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  1. His hasty extension last year is sort of an "under the radar" bad JD signing.
  2. Seems like he's sucked since JD hastily signed him to a big extension last year. He got paid.
  3. Not just celebrating...sometimes running up the field a bit, posing, etc.
  4. Among the many problems, Cincy got lots of pressure from Flacco's blind side. LT pass blocking was awful.
  5. Saleh seems like an inspirational strength and conditioning coach who has been promoted beyond his capacity to understand what to do.
  6. He was an early 2nd round pick. He should be better than a slot receiver. Still let's see how the rest of his season pans out.
  7. If "positive vibes only" does not allow for constructive criticism, then you'll never learn.
  8. I just heard that Adam Gase is interning as a broadcast tech at CBS. Just a rumor.
  9. Is it the same knee that Fant hurt last season that caused him to miss the last couple of games? If so, that's a long-term problem.
  10. Three times in that drive McDermott got burned by a pass rusher. To be fair, he did look good on running plays.
  11. I realize that, but he'll be what, 38, and pretty much only a LT.
  12. Sadly, it's looking like his upside is #3 guy, a slot receiver, like Berrios.
  13. Geez, before the draft I predicted that both Becton and Fant would get hurt and miss time this year....little did I think that both would happen by game 3... Jets likely will need two new OT in the offseason, even if Max turns out solid at RT... a starting LT and a decent swing tackle.
  14. Two minutes to the half. Jets need to pretend that it's the 4th quarter!
  15. Jets down two scores, Quincy Williams celebrates a tackle.
  16. On Artemis? Too expensive, and NASA can't pull it off, anyways...
  17. Let's see QW go after Burrow as intensely as he was going after that Jets assistant coach.
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