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  1. Only watched 3 minutes of the video and was instantly reminded of how awful the offensive line was.
  2. Watson has a no trade claus, no ? So he'd get to pick where he gets traded to essentially.
  3. Sleeper - Justin Hilliard #47 OSU Linebacker. Not sure where he would project in the draft but the kid is always around the ball. Josh Proctor OSU safety - keep an eye on him too. He can bring the wood!
  4. What about the game he called against a certain winless team? Did he move up or down your list?
  5. Strong odds Wentz winds up in Indy I think
  6. Giants calling the shots around here now? No wonder we suck
  7. Matt Campbell fits the bill here. Been successful everywhere he's been. Without 5 star players knocking down his door.
  8. -Trade Darnold -Trade out of the 2 spot for a haul -Trade for Carson Wentz Carson could be had for cheap possibly. Maybe Carson and their 2nd round pick for our 4th ? I'm just guessing here since Philly would be off the hook for some of that massive contract. ( Eagles would still owe possibly 30 million next year). Im not advocating for this to happen. Just throwing out the possibility of it to happen.
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