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  1. First, I'm waking up to a gourmet meal prepared by my household staff. Then, maybe browse the internet for a couple hours, check up on the news. Lunch at an expensive restaurant. Check on the updated guest list for the big New Year's Eve bash that I'm throwing. Dinner with my mistress, too, I hope. Stuff like that. Maybe on January 2 or 3 I'll have a meeting with Joe Douglas and see what he wants to do.
  2. Douglas is a near total unknown at this point. His first draft and full free agency period will tell us a lot. Hopefully he heavily prioritizes totally rebuilding the OL, and that will take a minimum of 2 years (assuming he nails his draft picks). The goal for 2020 should be at least three new starters on the OL. Many of us are hoping for 3-4 OL to be drafted in 2020 (at least 3 in the first 4 picks...I'd work in a WR b/c the draft is very deep there). And, hopefully one good starting OL in free agency (and maybe a couple of depth guys, depending upon who here now is retained). The vast majority of this crap is on the awful drafting plans and selections of Mike Mac. I'm not a Gase fan, and will have no problem if he's fired after the season, but he was dealt a pretty crappy hand to work with.
  3. Also, seems like the Ravens may have made a halftime adjustment to take the rollouts to the right away. Sam's good at it, but it can become predictable.
  4. It continues to boggle the mind how unbelievably bad NFL replay decisions are. The only thing consistent is how inconsistent it is. Whatever.
  5. I could not agree more. Please Joe D, build a nice OL in these next two years/drafts.
  6. Wesco does a pretty good Wayne Hunter imitation....unfortunately.
  7. We've seen him just throw balls up for grabs before, but that one did not look at all like that. It really did look like he expected the TE to break inside. Hopefully he shakes it off and has a strong 2nd half.
  8. All those draft picks by Mac. All those first rounders, etc. And this is the D that resulted?
  9. Sam looking good so far, keeping the haters off this thread, so far...

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