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  1. Say what you want about Joe B….but back in the day, his 2 am rants in Sunday night after a Jets loss were radio gold. Must listen stuff
  2. This talk started immediately after the season ended no?
  3. The Jets and Arod took all the joy out of this for us long suffering Jets fans. Its so anticlimactic at this point. Months and months of waiting. This situation is played out already. Imagine the collective dopamine release this board could have experienced if a trade this big suddenly happened out of nowhere. We were robbed of that. Boooooo
  4. Remember when the Jets organization only embarrassed us ON the field?
  5. They telegraphed sanchez, they telegraphed darnold, they telegraphed wilson, they telegraphed whatever vet comes in this year hell, they may have telegraphed the Orlando Pace trade lol (which btw was such a terrible return for the number 1 pick)
  6. This team can never play it close to the vest and protect their leverage. No other team does what we do. The owner proclaims in the media that we are signing a vet qb. Why would you lay your cards face up on the table like that in the middle of a poker hand? i dont see the purpose it serves besides taking some heat off of you from the fans. The Jets let the whole world know they were drafting a qb in 2009, 2018, and 2021 draft. How did it serve the franchise? What was the advantage? We always know what the move is going to be at Qb. Never any suspense, slight of hand. (The correct play is to stabilize the Qb position with a vet without giving any picks. Draft a qb for once when we arent expecting it this year or next. Alex smith and mahomes style. )
  7. Austin isnt big enough for an NFL team. Plus the city’s infrastructure and traffic are terrible.
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