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  1. Show mercy on the Mets. Trade them for Robinson Cano! Pretty please?
  2. 0-5 now since the Mets showed some "fire" (according to a few fans) by bullying a beat reporter. Well done. Cano had 2 hits, though, making my post yesterday look prescient!
  3. Diaz now with an ERA near 5 and four blown saves. Cano hitting like .220-something. I hated the trade but never thought it would be this bad. Cano for 4 more years? Diaz is probably shell-shocked right now. What a mess. WWBD? What will Brodie Do? Watch Cano have a decent 2nd half, rally to around .265 or something. Still lousy, but some will think he's turned it around.
  4. See? I told you Calloway would apologize. It just took him two press conferences to do it! Keith Hernandez called today's events "ghastly." Good word for it. Calloway clearly is not apologetic, nor is Vargas. Hell hath no fury like a NY media scorned.
  5. I'm not defending Calloway, b/c I do think he needs to go, but he likely just lost his cool after being grilled by the beat writers for his confusing bullpen use. The team has already issued a public apology. If Calloway is not canned tomorrow, he'll probably personally apologize, as well. However, what's with Vargas going all macho thug or whatever? That one may take more than an apology to make things good with the media and maybe MLB.
  6. And the bullpen coach, too? A couple of scapegoats for Calloway and BVW.
  7. Probably getting close to Calloway being fired. He looks like dead man walking. Now 8.5 back, about to be passed by the Nats. That should stir the Wilpons. Scapegoat needed. The worse culprit here is BVW. What a disaster. Yeah, let's think "outside the box" and hire a pompous sports agent with a huge ego and no clue. Can we get Kelenic back? Just asking.
  8. Very happy! I'm much more optimistic about this guy than the last three GMs who were clearly not suited to being the boss. Certainly, Douglas might end up awful, too, as the Peter Principle is real and relentless. But, he looks like a good, legitimate GM prospect. His first task is to establish his dominance over Gase, no matter how friendly the two have been in the past. This is light years better than the Mets hiring Brodie boy.
  9. I had a conversation with friends about this recently, and people still think that Buckner lost the game! The Mets had already tied the game before Mookie's grounder was booted. Buckner should not have even been on the field.
  10. I'd be very surprised if the they start selling until July, if at all. They probably need to fall 10+ games back, and maybe fall to 4th place, before a fire sale might ensue.
  11. I wonder how much NASA had to pay the Soviet Union to stay quiet and not call us out on the fake landings? Must have been pretty expensive.
  12. Word is the Cavs covet Barrett and would love to deal for the #3 pick. They want to move up from #5. Fleece them for it. I also want no part of Kyrie "Flat Earth" Irving. Dude is no doubt talented, but a headcase full of himself. I hope the rumor that he will choose between the Nets and Lakers is true. I'd rather try for Kemba Walker as a sidekick for Durant.
  13. BVW's moves have been a disaster so far. I hated the big Cano trade for many reasons, but I guess he had to "go for it" with the elder Wilpon getting close to moving on... Just a stupid trade on many levels. It's not time to go full out seller mode yet (neither the Phillies or Braves are running away so far). Familia was signed for (gulp) three years. They are stuck with him.

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