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  1. Yeah, but if his brother stuck around and didn’t run off to England.....oh wait
  2. No post has ever resonated with me more than this one. I used to LOVE that I could roll right up to my favorite teams practice. a friend of mine was a huge jets fan and used to work Hofstra security. Think he snagged a john hall and Curtis Martin jersey one summer
  3. Am I having deja vu or have we done this before?
  4. I have 4 places to shop j crew whenever they have a sale century 21 Saks off 5th Nordstrom Rack I look fresh to death
  5. He used to kill Hess way worse than woody lol
  6. Used to love beningo but I could do his shtick 30 seconds before he does. Everything so predictable with him these days
  7. Know your history so you don’t repeat it. Amazing that you see this as trolling

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