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  1. Yes, about a million $au a year, about 700k US. Not sure what he makes on the ps or how much he could potentially make as a rb/wr if he nuts out a role in the NFL:/
  2. How does the international 53 work with Valentine Holmes ? Can he be claimed off the practice squad, can they activate him off the ps and put him back on ? Would love to see him make the roster, would give me a reason to watch the Jets throughout the year. Although, i do miss him need him in a maroon jersey and i think if he doesn't make the roster he may return home.
  3. Thanks, Found a few vids after posting, looks like he never embarrassed himself at least. Did see some footage of the English man though as running back, don't know how his speed compares to the elite running backs, but he does look quick
  4. How did the Aussie do ? Didn't see it, so trying to find a little snapshot feedback of how he went in his first game.
  5. Some stats from the NRL last year. He was number 1 in the league in line breaks and number 2 in tries (touch downs) Also a very accomplished goal kicker. Again, nice sign / or find I guess. Just hope your hc or oc give him ample opportunity to prove his worth. He will work his ass off that is for sure
  6. You know what else he can do https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=10152752701553074&_rdr watch the video, drop kick field goal from the sideline. The kid is a real talent. would have preferred him on the 9ers, would have been a perfect fit in a Kyle Shanahan offense.
  7. Hope you guys are prepared for the circus to follow and the influx of Australian rugby league fans and dumb questions from the Australian media. It is about to get real for you guys :) I became an NFL follower and 49ers tragic after the Jarryd Hayne experiment, so have a little credibility when I tell you I think you will be pleasently surprised with this kids ability to mould into an NFL player. Jarryd Hayne was a douche, lazy and fell victim to his own hype. In the NRL in Australia, Homes was a try scoring machine and a great finisher Think of a Julio Jones or Odell
  8. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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