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  1. Well, I'm guessing we can at least all agree that the third pick was all on Zach. Just a terrible throw.
  2. Even if Becton comes back strong this season, I hope the Jets prioritize LT (and C, for god's sake), as priorities next offseason. Draft a young stud LT and slide Becton to the right side. At this point, he's having all kinds of problems staying on the field (shoulder, concussion, knee), and like any team the Jets needs someone much more reliable than him on the left side.
  3. I wanted Conklin badly, too...but as has been pointed out, maybe guys like him and Thuney really don't want to sign and play with teams like the Jets. Still, Conklin signed for less than expected, IIRC, so why was that? I was among those hoping JD would double dip at OL and WR in JD's first draft in the third round...there were still quality players on the board...but he got "cute" and ended up taking two guys on defense who are looking like total busts and can't even get on the field now. He tried to draft "a little bit of everything" a round too early. He should be drafting three OL pe
  4. And on Mims's catch, he just jogged straight down the sideline and was not picked up by anyone. I guess he gets credit for being "wide open," making "a catch," and some good "yards after catch"? At best, a very small sample size for that rating. Sure, play him more, whatever, but what's the criteria for a WR rating at PFF?
  5. That could be...looked like McGovern passed the DL over to him...or thought he did.
  6. LOL....Mims basically jogged down the sideline and was wide open!
  7. When your backup P is your team's MVP....you know you've had a bad day!
  8. Year after year, sh*tty OL play. Yeah, week 1, but we still have 3 JAGs (at best) in there>
  9. Year after year, I'm willing to pay the NFL to watch out of market games for my favorite teams, like I do for MLB and have on and off for NBA for many years. We are cord cutters and use Roku at our house, love it, but are not eligible for Sunday Ticket b/c we own a home. The still don't want my money.
  10. I just checked my post history. I was hoping and posting about Smith on May 1, and probably sooner. I made several posts.... Maybe the Jets will finally hire me, now!
  11. I was one of them; I was openly begging the Jets to draft him during the draft. I'm a Vol grad and watched most of his games while he was at UT. He was a stud, and by all reports a good guy. The blood clot issue was real, but locally it was reported that he had gotten treatment for the condition, etc. I understand why he fell in the draft, but I've also been begging JD to draft more OL for two years now.
  12. The first three songs on Give 'Em Enough Rope are incredible. Play them LOUD! Tommy Gun: Strummer writing about the massive ego of international terrorists way before Bin Laden. BTW, I'm cooking a pizza right now!
  13. Youtube has most, maybe all, of those shows available -- audio only. I'm tempted to listen to them all in order!
  14. Man, I wish I could have been there, but at that time I was a teenager in TN and barely even knew that they existed. I only got to see them once...in 1984 after Mick had been kicked out. Still was great to see Strummer and Simo. Youtube has been a godsend. Wasn't the place called Bond's Casino? Joe Strummer remains my favorite lyricist and frontman. His was the first "celebrity" death that bothered me.
  15. Mine is in honor of my favorite all time "punk/reggae/rock and roll" band of all time.
  16. Sad news about Alex Lewis. Hurts the Jets OL depth, for sure. Hopefully he fully recovers from whatever the issue is and has a good life.
  17. If Hoge could become just a solid backup C/G, that would be huge, since Clarke isn't making any waves. Feeney is terrible, but the dude also appeared to play nearly the whole game, so maybe he's an iron man who could be the 9th guy?
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