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  1. The "conventional wisdom" is that McGovern is a better G than C. So, if the Jets can acquire (probably via draft in 1st or 2nd round) a stud C, that could improve two positions at once as McG slides to one of the G spots.
  2. I hope the guy gets healthy and becomes a player for the Jets, but I wonder what interesting WR and OL were available when Zuniga was picked?
  3. Totally agree. After picking Lawrence #1, the next pick should be best OL on the board (preferably a C or RT), unless there's great value in a WR. Then a WR or another OL. Defense will just have to wait. The MUST stop trying to build a quality OL with crappy vet castoffs (both Macc and JD have seen this fail repeatedly).
  4. I'm all for Lawrence! But, the next 2-3 picks should be on offense also, starting with the best OL on the board. The OL still sucks. Only Becton looks like a keeper.
  5. Darnold is bad, but the OL has been awful this half, too. And yeah, the Bills seem to have totally adjusted to whatever Loggains was doing with his playcalling. A perfect storm of bad, but good for the tank.
  6. This has been the most "impressive" bend but don't break D performance I've seen in quite some time. Give up tons of yards and field goals.
  7. Will we one day remember this as The Dowell Loggains Game?
  8. It's amazing how good an offense can look when the OL is playing well. Can it last? And as soon as I say that a sack. Unblocked blitzer.
  9. No, I hold the Johnsons accountable. Unless, of course, Manning literally held a gun to their heads.
  10. Mac had an incredible run of wasted draft picks and wasted cash. Unprecedented, really.
  11. Hamlet: One can smile and smile...and be a Jets fan. Macbeth: The 2020 Jets are "a tale told by an idiot...full of sound and fury, signifying nothing..."
  12. They can as long as they don't "reach" for any picks. Last year's draft was very deep at WR, and even OL, to a lesser extent. There would have been no reaching at OL or WR in the third round. Rather, I think JD reached a bit in the 3rd round, esp. with Zuniga, who, while talented, was injured a lot at Florida. Surprise, he's injured again. And Davis looks raw and reckless out there in limited action. OL and WR still look pretty bad. Maybe some guys emerge later this season, but they need to grab at least two OL and a WR early, especially if they draft Lawrence as the latest "franchise" QB. Good news is, they'll have plenty of picks, and JD will probably trade down for more. I really really hope they target the top C in the draft either with the Seattle pick or their own 2nd, depending upon value.
  13. If the Jets end up with the #1 pick, they're going to take TL unless some really serious red flag comes up. Why? Because if the Jets end up with that, pick they will have sucked the entire year. If the OL eventually gels and Sam Darnold starts playing well, the Jets will end up winning 2 or 3 games late in the year and not even have that pick. Of course, you listen. I mean, if some team wants to trade its entire draft for 2 straight years, you have to listen... I think the one thing that JD does well is get value in trades. Constructing a roster with all the picks he's acquiring may be the problem.
  14. I disagree that the Jets have been rebuilding for years. Idzik did have that Idea as he cleared cap space, but he drafted horribly. Maccagnan never tried to rebuild. He "went for it" from his first year when he used up all of Idzik's cap space. He tried to win every year, but just failed at it horribly and left the roster a total mess. JD is clearly rebuilding, though. His first draft is a disappointment so far due to injuries, but also I think had a flawed strategy. Stop trying to draft a little bit of everything. Build an offense first with the OL. Even if Lawrence is the first pick next year, the next 3 picks at least should ALL be offense: at least 2 more OL and another WR. Also, try to sign 1 truly good OL as a free agent. Overpay if necessary.

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