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  1. I'm really hoping for a young stud C (maybe as early as #23 -- Creed or Dickerson?) and then a good OT prospect either in the 2nd or 3rd round. Or vice versa.
  2. There was once a student in a school system that I taught in whose name was Richard Head. I kid you not.
  3. The Jets could go 15-1 and win the Super Bowl, yet King would then talk about how they blew that one loss and a chance for a perfect season. How many total games did all of Mac's QB draft picks win? Not many...
  4. JD is a terrific trader. And he is following the right plan. The question now is, can he draft well? The jury is very much out on that one. Last year (his first) looks like a mixed bag, but we'll know more this year.
  5. Wait, his scouting report says that he "adjusts to the errant throw." How can this be when he had Zack Wilson throwing to him?
  6. I'm still wondering if the Mets' announcement of the Lindor extension is an April Fool's joke... Maybe that was a real Schefter tweet and JD is pulling one on him.......nah.
  7. I was thinking more like trading my black banana peel for that brown apple core you've got there...
  8. This seems kind of like two homeless guys going through dumpsters one morning and then trading some of the gained garbage with each other...
  9. After the last game of last season, I didn't figure Sam was worth even a 3rd round pick to another team, esp. given the fact that his 5th year option would have to be decided on before he even plays one game for his new team. However, JD appears to be a tough trade negotiator, so who knows? It will only take one team getting a bit desperate for JD to get what he wants. I wonder if JD can get a bit more for Darnold by taking a 2022 pick for him rather than 2021, esp. if he draws a line at a 2nd round pick. FWIW, I wouldn't trade him for less than a 3rd round pick. In that case, just k
  10. If in fact JD trades the #2 pick, I think it will be b/c he's decided to sort of "punt" on the QB question for a year. It would not necessarily mean that he's committed to Darnold, just that he gets blown away by an offer and sees the chance to move up and draft a new QB in 2022. A situation where the Jets have three firsts and two seconds next year (plus maybe two more firsts in 2023) might tempt him if he has any reservations at all about Wilson. He could take that deal, bolster the OL in the draft, and see if Darnold suddenly turns it around. If not (If Darnold sucks again the Jets w
  11. Maybe. If he wears makeup. His cheeks do seem a little bit too red to be natural. Oh, and platform shoes will boost his height.
  12. Jets GM Joe Douglas chats with diminutive QB Zach Wilson at his pro day. How are your scrambling skills, kid? You'll need them.
  13. The Transgender Cannon! It's just a joke.
  14. I voted no. Slightly disappointed, but not horrified. I'm fine with who he signed. But, for the 2nd year in a row I was thinking he'd get one very good OL, even overpaying a bit since they have so much cap space, but he's not done so. Lynsley was there this year, and McGovern could've been moved to G. Now, perhaps the plan is to draft two OL early on this year. I hope so. A T with the late first and a G or C in the 2nd or 3rd would be nice. Since he signed two WR, I'm guessing that he won't draft a WR until the 3rd round at the earliest. This year's OL will likely be very youn
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