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  1. Done. Given the enjoyment I have received from this forum over the last couple of years I am glad I can do a small thing to help.
  2. Hitting on the draft picks is probably even more important now that we are unlikely to be trading down for a haul. Is there an accepted metric for judging the success of a draft class? Posters have said that Becton is a hit but that Zuniga, Davis, Perrine, Clark etc have to lift for the 2020 class to be considered a success. Being new to the game, how do experienced people like the people on this board judge if Joe D will have done a good job? Is it the percentage who become starters, the number of snaps each one plays, the number of wins? If it is some of those, what are the b
  3. Have any of our coaches been picked up by other teams? I understand that three Atlanta coaches have been made co-coordinators and their results weren't great this year.
  4. Yes, the fear burning of bridges makes sense. It just doesn't make sense to me when someone has nothing to lose but maybe these guys never think they are totally out of contention for another gig.
  5. Being new to the ways of the NFL, I am surprised that sacked GM's and coaches go away so quietly. For example, given all of the things thrown at our previous GM I am surprised he hasn't given his version of events and explained why he did certain things. Are they all given extra money to stay quiet and if so, is it for a certain amount of time?
  6. It is in his Instagram story and it is a clip of Saleh saying that he thinks QW is a great footballer.
  7. It’s easy to say that I should just leave and take my curse to another team but I now feel invested in this stupid team and this message board. Just look at the number of commenters who announce they are leaving and then they come back. There is some serious voodoo that attaches itself to anyone who starts to follow this team. They get stuck. I have only followed them for one and a half seasons so I can’t even imagine the pain that most of you feel. Was there a time when the Jets were good and/or popular?
  8. Well it sounds as though there is plenty of blame to go around. There will be a lot of options in that poll.
  9. I chose the Jets as my team in late 2018 before Gase was hired. Commenters on this board tried to warn me off following the team but I wanted a team that wasn’t a perennial contender so that when the good times came I couldn’t be accused of being a bandwagon follower. I didn’t realise that I would bring my sh*t magnet curse with me to the Jets. The rugby league team I follow is also a cellar dweller. I’m really sorry. I would offer to change teams but I feel like I have already suffered enough that I now am trapped in this abusive relationship and can’t see a way out. I wi
  10. Thanks very much for the replies. They have helped my understanding.
  11. Reading all of the threads about sacking Adam Gase, it made me think how influential the coach in American football is compared to many other team ball sports. In Australia, where I live, the coach of the rugby league or rugby union team and soccer teams can send messages onto the field via runners etc but can't actually talk to the team and individual players until half time. In American football the coach can talk to the players constantly and tell them exactly what moves they have to make. In most sports I think the coach gets too much credit when the team wins and too much blame when the t
  12. I apologise that my question isn’t really related to this topic but I didn’t think my question warranted its own thread. Being new to American football, I’ve been struck by how separate the defence and offence units seem to be. Do both units and the special teams spend much time together? Do the coaches of each unit spend much time talking or do they stick with their own people? Would a position coach on the offence be cranky if a defensive coach had an idea to improve one of the offensive players?
  13. When you put it like that then my choice does seem odd but I really do enjoy the banter and points on this board and appreciate the deep affection all of the posters have for the team. I have seen the new uniforms and they look good to me. I have the advantage or disadvantage or not knowing the previous ones, so I don’t know what I don’t know. My ignorance will help me for a while I think because I won’t be too aligned to a particular viewpoint. I will really feel like a Jets fan rather than an imposter when I develop firm views on aspects of the game and players and get outraged w
  14. Thanks GreenFish, that's helpful. So when people refer to him are they doing it in reference to a scoop/unconfirmed rumour etc?
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