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  1. I apologise that my question isn’t really related to this topic but I didn’t think my question warranted its own thread. Being new to American football, I’ve been struck by how separate the defence and offence units seem to be. Do both units and the special teams spend much time together? Do the coaches of each unit spend much time talking or do they stick with their own people? Would a position coach on the offence be cranky if a defensive coach had an idea to improve one of the offensive players?
  2. When you put it like that then my choice does seem odd but I really do enjoy the banter and points on this board and appreciate the deep affection all of the posters have for the team. I have seen the new uniforms and they look good to me. I have the advantage or disadvantage or not knowing the previous ones, so I don’t know what I don’t know. My ignorance will help me for a while I think because I won’t be too aligned to a particular viewpoint. I will really feel like a Jets fan rather than an imposter when I develop firm views on aspects of the game and players and get outraged when others on this board can’t see what seems clear to me!
  3. Thanks GreenFish, that's helpful. So when people refer to him are they doing it in reference to a scoop/unconfirmed rumour etc?
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome, no matter how misguided you believe my choice was. I have eventually gained a handle on many of the references people use but I have one question. Who is incarcerated Bob?
  5. I decided to start following the Jets because of this message board. I wanted to follow the NFL more closely but didn’t know what team to support. I decided that I wanted a team that hadn’t won the title in a very long time so that when they did finally win one, I couldn’t be called a bandwagon follower. I also wanted a team that had caused a lot of heartache and aroused passion in its supporters. I used to follow the St George Dragons here in Australia but had to stop because it felt like I was in an abusive relationship. I hated them and loved them in equal measure and kept coming back for more heartache. I read through a lot of different team's message boards and this one was perfect. The range of posters is better than any other one I read.You have the very experienced fans who talk about games from 50 years ago. You have men and women. You have posters with reputations, and I love it when people say, “oh wait until … reads this!” Most posters are also very funny and importantly, very smart. I read one post and find myself agreeing with every point in it and then the next poster will provide statistics that blow the previous point out of the water. Some posters are optimistic and always think the next great time for the Jets is imminent and others have been broken too many times and can’t bring themselves to have much hope, so they strike out before they get hurt again. The posts on this message board are a great metaphor for life. I now check the message board before going to work because we are 14 hours ahead of you, so I read the posts that you have written while I’ve been asleep. I am addicted and got nervous during the draft?! I don’t have the technical knowledge to contribute to the discussions but I am happy to lurk and I wanted you to know that all posters have provided me with great entertainment and knowledge during this off-season and the drafting experience.

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