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  1. Jones was very successful before the nfl, but nowhere close to being a billionaire. He sold his company in the late 80’s for less than 200 million, then leveraged everything he had to buy the cowboys a couple years later.
  2. Trade down-excited wirfs, Wills, Thomas- silent fist pump jeudy, lamb- hmmm, that works becton, Ruggs- extremely nervous, but excited defensive player-ruined night
  3. If we stay at 11-becton my preference would be to trade down to the 20-25 pick and grab one of the next tier of OT....preferably Cleveland then use the extra capital to fill more holes
  4. 8 years old. Got a set of nfl pencils right after the 1995 season and decided to pick a new team. The jets pencil happened to be the winner of the elimination game I played. By far the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.
  5. Cleveland is exactly the type of lineman we’ve been going after, quick and agile. I’d be more surprised is we didn’t do something like this instead of staying at 11
  6. He’s exaggerating, but not completely. Google josh Mccown basketball highlights. He’s a freak athlete
  7. Increase the active rosters from 53 to 60ish and have more active on game day
  8. Also had a really good down block on Lawrence. He he can do that and make the occasional play in the passing game he’ll be solid.
  9. Not the worst, but Justin McCareigns was a pretty bad one. Plus the cost a 2nd rounder since he as a restricted free agent
  10. Hence the quotes. Higher expectations compared to where we are now makes it look better for Bowles to someone who isn’t intimately familiar with our team.
  11. I’m sure the jets being even worse than last year with a “better roster” redeems Bowles a bit in some people’s eyes.
  12. It might be a couple of years too early, but Kellen Moore is going to be an amazing head coach whenever he gets the opportunity.

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