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  1. The Fins have three first rounders, so they have the "luxury" of rolling the dice with one of those. So, yeah, why not Tua? Then draft two OL, or one OL and one WR, with the other picks to build around him? I wish the Jets had more picks in rounds 1-3. Loads of interesting OL and WR this year.
  2. Hey, use his superstition against him in contract negotiations! Offer him an 11 year contract for a total of $11 million! He's set for life!
  3. NO! Many of these draft lists try to figure the best "value" pick for the team. Edge and CB are glaring needs for the team, but the first pick must be offense, ideally OT. The entire OL is a huge need. Build around the QB, for God's sake! Hey, if there is a run on OT early, then TRADE DOWN to a team looking to scoop up some top 5-6 player who has slipped. Then look at OT or WR, since there will still probably be good players available in the teens.
  4. I'd put him #2 behind Conklin. Thuney's a LG, I think, so would slide in nicely and give a strong veteran presence between the rookie LT and rookie C the Jets may very well draft and start next year. Though Conklin had a bad day yesterday, IIRC he was questionable coming into the game with injury, so may not have been at 100%. Supposedly he was very good most all year. The Jets are almost starting from scratch with the OL, so not much money is tied up there....yet. Since there could be 2 or even 3 starters on rookie deals next year (two new draftees and maybe Edoga or a JAG guard), the Jets can afford to overpay at least one OL at this time.
  5. I voted Conklin as the #1 target, though the Jets won't likely get him. Locking down RT while drafting early for LT and C would be nice. I really doubt the Titans don't resign him, though. He's a top 10, maybe top 5, RT. Gonna be expensive, but I'd sign him!
  6. Next time I'm at the local mall and see a mall security guy being overzealous, I'm going to come up behind him and smack him on the ass and see what happens. I'm guessing that it won't go well for me, nor should it.
  7. If Derrick Henry were a Jet RB....he'd have spend most of the season on IR. There, finished it for you!
  8. Good grief. Harrison is a backup at best. We need a new C. Who cares about Kalil; he was a one year band aid that didn't stick to the skin. LT is the most important spot on the line. Next is C. You really want to be "good" or better at those two spots at least, then fill in from there with quality (RT next important, then both G). If the Jets go LT in the first and WR in the 2nd, then they really need to take the best C on the board with the first third round pick. Thank you, Giants!
  9. I was a high school English teacher for 29 years. It was amazing how many hot h.s. math teachers I worked with. Or rather, worked in the same building with.
  10. This post made me think of a nickname for Gase... He's Adam "7 and 9" Gase!
  11. Gift certificates are my second favorite type of gift to receive. My favorite? Cash!
  12. Are you suggesting that we trade Jamal Adams to the Patriots?
  13. That's not fair, it was two and a half quarters of football! Or close to that.
  14. So, um, what's sister E's name? I promise I won't look again!
  15. Those will be huge. They have four picks in the first three rounds and really need to hit (draft someone who starts right away) on at least 3 of the 4. The Jets really need LT, WR, and OL (preferably a C) with their first three picks. And they need at least a good starter with each of the three.
  16. A smug hypocrite gets his just deserts. Oh, and the Pats weren't winning anyway. The Titans totally stuffed their O in the second half.
  17. Social media really does bring out the worst in people, doesn't it? Talk about feeling entitled! You could just as easily say that Belichick is a mediocre coach who got lucky when he drafted Brady and combined that with cheating to have all his success.
  18. So, who are those four girls in the picture at the bottom of your posts? They all look great, of course, but for some reason the one with the E on her bottom appeals to me the most. I can't quite explain why.
  19. Speaking of Booger, some years ago UT (Tennessee) was scoreless and trailing at the half. My brother and I were in a car heading out of town, and on the radio some local analyst was asked what the Vols needed to do in the second half. His response, "The Vols need to score some points if they are going to win this game." We laughed about that all the way to the concert.
  20. We need to draft 3 OL in the first 3-4 rounds, then another later. Four! Get the LT first. C in round 2 or the early 3rd rounder (thanks, Giants!). Then, best OL available twice in rounds 3-5.
  21. I think most everyone agrees that the OL is bad (none of the current crop is an average or better starter), and that JD should heavily focus on that in the draft and maybe in free agency (but that's a crapshoot and you usually have to overpay to get someone halfway decent). The Jets really need to secure at least 3 new starters for next year, and then probably shoot for 2 more the next year. And, of course, some new depth guys. The supposedly improved play of the OL in the second half of the season may have just been a result of the generally easier schedule. The pass blocking looked a bit better at times, but still not "good," and the run blocking was still pretty poor. Let's start with LT, C, and one other OL in the first 3-4 rounds of the draft!

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