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  1. Did you just call a good head coach? WTF are you smoking. Name me ONE good quality that he has that makes him a good coach. It is not the JETS record this year on why he should fire, it is because he is not of part of the solution, he is part of the problem not just in the short term but the long term as well. Its one thing to be delusional regarding a opposing team situation, but when you are delusional about your OWN team then that is a really a problem. Gase is single handling making the JETS into a laughing stock starting with his introductory press conference, and more importantly ruining the franchise from the inside-out. As a BILLS fan I personally hope you give Gase a lifetime contract so that will be one less team in our way going forward.
  2. How many chances have the BILLS had to beat teams with a winning record this year. I'll answer that question for you and the answer is 2, of which one was a close game and the one was a blow out in the 4th. Josh Allen is a better QB at this point than he was last year. He is progressing. That is all we can ask for our project QB. I am very grateful that he has a real owner, coaches, players behind him that are supportive and are putting him in the best situation to succeed. At the end of the day as a BILLS fan that is all you hope for. We will find out about Allen in the next year or two. Regarding the Jets, the same issues that the Jets have now are the same issues that they came into the season with, which were OL, DB, and overall depth. Once the Jets lost to the Dolphins your argument regarding SOS is a mute point. At the end of the day we have beat the teams we were supposed to beat and we still have the opportunity to get some quality wins down the stretch while working toward hopefully making the playoffs. After being on this board for the last 4-6 weeks I must say I have a greater appreciation of what it means to be a TRUE Jets fan, not ones like you who lives in False-Truths and Alternate Universe scenarios.
  3. I don't always agree with Whitlock but he might have just sealed it for me that McDermott is the coach to lead the BILLS to the top and Whitlock doesn't even know it. Listen at the 11:10 mark. Mark Schlereth took it home. I am so happy that BILLS hired McDermott as coach. He shows EVERYTHING that Whitlock and Schlereth spoke about EVERY DAY!
  4. All that was missing was the background theatrical music. Geez. lol....
  5. But you just ready to clown the Bills for allowing the Dolphins being competitive. Remember just 2 weeks you had the Dolphins down as a win as part of your playoff run. You claim that the Bills only beat bums but the Jets just lost to the worst team in the league in almost blowout fashion. You just always talk out of both sides of your mouth and you making the rational Jets fans look bad bro. STOP IT SAR I. Remember you are controlling wins/ loses yourself
  6. Wide Right is where the JETS season is at right now. Even with the Superbowl losses BILLS are considered one of the BEST teams of 90's . Jets claim to fame 1 Superbowl and that was before the merger. I would rather have wide right than BUTT FUMBLES and and "I SEE GHOSTS" ANY DAY of the week bum. You lucky I am not roasting the JETS right now. JETS actually have a small soft spot in my heart right now. Do not make me reverse course right now.
  7. Who is talking sh*t. I just posted a fact. Those back to back AFC championship game appearances are so far ago. As a matter of fact it was only 6-7 years after the BILLS were playing in Superbowls. Arrow down for the Jets right now. Im at the point now I feel bad for the Jets now. Where is SAR I at right now.
  8. Just saw that Darnold interception. What the **** was that. I played him over Fitz today on DraftKings.
  9. Damn. Greg Williams would do some sh*t like that lol...
  10. the loser of the Jets/Dolphins game would be mathematically eliminated from AFC EAST contention. That’s crazy to think about it like that. It’s not even November yet. https://sports.yahoo.com/patriots-win-jets-dolphins-loser-135557301.html
  11. Are sure Joe has the power. Real talk
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