a 1-2 rounder if he would've came out last year.
  3. Joe D doesn't give a sheet about whether you forgive him or not. Lol He's the GM and you ain't.
  4. Only watched 3 minutes of the video and was instantly reminded of how awful the offensive line was.
  5. Watson has a no trade claus, no ? So he'd get to pick where he gets traded to essentially.
  6. Sleeper - Justin Hilliard #47 OSU Linebacker. Not sure where he would project in the draft but the kid is always around the ball. Josh Proctor OSU safety - keep an eye on him too. He can bring the wood!
  7. What about the game he called against a certain winless team? Did he move up or down your list?
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