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  1. Garrett Wilson Chris Olave Smith-Njigba Marvin Harrison Jr and for a limited time Jameson Williams With all the wideout talent at Ohio State he's not going to have great numbers . Take a look at the playoff game against Alabama a year ago. This kid is the real deal and will be part of the Jets future success.
  2. Interesting they have Olave comp to Terry McLaurin. Folks are sleeping on Chris Olave.
  3. He was actually well on his way to be the starter. But as fate would have it he broke his hand which set off a chain of events. Mainly it opened the door for Dwayne Haskins.
  4. 1A-Chris Olave. Fast. Crisp Routes. Football IQ. 1B-Garrett Wilson With the big injury and add the fact he couldn't crack the starting lineup at Ohio State I just can't vote for Jameson.
  5. Almost as bad as Brett Favre not knowing what "nickel" was.
  6. I saw a clip of this guy named " Terry Tate". Not sure what round he is projected but he seemed like a Salah kinda guy. Not sure if he fits this scheme though.
  7. Rather draft Watson in the 2nd round. Got a feeling he could be something special.
  8. D Adams was a late 2nd round guy so he was probably not thought of as elite. Maybe a solid starter. Hopefully the jets can find some gems like that that become better than what we think.
  9. Now do Amari Cooper and justify 20 million with a straight face.
  10. This team seems to be unlucky as far as injuries go. I think they are going to take their chances on Corey Davis and Elijah Moore bouncing back and staying healthy. Pick up a solid contributor as well or bring back Berrios. And draft their WR1 in the first round. They also have to hit on their draft picks. That is the key. All gm's miss but being the bottom of the barrel team it hurts a lot more. I have more faith in this gm and this slow painstaking process than any other we've had.
  11. Yeah he's good. But he's probably not the best in the naaaaaation !
  12. LA Rams - 34 Cincinnati Bengals - 41 Bengals win the coin toss Joe Burrow MVP Fans of LA burn the city down anyway....
  13. I like your thinking here. Take two kickers in round 2 to sweeten the odds.
  14. Jets rookies get about 8 minutes into the first quarter of the first game . Then it's time to blow it up and start over.
  15. SMDH What the hell is wrong with you ? Give it some time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of you act like they should win a Lombardi trophy week one. Jets fan truly are the worst!
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