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  1. Its funny how when he had the ball he was waltzing through the cones but as soon as he threw it he had to look down to see where his feet were...that's my quarterzach
  2. Contrary to all belief, i think all of this rookie speculation is a direct correlation to or head coach. If we'd have chosen Trevor.Zach, or fields i think saleh being the defensive mind he is would have delegated to our offensive staff the weaknesses he saw in each qb and then have them tailor the offensive scheme to each qb in order to maximize the potential of each. His A-Z philosophy is sound. Trevor Lawrence in another scheme and theme would probably look far batter than he did tonight..him being a defensive mastermind coach i don't think he'd have let Lefleur put him (Trevor) in a lot of
  3. Saleh..defensive mastermind..Zack Wilson goes 20-24 against a saleh led defense, a defense that's had the pleasure of going up against lefleurs offense in camp for two weeks now falters in scrimmage..then the narrative quickly changes to 'did we hire the right coach" ? Nobody wins in a scrimmage. Lefleur and Saleh right now are in a room discussing the weaknesses and strengths of each unit and the matchups..iron sharpens iron..we Will be ok. Lefleur will relate to zack how and why the defense played him and the coverages like they did and he'll learn. I'm not worried. The interceptions h
  4. Agreed but I'll definitely take the constant play by play updates over a few typos. I think we can all agree that so far during camp he's been the most consistent with the updates.
  5. he's using voice to text to tweet.. Allows him to fire off a bunch of tweets and still keep his eye on the action but at the expense of typos and spelling errors. PS. Putting someone in a blender is basically running such a perfect route that you make the defender turn around in circles. I learned that from Deion Sanders.
  6. I wonder how much of that bonus cash its gonna take to retire Mrs.Wilson from IG?
  7. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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