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  1. Lamar presents a very specific, narrow challenge to defenses. They generally arent used to prepping for a guy who is so mobile and can bounce to the end zone on any play. The Jets have a huge advantage that this game is Week 1 . Its like having a 4 month long bye week to scheme and prepare for this unique Qb. I think they revamped Jets D is well prepared and shuts this guy down week 1. Jets 24 Ravens 10
  2. After what ive seen the past few years i cant even believe i just typed that. the Jets cornerback group is elite. You have carter or hall as your 4th best cornerback. They are both starting level players. Hell even our 5th cb started games for us last year. They have the ability to match up with anyone. You can never have enough good cornerbacks. the jets pass rush has elite potential. Getting Lawson back is basically like getting an elite draft pick or free agent. I know everyone sh*ts on Q will but he generates pressure and isnt as unproductive as everyone says. Jermaine, jfm, maybe this Texas AM draft pick. We have major talent on that line. im really excited to see how Saleh deploys these units. Joe douglas took care of getting us some dawgs.
  3. And people think Tyreke wanted miami for the pretty palm trees lol
  4. That is how you turn the team around. Have we ever had so much talent infused in a short span? Can you imagine if Mims pans out this year? Im just amazed at how much talent we have on both sides of ball
  5. In fairness, when was the last time someone we drafted in first round sign another contract with Jets
  6. Is the dude with the tongue Tailgate Joe? That guy was all over ESPN last night
  7. Goos enough for the rest of the league to inquire about but not the Jets? Why?
  8. I always felt like Joe Namath and Ric Flair had similar career arcs
  9. Cant tell me Richard Seymour and Bryant Young are HOF but not Klecko. Really sick stuff
  10. 25 years….damn. good to see them playing nice.
  11. Locked on Jets is the most informative daily podcast i have come across
  12. Wfan lost its soul when this guy retired. Its true 88C4BC7E-2B3A-4C5C-8D01-8C7A8150B8E4.webp
  13. Its amazing, we have 2 situations that the fans never got a clear answer on Why isnt mims playing why isnt becron back from injury i give sooo much credit to how professional this front office is.
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