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  1. I still think that, with the exception of McGovern, JD's offseason free agents signings were of the "hold the fort" variety. I'm okay with the Fant signing, but not real optimistic that he'll be a good starter. Hopefully he will, though, and turn out to be a good signing. I do wish JD grabbed another OL early (round 3) in the draft. Becton is the X factor, of course. If he can start and at least be decent from the get go, the line should be solid. If not, one of the two big question marks, Fant and Edoga, must step up or it could get ugly. Signing a further vet OT to a one-year deal for insurance/depth might be a good idea once the season starts to ramp up. I think the Jets will likely be drafting OL early again next year.
  2. I pretty much agree with this. The OL is very iffy...it will be better, but lots has to go right for it to be at least a league average OL. Maybe.
  3. I've often wondered...If I were a Hollywood actor like Johnny Depp, and he was a high school English teacher like me, who'd date the most hot girls? Hmm. Probably Johnny Depp.
  4. The Quincy Enunwa exhibit should be one of the more popular ones in the Mike Mac Hall of Horrible GM Decisions. Give an injured player with a serious neck issue and a very physical style of play a big contract with lots of injury guarantees? Why, yes! There will be at least two wings in the Hall: Wasted Money and Wasted Draft Picks. With a Starbucks at the center.
  5. The OL will be fascinating to watch this season. It has the potential to be anywhere from very solid (if not truly good, yet), to pretty bad. It's still thin up there with lots of question marks. I think Lewis is really just a good depth guy who can fill in anywhere along the line, but gets exposed if he has to start regularly. Probably G starters right now are GVR and Winters, but that could change quickly.
  6. Man, that really hurts your situation. You've got to get her on board. Is she afraid of ever telling him no b/c the father never does? But you can enforce in your home. Let him know that he can stay with you guys any time, but that he's got to follow the rules. Make those firm but not extreme. I'd hope that losing the pickup truck would wake him up a bit, but maybe not...
  7. Just now seeing this. So sorry to hear about your situation. I was a high school teacher for 30 years and raised two sons (youngest is 19, and we've had some trouble with him). Yet, dealing with teenagers is so tricky, and made worse for you by the divorce situation and the crappy father having custody. My parents divorced when I was about 7, so I have a bit of insight about that, too, FWIW. I'd recommend making sure that he knows that you are not "giving up" on him, as tempting at that might be. Yes, continue to try to bring structure: lay down rules and follow up on them, but know that that is going to make you and your wife the "bad guys" to him at this point b/c of the crappy father. I'd recommend that all talking and disciplining with him is done with both you and your wife present as much as possible. We did family counseling/psych with our youngest son, and that did help some with his situation, so I'd recommend that if you can get it lined up. If the kid is getting into trouble at 1:30 in the morning, etc., can the custody situation be challenged at all? BTW, I live in Knoxville, so happy to try to help a fellow Tennessean!
  8. Coin flip? Edoga has NFL experience at both OT spots, some talent, and should be motivated to play with USC alum Darnold. If he's having a good offseason (getting stronger), then he'll stick. If he's not, then those work ethic concerns will get him cut.
  9. Even if Gase fails as a coach, maybe he can become a Bullsheet GM Detector Consultant? Come to a team, evaluate the GM, give a thumbs up or down, then off to the next franchise...
  10. The #1 priority this offseason was the offense, and rightly so, so JD seems to be just taking lots of flyers at CB to see who will stick. That's fine; they have some insight into the Colts DBs. He may prioritize CB next year.
  11. Yeah, the OL is a huge unknown. It could be much better. But also, all the OT are totally unproven. Hopefully Becton and Fant are at least decent, but if not, Sam will be in trouble. Supposedly OL take time to "gel" as a unit. So, it might struggle early on but get better as the season goes on.
  12. The only pick I don't really like is a QB in round 4. For now, get even more help for Sam with that pick: another young, talented WR or OL at that spot. Hedge a bit against either of the top two picks being a disappointment. Maybe next year draft a developmental backup QB. Still, lots of scouts like the pick, so I'm hoping that I'm wrong about it.
  13. Nice, I generally agree with everything! Gave a thumbs up on Youtube.
  14. I like the pick. The 6th round is a good place to take flyers on P, K, and developmental backup QBs. I'll now quickly exit the room.
  15. I was one of the ones banned. I finally have a story to tell my grandkids! That is, if I ever get any grandkids...

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