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  1. TheClashFan

    Your vote for the new GM!

    Well, if we want an "outside the box" hire, how about a sports agent. Maybe Brodie Van Wagenen? Wait, the Mets already saved us from that! Whew! No, please hire someone who has management experiece.
  2. I didn't know that this thread was going to involve math. Maybe the mother owns 51%. Would make Tom Shane's job easier.
  3. Ah, just let Gase run the show this year. Should be fun to ride on this ship. Maybe like the Pequod.
  4. TheClashFan

    Manish Speaks

    Assuming this is true, I don't understand why a GM would not solicit input from the coach. I can kind of understand keeping the coach away from the scouts and also not really wanting to hear a coach's opinion about Player A vs. Player B. However, why not listen to the coach talk about what he needs, what positions and types of players? I've read elsewhere that Gase feels that C is a big need, but that position was ignored in FA (reports are now that Paradis was expecting the Jets to be suitors but they showed no interest) and the draft. I can see how it would be frustrating for a coach to feel that a team has certain major needs, and the GM is not even slightly interested in hearing about it from the coach, who then makes a luxury pick. I'm glad Mac is gone, but not at all optimistic about Gase. Hopefully he turns out okay.
  5. TheClashFan

    Mike Lombardi takes a dump on Mike McCagnan

    As soon as the Jets drafted Darnold, the very next pick should have been someone on offense to help him. IMO, and OL. However, what did Mac do? Draft a DT, a rather "old" small-school one, to boot. Pick should have been the best OL on the board, or maybe a WR if a really good one had fallen to that spot. Yes, just one pick, but symbolizes Mac's entire draft philosophy: defense over offense, and a scout's mentality rather than a GM who needs to look at picking in the context of what he has on his team. The Jets had, and still have, a crap OL.
  6. Hopefully we're not about to see the Peter Principle in action again as we have many times in the past with the Jets. I'm cautiously optimistic about this. If I'm Douglas, I get a three year deal at least and power to fire the coach (I doubt he'll get that, though). He won't be able to do much with the roster in year 1, so he needs some time. It would be hilarious to see Gase have a bad season and Douglas fire him!
  7. TheClashFan

    Jets will fail

    Remember how happy people were when Idzik was canned and Mac hired? Here we go again. I'm not convinced that history is about to repeat itself again, but it certainly is possible. If indeed Douglas is the guy, he might turn out to be a nice hire. However, we've seen the Peter Principle in action time after time with the Jets, and CJ is such an incompetent that I worry again about any big decisions that he makes. I am very happy that Mac is gone. He should have been canned after year 3, not early in year 5, and not in power struggle with Gase, who is very likely an incompetent HC himself. But for now, I'm cautiously optimistic.
  8. TheClashFan

    Mac fired!

    Unless Mac did something last night that was the final straw, why not fire him yesterday afternoon, so that the NBA draft lottery could kind of douse the fire in the media and fans. Instead, announce this after? Really bad timing on a number of levels. If this was about the crappy FA and draft, then fire him yesterday, or maybe Monday? Hey, if Gase gets to pick his own GM, then he'll have no excuses if this team fails in a couple of years. He will have an excuse this this upcoming season, though; he can just blame Mac's FA and draft. I'm happy but not elated. Just like I felt when Idzik was fired for another clown. A good hire here would be nice, but who with any self-dignity would want to be GM right now other than a Gase stooge?
  9. TheClashFan

    Mac fired!

    Part of me is happy b/c I think the firing should have happened after last season, but the timing is bizarre. And I'm not at all happy with Gase running the show. Who in the world would want to be GM of this soap opera? I guess we'll find out.
  10. TheClashFan

    Should the NFL install a draft lottery?

    Really no need. The NBA is infested with "tanking" problems, so has the silly draft lottery to try to address that. Of course, it also is a marketing gimmick as well to try to boost TV ratings a bit during the playoffs.
  11. #4 is my #1. He should have been drafting 2 OL prospects per year until a good, young line was in place. Clearly his philosophy is that an adequate OL can be patched together through vet castoffs and occasional mid to late round picks. Maybe he's slowly realizing the error of his ways since he used a 3rd round pick this year and traded for a guy who has a fair chance to be very good this year vs. the garbage of the past? Yeah, probably not. Hackenberg is #2. It is simply amazing how this franchise burns up second round picks, year after year. This one was an obvious reach to almost everyone at the time, so not even revisionism.
  12. TheClashFan

    PFF Makes the Case for Leo

    I watched all the Jets games last year. There's no way that was a top 12 defense. Leo is a nice player, but in no way was worth the #6 pick. That's water under the bridge now, but he's also not worth being extended at $14m per or really anywhere close to that. If QW turns out to be as good as advertised, the Jets will be fine with him, Anderson, and a couple of JAGs on the DL. How much do we really want allocated to three DL?
  13. TheClashFan

    Jets add QB

    Ah, the final piece of the puzzle. I wonder if he's related to Peter Falk, TV's Columbo and the grandfather in The Princess Bride?

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