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  1. 2020........ actually have a wfan t shirt he signed for me at a promo at Umbertoooooos Clam House
  2. So i benched them both for aj dillon vs the texans....aaron jones aint playing couldnt belive i was gonna start Gore lol
  3. Only us Jets fans wouldnt want to trade for the best wr in football with our second round pick Stephen hill and devin smith say hi
  4. I see athletes that are this big and i think of names like Greg Oden, Shawn Bradley, Kristaps Porzingis, and Joel Embid There just comes a point where you reach a certain size and cant keep your body healthy to stay on the field pass
  5. The Schmoozer is the last of the old guard left. Kinda sad B5C98515-3F9F-4DED-98B0-CF1E2EEA1AD4.webp
  6. Nobody wants to talk about how Miami controls Houstons pick this year oh the pain
  7. There is a zero percent chance the Jets go winless. ZERO
  8. There are 9 (NINE) other teams with 1 win. Sure the Jets are a lock in week 7
  9. You guys penciling in Trevor Lawrence with the number 1 pick are insane!! When was the last time the Jets didnt win meaningless games to screw up draft position. We will beat the Pats once and the Chargers. Sam wont be the qb to lead us to our first winless season. Things never work out that well for Jets

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