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  1. FWIW, I enjoyed reading through most of this thread. I wasn't here in 2019 (after JI folded, I slightly lurked some Jets boards for quite some time), so an occasional trip into history is kind of fun. I wasn't against the Jets taking Hackenberg per se, but in the 5th round or so as a flier. Too many red flags, so I thought it was a terrible reach, even at the time. No problem being wrong on him; we're all wrong about players every year. FWIW, I still don't think this was Mac's "worst" pick of all. For that, I still, think Nathan Shepherd, though just a 3rd rounder, was wors
  2. Kind of lost in all this is the Seahawks fumbling twice on that drive and the ball bouncing right back to them. Lucky.
  3. Just looked him up....started four games at RG for the Vikings last year (replacing an injured Elflein) and apparently was brutally bad... Sounds like he might actually be worse than Van Roten... yikes. Third year in the league.
  4. On the bright side, no penalties from Nathan Shephard in the 2nd half! Baby steps...
  5. Why are the running play action at this point? Just who is that going to fool?
  6. Maybe it was premature to hand out a big contract to anyone on the defense?
  7. His "someone needs to make a play" remark is sickening to hear him say a million times each broadcast.
  8. Someone said it earlier, NFL Network does not show replay on penalty. Gutless.
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