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  1. Edoga first. At least McDermott can stay healthy.
  2. This. I still feel this was one of the worst picks in Jets history given its context, even though the guy is still on the Jets and does play (but is a penalty prone JAG).
  3. FWIW, I knew two guys I played USTA tennis with, both pretty good athletes and players. Both tore Achilles and eventually came back, but had clearly lost a step. Lawson has pro sports medical resources, so maybe he comes back close to 100%?
  4. From what I've read, seems like low football IQ guy, thus not drafted. However, maybe could make the team as a special team commando and situational pass rusher. At any rate, fine for a UDFA.
  5. I like the guy who tackled him getting up and posing....only to look back and see the TD. Ha ha!
  6. That's fascinating! I didn't know The Honky Tonky Man was Feeney's biological father...
  7. In the video, did he call Texas an SEC school? It's at around 3:05. I love the Mitchell pick, but Texas was a lousy team this year, maybe their pass rushers sucked?
  8. Sounds very similar to something that happened to my wife a few months ago. She later quit her job now has a better one (similar to the one she was supposedly not qualified for) at another company for more money. I told her the old adage, "the best revenge is living well."
  9. I've got no problem with the guy's tweet. I disagree, but I kind of understand the take in general (bad teams should not give up picks to move up, and don't take RB early any more). But like you suggest, it misses the context and details. Both trade ups were not overpays, and both addressed areas of serious need for the team (edge and RB). Neither was a "reach." Hall is a gifted receiver and blocker, not just a runner, so he's multi-talented, not just a one-dimensional back. He's a great pick for a team with a young QB, and he was the team's 4th pick in the draft...not just the 2nd. The Jets still made 7 picks in a 7 round draft...it's not like JD sold out a bunch of picks for Herschel Walker. And, they appear to have gotten very good draft value with many of the picks. I love the Ruckert and Mitchell picks, too.
  10. If Starkel looks good in mini-camp, he might get a preseason invite. A Starkel vs. White battle for QB3 could be one for the ages!
  11. For Mims to stick this year, won't he need to play special teams? Is he even willing to do that? Hopefully, JD will sign a decent vet to be the swing tackle, since whoever that is is likely to get a few starts. Maybe Max Mitchell can help sooner rather than later so that Edoga and/or McDermott are goners.
  12. This thread now features Caitlyn Jenner and references to Margot Robbie's boob size. What's next?
  13. Love this pick! He might play more than one might expect...I'd guess the Jets will use 2 TE a fair amount of time.
  14. I forget who, but someone on the ESPN telecast said that JJ didn't really "fall." Rather, the media and/or draftnicks overhyped him a bit. Maybe the Jets were one of very few teams who rated him as a top 10 talent.
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