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  1. 1st of all Giants boards sucks so that should be a testament that you have a great board. 2nd of all which is the main point of why I’m here which is I couldn’t stand before the season started most members on this board not respecting the fact that Jets/Bills were at similar points in our rebuild. More specifically the smug/elitist attitude that ya guys had a franchise QB and Josh Allen wasn’t sh*t. I knew Allen put in the work this year to be better but all I heard especially after some preseason games was Jets we’re going to be dropping 30 a game blah, blah. Point being is dont act like ya the toast of the AFC EAST and ya didn’t do sh*t yet
  2. I know it hurts that you see Josh is better every game but you need to take the Jets rose color glasses off regarding the Jets
  3. Everywhere can’t be NYC. I wonder how much YOU bring to make NYC great.
  4. A completed pass that was on point. It’s Madden competitive talk
  5. That’s for all ya Jets fans poppin sh*t about Allen. Bills Mafia aint forgot. Acts like players can’t get better.
  6. Jets fans make up all the excuses. Can’t wait for the last game of the season. If he had it why would the team let him around the players
  7. I’m not trying to start anything as a BILLS fan but after after yesterday game Adam Gase is now 1-4 against the Sean McDermott since he became the coach of the BILLS. Here are the points his offense has score since McDermott took over as the BILLS head coach. L 16 ( 8 by the defense ) 8 L 17 ( 7 by the defense) 10 W 21 L 16 L 16
  8. I wish ya Jets bums would stop saying that. You got a pick 6, a safety (2) and a 2 point conversion (2) and ya crying over a missed field goal ( like kickers don’t miss kicks). Those other points made up for the misses. What more do you want. If your “electric” offense would have put out THEN you wouldn’t be talking about some misses by a bum kicker who is being passed around like a cheap Ho. Just imagine for a sec ya didn’t get those points from your defense then we talking about the BILLS blowing you out and ya was at home. SMH
  9. Jets Offense: 8Pts Bills Offense: 17pts Darnold: 1TD Allen: 2 TD's Enough Said
  10. But I thought ya was going to drop 30 so it shouldn’t have matter lol..................BTW your offense score 7pts or my bad 8 points for The WHOLE game. That’s just sad
  11. And still played better than Darnold. Darnold had L. Bell as well. At least your pass rush was good lol................
  12. Yeah off a tip int, one scooped of the ground, and one where the center was pushed into him. For the game Allen did what he needed to win. I’ll take that gusty performance after adversity ALLDAY everyday. Every game is not going to be perfect. 1-0 BABY

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