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  1. Man, if I could've had one of those as a kid, I'd probably be a much more well-adjusted person today!
  2. Becton's back in. Edit: sorry, crap, posted in wrong thread.
  3. There's a lot to be said for having tall WR.
  4. A young stud C is a must with either the Seattle 1st rounder or the early 2nd. Take the best on the board.
  5. What an awful call at that position on the field. Still, good for the tank.
  6. Just a guess, but I'll go with NFL coach, but not an OC. QB or WR coach to try repair some of his damaged rep.
  7. I'm a big advocate for this. Stop fiddling around at C. Draft one of the top 2-3 in the upcoming draft. Get the next Mangold.
  8. Well, if one thinks that Gase was actually a good OC, then I'd say Hooker. He was a pretty good division and corps commander, but not really suited for the pressures of commanding an entire army. Burnside sort of, too. He did okay in smaller independent commands like in NC and later in East TN. Maybe he's Herm Edwards? Pope was a pompous big fish in a small pond promoted way above his capabilities. Rex Ryan? McClellan was more like a good but arrogant GM who also wants to be the head coach, but has no clue what to do on game day. Maybe a Confederate comparison is better? Braxton Bragg?
  9. Jet lag might be the deciding factor (pun both intended and not intended). Oh, and Adam Gase Halftime Adjustments(tm).
  10. I was one of those not real happy with drafting a QB in the 4th round on a team with so many holes to fill, but I don't think it was "criminal" to do so. I still think that maybe the major flaw of the draft was not doubling up on OL and WR in the third round. Hey, maybe Davis and/or Zuniga will work out. JD seems to have gone with a philosophy of drafting "a little bit of everything," for better or worse. Saying, "we should have picked player X or Y in the __ round rather than player Z" is just a classic example of "Monday Morning Quarterbacking," though. You can probably criticize any team in any draft that way.
  11. I went with "not until the 3rd round." QB, then best OL (preferably a stud C) and best "weapon" (WR/TE/RB) available with those two pics, in whatever order. Build around the young QB like they FAILED to do with Darnold. Another OL in round 4 or 5. Keep bringing in young OL to develop.
  12. Take the best C on the board with either the late first or early 2nd. JD likes to trade down, so he might do that. But really, if he just takes the best OL on the board with either of those two picks, that will be nice. With the other pick, a WR, TE, or RB would be nice. Defense has to wait until the 3rd round, like in 2020. Best CB and Edge in that round, maybe.
  13. One man's trash is another man's....garbage? I suppose it wouldn't hurt to take a flyer, but he'd need to be on a very short leash.
  14. Really good offseason, but I'd not wait until the 4th round to draft a C. Either the Seattle first or the Jets early 2nd should go. Grab one of the top 3 in the draft. Slide McGovern to RG, where he supposedly is better. Use the other early pick on a WR or TE. Draft an OT prospect in the 4th or 5th round, also. Yes, Sign Thuney. JD really needs to bring one top flight, albeit expensive, OL in to solidify the group. They probably hang onto Fant.
  15. Seriously, we really need to him to stay healthy the rest of the way. He's been so good. I'd like the Jets to grab a C with either the Seattle pick or the early 2nd, but they might also/instead take another OT to play RT but with the ability to slide to LT if needed.
  16. I used to be kind of notorious for nodding off during afternoon faculty meetings at the first high school I taught at. You know, why, they were mind-numbingly boring, sort of like watching the Jets offense week after week.
  17. We need to replace the term "epic fail" with "Adam Gase halftime adjustment." A bit wordy, though.
  18. Throwing aside all the tanking joking, Adam Gase is unrivaled in his ability to be thoroughly outcoached in 2nd halves. "Adam Gase halftime adjustments" is an oxymoron.
  19. It won't be the last team to score win, it'll be the last team to pull off a tanking gambit that loses.
  20. This is the Fischer vs. Spassky of tanking chess matches. One for the ages.
  21. A time consuming 4th quarter drive that yields a FG when down 10 is brilliant tanking!
  22. I'll admit it. I didn't think Belichick would screw us over again. But, it looks like many of us were wrong. Goodbye #1 pick? Maybe halftime adjustments?

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