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  1. 1990 Ford bronco. Silver and blue. Blue interior
  2. Clark just got a fusion surgery and is out for the year. Chenal tested well, but was wasn’t used in coverage much. Might not be smart to draft a guy without knowing if he can cover at all. Keep an eye out on Troy Anderson—insane athlete new to linebacker position
  3. At this point it might turn into a brock osweiler situation where Cleveland will need to give someone a draft pick to get out of the contract.
  4. If we’re just looking for a new version of snacks or Fatukasi..... Noah Elliss in the mid rounds. 350 pounder from a small school. Had bigger school offers but followed his dad (first rounder for lions Luther) to Idaho.
  5. That was a long time ago, the nfl has changed. Even Ramsey got torched in the playoffs. He’s lucky Aaron Donald saved him from being an all time goat on that last play of the ysuper bowl when chase was wide open. The only thing that matters in today’s nfl are rushing the passer and scoring points in bunches
  6. I really think Winfrey, or Wyatt will be one of the picks. Linebacker for the other.
  7. Great signing. This removes the urgency to draft a tight end on day 2.
  8. Perhaps Ali Marpet will unretire too
  9. The funny thing is that Howard actually called a timeout last week against Ohio state down big. So I guesss he thinks he’s the only one allowed to continue to coach when the games out of hand.
  10. I’m curious what the breakdown of injures is as far as location. MetLife is known for having bad turf, but was there a higher injury rate on it compared to on the road?
  11. There’s not exactly a lot of players on the Qb needy teams I’d be excited about for the 10th or 4th picks. denver- jeudy would be nice but not worth the 10th. Maybe jeudy and their 2nd for 10. Sutton-blah Washington -mclauren or one of their d lineman? bucs-tryon and one more player
  12. Ribs, tri tip, Mac n cheese, loaded baked potatoes
  13. I enjoyed watching All Madden on Christmas. Madden always reminded me of my papa so I always liked watching him. Rip tho an absolute legend
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