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  1. I heard Evan say that this was as pumped joe has been for a hire since Bill Parcelss
  2. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/06/06/robert-saleh-49ers-defensive-coordinator-arab-american
  3. He is going to love the Lebanese food options in the NYC area
  4. Why would you hire a kid to run a billion dollar corporation? lol
  5. Perspective - MIA's current roster (44.2%) were drafted by MIA. (51.9%) began their NFL careers w/ MIA (21.2%) were not selected in the NFL draft. (94.2%) are 28 yrs old or younger 13 6th/7th rounders 11 UDFA 30+ Million Cap Space Loaded Draft 10-5 we need players before we need a Qb. BUILD THE TEAM
  6. I spent my first 30 years in nyc and my last 12 in Florida. Most people who grew up in Nyc enjoy the struggle because they dont know any better. Florida (or any southern state) is friggin paradise
  7. Yeah, for the first time since October you actually get to root for your team to win a game...against the hated Pats no less. sounds terrible
  8. Pressure is off now, we are locked in Lets embarrass Bill. It will be good karma for the offseason. Lets go Sam...would be something cosmic about saving your job vs rams(namath), baker mayfield, and Belichick.....maybe this was always the path for him turning into a franchise qb.
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