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  1. If the Knicks can trade 19 and 21 for maybe pick 12 or 13, should they? As a UT Vol alumnus, I'm hoping either Keon Johnson or Jaden Springer falls to the Knicks, wherever they end up picking.
  2. So, sad. As I said in the other thread, I walk/jog/bike daily in our subdivision here in Knoxville, TN. But despite a 25 MPH posted speed limit and many other pedestrians regularly out in our neighborhood, (no sidewalks) I see people speeding and texting while driving pretty much daily. I've nearly been hit several times and actually have made physical contact (with a hand) with cars that have suddenly swerved in on me. Biking out on major roads with bike lanes is unthinkable for me. Way too many distracted and hurrying drivers. RIP, coach.
  3. Much the same here in west Knoxville. There are bike lanes in some major roads out here, but I won't bike on them. Way too scary. I bike and jog in our subdivision with 25 mph marked all throughout (no sidewalks), but even though there are frequently people walking with dogs and baby carriages, too, still many speed and are on their cell phones. There are east and west entrances/exits to the neighborhood, and some cut through here as a shortcut between a couple of significant secondary roads that meet at an intersection. There's also an extensive paved greenway out here to use, but it
  4. Hope he fully recovers. A friend of mine, a retired librarian, was hit and killed while walking with her husband in her neighborhood a few years ago. I bike about three days a week from spring through fall, and I often (every week or two) have to swerve to avoid a car/truck that either 1. suddenly pulls out of a driveway right in front of me or 2. veers towards me with the driver staring down, probably at a cell phone. This in a fairly quiet subdivision in west Knoxville with a posted 25 mph speed limit that most ignore. Similar stuff when I walk/jog. We have no sidewalks, but I do st
  5. I hope she's okay. Many years ago our oldest son, who has Asperger's, was missing from elementary school for a few hours when my mother in law could not find him to take him home. It ended okay for us (he'd mistakenly taken a bus to an afterschool place that he went to some days, yet the place was called twice, both times saying he was NOT with them). For 3-4 hours it was scary for us; it must be far worse when people really go missing.
  6. Yeah, I had to go with a lot of "no" answers here. Some are but just unlikely.
  7. 95. I just donated. Keep it going!
  8. Yeah, if you're just looking at where the player was drafted and how they produced on the field, I'd go with Gholston. IIRC, the guy did pretty much nothing. The Hack pick deserves consideration despite not being a 1st rounder, because he was such an awful reach. Oh yeah, and he literally never played.
  9. So sorry to hear about this. I've lost a couple of friends to cancer, but your wife is going to beat it again. My very best to you and your family!
  10. I don't understand the 4th option. No one is ever wrong on the internet!
  11. I totally agree. In fact, I think JD should be drafting 2 per year (should've drafted another last year) until the line is at least good all across five starters and there are a couple of decent developmental guys among the backups. Maybe one of the UDFA he signed will stick for awhile?
  12. Yeah, I'd draft at least one OL every year. You have to assume that some of your picks each year will disappoint/bust, so keep drafting OL. Always have one or two young, talented developmental guys on your team. I hope JD keeps up the 3 every 2 years pace.
  13. This. If this signing does happen, suddenly the Jets have quality depth at OT. I wonder if there's an issue with Becton...maybe the Jets are not happy with his offseason conditioning, workouts, etc. Hopefully this is just about getting a quality player (Moses) at a good price and enhancing depth on the OL.
  14. And isn't that Zach Wilson in the black Nets jersey? Nice to see both the Jets GM and new starting QB mixing with the fans!
  15. The big green ball reminds me of Rover from the 60's TV series The Prisoner. If anyone should run and try to escape... Is the complex the Jets work out at called The Village?
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